5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Who Will Find Love in 2024

For most of us, marriage is perhaps the supreme goal in life. From an early age, we learn how to give love, affection, protection, and thus love is the key to all obstacles.

In Chinese astrology, the zodiac signs’ compatibility but, especially the characteristic sign of that year influence love and marriage. Thus, love in 2024 is under de influence of the Dragon Wood element, and according to the Chinese zodiac, five signs have every chance to find love throughout this year.

So, if you plan to get married in 2024, find out what animal represents you in the Chinese zodiac depending on your date of birth, but also on its compatibility with the Dragon because these factors can influence the marriage for better or worse.

If you wonder to what extent is 2024 a good year for marriage, we have excellent news. The predictions of our astrologers state that 2024 is an auspicious year for finding love or finding a life partner, also for marriage and having a baby.

According to the Chinese zodiac, these five signs have the highest chances of finding love in 2024.


The Year of the Dragon is set to have a positive impact on individuals born under the Pig sign. In 2024, they will feel a strong inclination to initiate family life and may even contemplate starting a family of their own.

For those who are already in committed relationships, the desire to take the next significant step will intensify, particularly during the upcoming summer season, as they yearn to progress alongside their beloved partners.

Despite any well-intentioned interference from family members who may attempt to sway their decisions, these determined Pigs will stand firm, driven by their ambitious aspirations, and no one will divert them from their chosen path.

In 2024, a truly enchanting love story is forecast to unfold between a woman born under the Pig sign and a man born in the Year of the Dragon. Their connection is poised to be one of the most beautiful and captivating tales of romance in the coming year.


In 2024, those born in the Dog sign can take the big step and get married. They will enjoy a life full of harmony and long-lasting marriage. Because the Dog and the Dragon and two compatible Chinese signs, the Dragon can only bring good news in 2024.

The marriage between those in the Dog sign will be durable, and in 2024, they will make a good house with the people born under the Ox sign because they are both kind-hearted, devoted, and understanding.


The Rats will start this year under the protective influence of the Dragon, which will have a considerable impact on their love life. 2024 is one of the best years to get married.

Also, in 2024, the Rat zodiac sign is in harmony/ compatible with Tai Sui (the Great Commander of Chinese Astrology). Those single or undecided will most likely quit the celibate status to get married soon.

The best time of the year for the Rat sign to get married is between May 25 and September 28. 

The best marriage partners in the Wood Dragon year are Ox, Monkey, Snake, or Dog. 


2024 is the perfect year for the Dragons to tie the knot. The coming year brings a lot of love and romance. Their current love relationship will move to the next level, and the Dragon will no longer walk alone in life.

Happiness will be even greater as he will always have by his side the person, he loves with all his heart and with whom he wants to live many years from now on.


In 2024, the Wood element makes the Monkey expressive and energetic, willing to take the big step and get married. The marriage started in 2024 will be based on fidelity and mutual admiration.

The Monkeys will share the household chores and will be excellent parents. The people in the Monkey sign will make a good house with the Goat, Pig, or Dog.


In conclusion, the Wood Dragon, considered the sign of energy, altruism, and protection, along with the Wood – the fixed element of the zodiac, which symbolized stability, will bring the feeling of attachment and passion for their loved ones, and the marriages taking place this year will be durable and happy.

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