What Brings Bad Luck During Chinese New Year 2023?

Soon the Year of the Tiger will come to a close, and most of us are still thinking full of hope for what the Year of the Rabbit will bring us.

Every holiday or special event presents us with specific customs or superstitions, and the night of Chinese New Year 2023 is no different. Here, let’s see what you should do and shouldn’t do on this night to get rid of bad luck and attract only good things into your life.

  • entering the New Year with empty pockets is a sign of bad luck, that is why you should have money in your pockets or wallet.
  • don’t borrow money or get yourself in debt on the 1st of February, or during the next 15 days of the Spring Festival.
  • in the evening of Chinese New Year, you shouldn’t wash clothes, sew or knit
  • avoid dressing in black or white clothes, because black is a symbol of bad luck and white is a traditional color used at Chinese funerals.
  • it’s a bad omen to get a haircut during New Year because you’ll attract bad luck upon your family.
  • you shouldn’t cry, because if you enter the New Year with tears in your eyes, it is said that you will only have sad experiences
  • letting a lady step foot in the house first after New Year is said to bring bad luck. After you return from the firework show, don’t let any woman take the first step inside the house, else you will have bad luck all year. The man needs to be the first one to set foot in the apartment or house.
  • don’t let windows or doors stay shut during Chinese New Year’s Eve. It is said that the New Year needs to be welcomed with fresh air so that it will have fresh breath and start off with more energy and vitality.

Feng-Shui Objects to Counteract Bad Luck in 2022

Lucky Crystals

Most of the time, negative energy comes from people. To make sure that you stay as far away as possible from anything evil, carry a lucky amulet with you under the guise of a crystal. It can be the specific crystal to your Chinese zodiac sign or one that you feel close to. The most efficient crystals in the cleansing of evil are amethyst, rose quartz, and tourmaline.

Chinese Coins

In the evening of the Chinese New Year keep in your wallet or purse a set of 3 Chinese coins so that your money will multiply and grow. Chinese coins bring prosperity and will shield you from financial problems.


It is said that negative energies make their nest in a space that’s dark and cold. The light coming from the candles has the power to dispel and bring peace once again into any person’s life. Use scented candles to brighten up your house during the New Year.

Chi Lin Statues

golden dragon statue - symbol for money andd luck in the year of the dog 2018

Chi Lin is the most powerful image of luck in Chinese mythology. It brings good health and prosperity. The statue needs to be placed on a shelf near the front door, or on another table in the house, in order to banish negative energies.

Buddha Statue

A statue of Buddha laughing will bring you wellness, financial earnings, and success. To be a good omen, the statue needs to be placed on a corner of the table, facing the door. In this way, the energy that enters the room will be positively charged by Buddha’s laughter.