Feng Shui Advice: Protect Your Health in 2024 with Wu Lou

The year of the dragon 2024 is a year of transformation and change. The dragon is a powerful and auspicious symbol in Chinese culture, and it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. The year of the dragon is also associated with the element of wood, which represents growth and vitality. However, the year of the dragon also comes with some challenges !

In this article, I will explain how you can use the Wu Lou, a traditional feng shui cure, to protect your health and well-being in the Year of the Dragon 2024.

How to Use Wu Lou for Health Luck:

The wu lou, or gourd, is a traditional feng shui cure that is widely used to enhance health luck and ward off negative energy. The wu lou has a round bottom and a narrow neck, which symbolizes the heaven and earth. It is also shaped like a human body, which represents health and longevity. The wu lou is often made of metal, wood, or ceramic, and sometimes contains medicinal herbs or coins inside. The wu lou is believed to have the power to absorb sickness energy and prevent illness from entering your body. It can also protect you from harmful influences such as evil spirits, bad luck, or accidents.

Place a Wu Lou in the SE of your bedroom, living room or office to protect you and your family during the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024.

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By placing a wu lou in the southeast sector of your home or office, you can help to calm Tai Sui and reduce his negative effects on your life. The wu lou can also enhance your health luck and prevent diseases from affecting you or your family members. You can also carry a wu lou amulet or pendant with you for personal protection and well-being.