What is Feng Shui? How can I benefit from Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging spaces. It addresses the subtle connection between our everyday environment and our quality of life.

Feng Shui is based upon the existence of “chi” universal life force energy that is present everywhere. The flow of this invisible energy in our surroundings profoundly affects the way things unfold in our lives.

The essence of Feng Shui is to activate the positive “chi” in your environment, cure any negative “chi”, and create the right quality of energy to support our desired goals and dreams.
Feng Shui has gained wide acceptance in the west and is used successfully by many homeowners and businesses.

Feng Shui creates meaningful and harmonious spaces for living and working that resonates with a sense of well being, and is conducive to enhancing our quality of life.
In the business world, Feng Shui is the science and art of design, placement and arrangement for work place in a harmonious and high-energy environment. In this way space vitality is strengthened and auspicious space is created providing a conducive and relaxing atmosphere.This environment supports business activities, attracts customers, helps to increase sales and performance, and enhance success and abundance.

How can I benefit from Feng Shui?

Your home environment often reflects your current psychological and spiritual state. By improving your surroundings, you will become more grounded and better able to deal with an increasingly fast-paced and often stressful world. Feng Shui uses an ancient eight-sided diagram, the Ba-Gua, to represent the different life areas. Each of the eight life areas corresponds to specific natural elements, colors, seasons, locations in the physical body, and members of the family. In the middle of the diagram is the tai ch’i or yin-yang symbol, representing health, balance, and “the center”.

Positive adjustments made in the corresponding areas of your home or office environment can improve life areas such as relationships, abundance, career, reputation, creativity, self-cultivation, health, and more, bringing about greater harmony in body, mind, and spirit. Feng Shui adjustments can be made anytime a change is desired. Whether you are about to break ground on a new building, remodel an existing structure, have just moved or have been in your current location for many years, Feng Shui can help. By working with the life energy in your space (also known as ch’i), your environment will be transformed and powerful results can manifest in your life.

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