What Is My Chinese Zodiac Sign ?

You probably didn’t know, but you can learn some really interesting things about your personality based on the characteristics of different animal signs in the Chinese Horoscope!

Your Chinese zodiac sign is derived from your date and year of birth.

chinese animal signs

There are 12 Chinese zodiac animals (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig). The Chinese zodiac is following a 60-year cycle. During this time, all the zodiac signs pass, one by one, through each of the five elements: metal, water, wood, fire, earth.

Update : We published the Chinese Horoscope 2022 – (Year of the Water Tiger ) for each chinese zodiac sign!

Let’s say, for example, that your year of birth is 1962. According to Chinese Astrology, your zodiac sign is  Tiger and your element is Water. In this case, the most accurate description of your person would be that you are calm, careful, and full of ambition.

A Chinese Year begins on the second or third New Moon after the winter solstice. In 2022, the Chinese New Year starts on Tuesday, February 1st.

If you want to find your zodiac animal you must enter your date of birth (year, month, day) in our free Chinese sign calculator:

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Chinese Zodiac Years Calendar

1912 – RAT
1913 – OX
1914 – TIGER
1915 – RABBIT
1916 – DRAGON
1917 – SNAKE
1918 – HORSE
1919 – SHEEP
1920 – MONKEY
1921 – ROOSTER
1922 – DOG
1923 – PIG
1924 – RAT
1925 – OX
1926- TIGER
1927 – RABBIT
1928 – DRAGON
1929  – SNAKE
1930 – HORSE
1931- SHEEP
1932 – MONKEY
1933 – ROOSTER
1934 – DOG
1935 – PIG
1936 – RAT
1937 – OX
1938 – TIGER
1939 – RABBIT
1940 – DRAGON
1941- SNAKE
1942 – HORSE
1943 – SHEEP
1944 – MONKEY
1945 – ROOSTER
1946 – DOG
1947 – PIG
1948 – RAT
1949 – OX
1950 – TIGER
1951- RABBIT
1952 – DRAGON
1953 – SNAKE
1954 – HORSE
1955 – SHEEP
1956 – MONKEY
1957 – ROOSTER
1958 – DOG
1959 – PIG
1960 – RAT
1961 – OX
1962 – TIGER
1963 – RABBIT
1964 – DRAGON
1965 – SNAKE
1966 – HORSE
1967 – SHEEP
1968- MONKEY
1969 – ROOSTER
1970 – DOG
1971 – PIG
1972 – RAT
1973 – OX
1974 – TIGER
1975 – RABBIT
1976 – DRAGON
1977 – SNAKE
1978 – HORSE
1979 – SHEEP
1980 – MONKEY
1981 – ROOSTER
1982 – DOG
1983 – PIG
1984 – RAT
1985 – OX
1986 – TIGER
1987 – RABBIT
1988 – DRAGON
1989 – SNAKE
1990- HORSE
1991 – SHEEP
1992 – MONKEY
1993 – ROOSTER
1994 – DOG
1995 – PIG
1996 – RAT
1997 – OX
1998 – TIGER
1999 – RABBIT
2000 – DRAGON
2001 – SNAKE
2002 – HORSE
2003 – SHEEP
2004 – MONKEY
2005 – ROOSTER
2006 – DOG
2007 – PIG
2008 – RAT
2009 – OX
2010 – TIGER
2011 – RABBIT
2012 – DRAGON
2013 – SNAKE
2014 – HORSE
2015 – SHEEP
2016 – MONKEY
2017 – ROOSTER
2018 – DOG
2019 – PIG
2020 – RAT
2021 – OX
2022 – TIGER
2023 – RABBIT
2024 – DRAGON
2025 – SNAKE
2026 – HORSE
2027 – SHEEP
2028 – MONKEY

Zodiac compatibility: signs that should and shouldn’t date based on your Chinese zodiac sign


The rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, it is characterized by the element water yin, which gives the natives of this sign wisdom, charisma, delicacy, adaptability, sociability.

