Dream of Losing Teeth Spiritual Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of losing teeth in a dream

Until the end of the 20th century, it was believed that this dream predicted the death of a loved one. More recently, this interpretation was replaced by one with a more powerful symbolism: the fear of getting old. The idea of death is still present, but its interpretation is more focused on the fear of one’s mortality and the lack of control over the aging process.

A positive interpretation of the dream in which you lose your teeth associates this phenomenon with a new beginning in your life. Jung, one of the most important psychologists of the 20th century, considers that, for women, this dream predicts giving birth.

Nowadays, this symbol suggests the beginning of a new project, a new relationship, or some changes in that person’s life.

White teeth

If you dream of white, clean, and beautiful teeth, it means that you have self-confidence and initiative, you dare to step forward, express your opinions, you have self-respect and self-control, and you can communicate efficiently with those around you. A dream about white teeth falling signifies good health.

Decayed teeth

Decayed teeth in a dream mean you are looking into the past. It may represent something from your life or a part of you that you would rather ignore, but it is not yet possible.

Decayed teeth may indicate an image issue (even embarrassment or shame) that bothered you for some time and did not completely disappear.

Milk teeth

The milk teeth often appear in the dreams of those who go through a period of transition in their lives, a period in which they feel like they would make a big jump from one lifestyle to another. This becomes even more evident if the milk teeth fall during the dream. When this happens, the transition is completed.

Broken teeth

Dreaming of a broken tooth is equivalent to the feeling of helplessness, and its occurrence is due to facing everyday dilemmas. Perhaps there is something in your life that makes you feel helpless while trying to avoid or control certain things or actions. Also, a broken tooth may represent your anxiety over a decision you have made.


Dreaming of a toothache means you are restless or worried about your life.

Dreaming about a toothache refers to a bad mood, which is what you feel at this moment. You kept your emotion to yourself and avoided solving your issues and developing your resistance, which turned you into a frustrated person.

Fake teeth

Fake teeth can be related to elements of superficiality from your life or entourage. It is about facade relations and false people that don’t show their true colors. It may be about a partner, work colleague, or so-called friends, and the dream is often generated by your subconscious mind that perceives something is wrong but doesn’t succeed in materializing this feeling into a coherent thought.

Fake, replaced teeth may also be a way to escape the subconscious mind in case the way other people perceive you is a cause of stress. Superficiality and dissimulation are the notions most often associated with a dream in which the idea of false teeth appears.

Crooked, ugly teeth

Maybe you don’t wonder what it means when you dream that your teeth are falling, but instead, you had a dream in which your teeth appeared to be broken, crooked, or ugly, or in which you recall being surprised about a big and ugly gap between your front teeth. This is something related to your image, and the dream must be interpreted depending on the feelings that generated them.

Brushing teeth

A dream about brushing your teeth is another scenario in the dreams about teeth. Usually, it has a good significance and reveals the increased confidence in one’s own strengths and skills. They are also a sign of the person’s maintenance and worry for their well-being. In some cases, this dream reveals the person’s concern for their appearance perceived by others and their desire to appear in the best possible light.

In a negative sense, the dream about brushing teeth can reveal the feeling that the dreamer seems like a loser to others. It may reveal their need for constant confirmation of their value. Sometimes, this dream may also reveal the person’s vanity. Seeing a toothbrush in a dream or using it to brush our teeth is often a sign of our readiness to make some sacrifices and to do what is necessary to fulfill our desires or to be content with our lives.


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