The Most Compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs With the Tiger

The Chinese New Year begins on February 1, 2022 and according to the Chinese zodiac will be the Year of the Water Tiger .

So it is no wonder that starting with the month of February and until January 22, 2023 (when the Year of the Rabbit begins), the Tiger will be in the spotlight.

Tempted by a Tiger? Will your Chinese Zodiac Sign have what it takes to tame a Tiger or will you be kitty chow for the hungry cat?

TheChineseZodiac.Com will provide the most compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs for the Tiger and the ones that should steer clear of the man-eater.

Here is our compatibility list for the Tiger according to Chinese Astrology.

Tiger + Rat

This is an average match when everything is going well. However, when these two Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs lock horns, watch out, because fur will be flying in every direction. It would be best for these two to just remain friends.

Tiger + Ox

This is a disaster. It is hard to get any worst of a match-up. Perfect for those of you looking for dead-end relationships. These two have very different ways of dealing with life. Sometimes these differences can make for an amazing relationship though this is very rare indeed.

Tiger + Tiger

Your fellow Tiger will fuel your own creative mind and passions. However, the struggle for dominance in this relationship will be the source of many conflicts. Unless one of you gives up control, this relationship will be short-lived.

Tiger + Rabbit

These two many have far too many differences to produce a mutually beneficial relationship. The Rabbit could wilt under the constant domineering spirit of the Tiger. The Tiger could also easily tire of the Rabbit’s constant yearning for peace and comfort.

Tiger + Dragon

This should be a courageous relationship fueled by plenty of fire. You both have very alluring personalities, how can you not be attracted to each other? However, trouble arises when the Tiger tries to assert his dominance over the independent Dragon.

Tiger + Snake

Both these Chinese Zodiac Signs walk on different sides of the streets, as you both have nothing in common whatsoever. You cannot start a fire without a spark. No future here, look elsewhere.

Tiger + Horse

Tiger and Snake have a great chance of finding happiness together. Their positive outlooks on life and love mesh perfectly. They both give each other the space and encouragement that they each need to flourish in the relationship.

Tiger + Sheep

The Tiger’s sheer power will overwhelm any sense of self in the Sheep. The Sheep’s constant need for comfort and reassurance will quickly cause the Tiger to feel trapped in this relationship.

Tiger + Monkey

This relationship is definitely not worth pursuing. You will both aggravate and frustrate each other to death. Constant and petty arguments will strangle the life out of this relationship.

Tiger + Rooster

The utter lack of communication in this relationship could cause serious issues in this relationship. Also, the power struggle between these two dominant signs will cause many conflicts.

Tiger + Dog

This is a winning combination for sure! The Tiger and Dog will have a very strong and nurturing relationship. They will have many things in common, even their differences will complement each other.

Tiger + Pig

Strong relationship as the Pig brings humor and sensuality to the relationship. Whereas, the Tigers bring his animal magnetism and warmth to the relationship. These two should get along fabulously.