Rats have a passion for accumulating wealth. Being young, they like to save money for the future. As a rule, they prefer a plan that can bring big dividends in the future. It is almost impossible to meet a poor Rat, and if you still find it, be sure that it will not remain in a precarious situation for a long time.

Rats can be generous, compassionate, and sensitive. Often, representatives of this sign help others, since they have non-standard thinking.

year of the rat 2019 - chinese horoscope

Those who were born in the year of the Rat can find a way out of any, even the most difficult situation.

Men approach romantic relationships from a practical point of view. They need an attractive lady who will become a good housewife and mother. Their flaw is that they have too high expectations from the relationship, and so they end up manipulating their loved ones.

The Rat Woman is ideal for the role of a wife. She is able to create coziness and comfort in the house, it is not difficult for her to solve everyday issues.

The baby born in the year of the Rat will be affectionate and nice. He will start talking early. With those younger than him, he will be protective, he will tend to behave like a mother.

He is an active and diligent person and that is why the Rat is most irritated by laziness, loss, or failure.

He is very curious and indiscreet, he has a very good memory and he likes to know everything about anyone.

In their career, they like to work in a team, they easily make allies to help them finish their work on time. The rat is in harmony with the signs: Dragon, Monkey, and Ox, with which it can do the most profitable business. They do not get along well with Horses, with whom they should not enter into partnerships.

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The Ox is the second sign in the Chinese horoscope, it is a yin earth sign, an element that gives him stability, innovative ideas, eloquence, integrity, perseverance, adaptability, diligence, honesty, peace, patience, modesty, and responsibility.

In love relationships, the quality they most often show is loyalty to their life partner.

Oxes are rarely jealous, are very attached to family, conservative.

ox 2019 horoscope - year of the ox

The baby born in the year of the Ox it’s not weeping. It is abnormally strong and can endure any suffering. He is an individualistic and rude guy, he tends to talk late and settles disputes by force.

In terms of profession, the Ox can be successful in the arts, in a rental or real estate business due to its creative nature.

If he works in a team, the Ox will adapt to any situation, he will act with diplomacy so that things go as well as possible.

He doesn’t like unexpected events very much, but he prefers to know in advance what awaits him. He is very organized and does not like to be late.

The Ox gets along well with those from the signs of Rooster, Rat, and Snake. They do not get along so well with Goats, because the latter makes them insecure.

For 2022, the Chinese horoscope indicates that the Ox will want to stick to routines. This Lunar Year will be much better for the people born in the Year of the Ox.


The tiger is the third sign in the Chinese horoscope, it is a sign characterized by the yang wood element, which gives the natives positive characteristics: magnetism, curiosity, goodwill, authority, luck.

In love, the Tiger is not exactly the most trustworthy, on the one hand, he knows how to make his loved one trust them, but if given the opportunity, he forgets the promises he made in the past and maybe gives in to new temptations.

tiger chinese horoscope - year of the tiger 2019

Their weak point would be the lack of diplomacy, if they get upset with their life partner, the Tigers can become sarcastic, tough.

It is esteemed and appreciated by those around it because it releases a force impossible to overlook, so it is imposed by the force it inspires.

In terms of money, the Tiger can’t stand to hear about savings or financial security. He is interested in money only insofar as it can bring him strong sensations and pleasure.

The Tiger’s allies are the Dog and the Horse, his secret friend is the Pig. He doesn’t get along well with the Monkey at all.

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The Rabbit is the fourth sign in the Chinese horoscope, it is governed by the yin wood element, due to which it has the following positive characteristics: ambition, longevity, elegance, tact, diplomacy, prudence.

Rabbits are generous with their life partners, whom they pamper with expensive gifts, with elegant and refined objects.

The baby born in the year of the Rabbit will be very cute. He will be obedient and calm, he will be sensitive to his parents’ advice and he will act accordingly. He may or may not be talkative, but he will not be quarrelsome or aggressive.

Rabbits are the best economists of the zodiac, if they lend money they will know how to get them back to the last penny, and even get something extra.

They feel at ease in areas such as education, health care, culture, justice, or the arts.

He is a good negotiator due to his impenetrability. It is very difficult to even properly evaluate what he thinks. He usually has impeccable manners.

He doesn’t like to do favors, engagements, or get too involved in anything. It is very natural.

They best get along with the Goats, Pigs, and Dogs. They have a more difficult communication with Roosters.

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The Dragon is the fifth sign in the Chinese horoscope, it is ruled by the earth yang element, which gives this sign positive features: enthusiasm, inner strength, stability, success.

When he loves, he does it with all his heart. If he has children, he will not take care of them like a protective bird, he will want to make them real fighters.

The child born in the Year of the Dragon is fierce and innovative. He is full of strength, brave, and sensitive. Nothing will discourage him in his idealistic approach to life.

When placed in stressful situations, the Dragon will not always be able to display a calm and reserved image. He will fight to support his views.

In business, Dragons are confident, but sometimes they can become proud, violent, tyrannical.

For Dragon, it is essential to have a special purpose or mission in life. It is not at all healthy for him to pass the time without doing anything.

Even if he is upset, depressed, he has the strength to recover faster than anyone. He has an optimism that goes beyond any reason or judgment.

Dragons find reliable allies among the Monkeys, Rat sand Roosters n. But it is difficult for them to get along with those from the sign of the Dog.


The Snake is the sixth sign in the Chinese horoscope, is governed by the element yang fire, and has the following positive characteristics: discretion, intuition, compassion, sharpness, charm.

They are hardworking, efficient, and wise, that’s why they know how to manage money and business.

On the one hand, the Snake is interested in protecting itself, on the other hand, it also wants romance in its life.

The child born in the Year of the Snake will have a complex personality. Good, attentive, and tolerant, he will have a serious nature and tends to be a little weird.

He can be generous with his money, but he can also be harsh, unforgiving when he wants to reach an important goal.

All Snakes have a good sense of humor, but it differs from one to another: some are sarcastic, others mischievous, brilliant, and sometimes even evil at the same time.

Snakes are intuitive and refined, they get along well with Oxes, Roosters, and Monkeys. He communicates with Pigs with difficulty.


The horse is the seventh sign in the Chinese horoscope, it is governed by the element of yin fire that gives them persuasion, style, freedom, practical spirit, popularity, intelligence, beauty, courage, joy.

The baby born in the Year of the Horse will be fast, agile, noisy, and changeable. He will love life with zeal, he will be dynamic and optimistic. He will learn everything very easily and will want to do everything quickly.

Horses tend to fall in love at first sight and throw themselves without thinking too much into the nets of love.

Both in love and in business he is skillful and inventive. He has an explosive nature, but he will quickly forget his outings.

The horse is hardworking, good at handling money, and a good finance specialist. Unfortunately, however, he is also known to suddenly lose interest in things.

They are famous for their wisdom and sense of humor, whether they are going through a more difficult or a more harmonious period in their life.

The qualities of the Horses are valued when they are associated with the signs Dog, Tiger, and Goat. Their defects come to the surface when associated with Rats.


The goat is the eighth sign in the Chinese horoscope, is a sign ruled by the earth yin element, and has the following positive traits: sensitivity, kindness, creativity, good taste, perseverance, elegance, charm, artistic sense, dedication, and love.

Goats entertain the people around them with their strange imagination and gain their sympathy due to their kindness and patience.

Both men and women in this sign are good-hearted, compassionate, and generous people.

goat (sheep) chinese horoscope 2019

The child born in the Year of the Goat will be a cute child, a treasure for his parents. He will like to be pampered, he will want to have all his pleasures and to be very caressed.

In business they are responsible, but they always put intuition first, not logic as logic should be. The ideal situation for them would be to do business with the family.

They are sensitive, romantic, they need a lot of protection, the approval of their family and their partner, whom they respect.

The Goat, surprisingly, feels extraordinarily happy with a Rabbit, if they fall in love with each other. It will be an intense, passionate, very united relationship that will last a lifetime, no matter the hardships or bad decisions the Rabbit makes.


The monkey is the ninth sign in the Chinese horoscope, it is a sign ruled by the element metal yang and has as positive features intelligence, innovation, zeal, leadership.

The child born in the Year of the Monkey will be a conqueror. He is very active, has bright eyes, and is very loving. Instigating, cheerful and disobedient, it will creep slowly and secretly into your heart.

2019 chinese horoscope for monkey

She often expresses his love by deeds, not by words, because he prefers to keep both the mystery in relationships and a certain distance.

Monkey courage is invincible in the fight for success, power, or money.

It is easy for the monkeys to make money because they have the power to focus on what they have to do, they do not give up until they perform their tasks.

Due to its native versatility, Monkey can be a good actor, teacher, trader, athlete, lawyer, writer, diplomat.

The monkey can close any business with great success. If she wants interest then she will be flattering.

Monkeys are compatible with Rat, Dragon, and Snake, with any of these signs will be able to make strong alliances in business.


The Rooster is the tenth sign in the Chinese horoscope, is a metal yin sign, and has the following positive characteristics: intelligence, enthusiasm, humor, chic, observational spirit, efficiency.

He is orderly, smart, clear, determined, honest, lively, and direct. It can also be critical to the point of aggression.

Roosters are charismatic, their relationships are based on love at first sight.

2019 rooster chinese horoscope

When Roosters love or admire someone, they will even bring them the moon from the sky to make them happy.

The child born in the Year of the Rooster will be a good student who will learn well, with a special soul, he will always look for answers.

We could say that they are the ideal employees because they become addicted to work.

In the position of bosses, Roosters are self-centered, have a very good opinion of themselves, and like to be flattered.

Roosters are excellent at solving problems, they are good detectives, doctors, and psychiatrists.

They get along well with Snakes, Oxes, and Dragons, but it would be good to avoid partnerships with Rabbits because they have totally different opinions about business and can enter into conflicts of interest.


The dog is the eleventh sign in the Chinese horoscope, is a sign ruled by the earth yang element, and has as positive traits loyalty, sense of duty, constancy, intelligence, heroism, morality, sense of justice, and honor, devotion.

It may be the most beloved sign of the entire Chinese cycle. He is intelligent, honest and open.

You can rely on it and it will not disappoint you. As a good listener, the Dog is very good at keeping other people’s secrets.

dog 2019 chinese horoscope

They do not fall in love at first sight, they like to be approached with a lot of diplomacy because if they feel aggressed they will retreat into their shell and close their hearts.

The child born in the Year of the Dog will be a happy, friendly, and rational child. Full of harmony and joy, he does not expect too much from others and can accept parents and friends as they are.

The advantage of Dogs is their sincerity and kindness, which turn them into ideal employees.

They always have a fear that they may run out of money and become poor.

Dogs get along very well with Tigers, Horses, and Rabbits. These four signs really value, understand, and accept each other. But Dogs have a difficult communication with Dragons, with whom they should avoid business associations.


The Pig is the twelfth sign in the Chinese horoscope, it is a sign ruled by the element water yang and has the following positive characteristics: honesty, gallantry, lust, sincerity, order, discipline.

They are not so excited about love at first sight, they prefer to fight to conquer their partner, and once they have connected with him, they attach and are ready to give everything for the relationship.

The child born in the Year of the Pig will be a friendly, confident child and it will be easy to work with him. Firm and trustworthy, he will get involved in school and will be praised for his passion and tenacity.

The Pig is a peaceful person and will always take the first step forward, establishing extraordinary relationships with others.

Due to his goodness and faith in human nature, he will be fortunate in many situations.

The pig does not avoid work and wants to do it professionally, but not at any cost. He does not like fierce competition, is not opportunistic, and does not accept to be part of intrigues.

The child born in the year of the Pig will be a friendly, confident child and it will be easy to work with him. Firm and trustworthy, he will get involved in school and will be praised for his passion and tenacity.

Rabbits, Goats, and Tigers are their ideal business partners and will never disappoint them, but it would be good to avoid associations with Snakes because they have a difficult relationship with the latter.