The Significance of Your House Number

Since ancient times, numerology has been the basis for important decisions in people’s lives. Nowadays we have to discover the meaning of numbers and numerals that appear everywhere in our lives.

The way you feel in the house you live in is not random, every space has an energetic vibration and, in that space, certain people, activities are favoured or not.

How to find your house number

 In numerology, you need to determine your house number to a single digit, which you can do by adding the component digits together, if necessary. For example, if you live at number 506, you will take your address number (“506”) and add the digits together: 5 + 0 + 6 = 11, then 1+1=2.

How to choose your house number

Houses with even numbers are more feminine, passive, good for flats or houses, and those with odd numbers are masculine, active, good for business.

The numbers that make up the address of your home or place of work are of particular importance and influence our subconscious, behaviour and actions positively or negatively.

In a home with a number that is compatible with us we feel best, and in one that is incompatible we feel uncomfortable and our mood is depressed.

What house number is lucky?

Since each number has an energetic vibration behind it, the number of the house (the apartment we live in) is a living force that nourishes the entire living space. 

By calculating the vibration of the house we will know which energy prevails, which activities and colours are beneficial, how we can get in touch with the spirit of the house. 

House Number 1

It attracts luck and harmony, brings motivation, independence and the power to start again. Single people will find the energy for a new beginning, no matter how difficult it may be.

People who have a great sense of curiosity and a desire to discover in whatever they do are best suited to the numerology of house number 1. It is also considered an auspicious number in Feng Shui.

House number 2

If the number on the door is 2, 11, 29, 38, 47, 56 or any combination added together that results in 2, then luck is on your side.

The house having the vibration number 2 is especially good for young married people, full of joy, life, love, spirituality. It is the ideal place for the harmony of the feelings of partners who truly love each other. 

House number 3

The number 3 is also considered a number that promotes positivity, joy and happiness according to Feng Shui principles. According to the house number in numerology, dwelling in house number 3 provides plenty of opportunities for family gatherings, entertainment and game nights in the house that everyone can enjoy as a family.

House number 4

The house with the vibration number 4 is best suited for starting a family, having a child, stability, seriousness and the fulfilment of dreams. For people who are honest, housewives, hardworking, practical, family-oriented. It is incompatible with people completely opposite to these requirements, they can even go to prison.

House number 5

This house has a joyful, lucky but unpredictable vibe. Usually such a house stands out. It is a good house for people who are not afraid of change and adventure.

 In this house, people do not know stillness, therefore the impulsive, adventure-loving, energetic, cheerful, unprejudiced man will be welcomed and supported by the spirit of this house. Here you cannot live in a monotonous, traditional, quiet style. Here only those who are born fighters and who ignore danger live well and in harmony with the spirit of this house.

House number 6

House number 6 is the best house if you want your children, grandchildren and pets to live a happy and prosperous life. 

In Feng Shui number 6 is the number that promotes calmness. It is an ideal house to create lifelong memories with family and people who work in the healthcare industry.

House number 7 

This house often has a mysterious air. Scientists, researchers, ministers, professors, psychologists, philosophers seem perfect for this nest 7.

The personality of this house supports the development of a sense of truth. People living in this house will be encouraged to find faith in themselves through solitude, study. 

It is a good house for those who love solitude and want to withdraw from the world for divine inspiration, to find spiritual wealth but also for businessmen, traders who acquire material but not spiritual wealth. 

House number 8

We know that 8 is the number of power and a place with a vibration of 8 will attract good people who want to grow personally and financially.

People who live in these houses are welcoming, they also think of the good of others and help them whenever they have the opportunity.

The vibration of number 8 teaches you to wield power in the world correctly, wants you to develop all your talents and enjoy your personal evolution, not just to worry about material, financial level.

House number 9

The residents of house 9 are selfless, their desire is to help others and make the world a better place. They are great animal lovers and have artistic talents. 

Negative aspect: as the energies in these houses are highly accident-prone, they need to be careful with household appliances.

House number 9 is not good for ambitious and goal-oriented people, this house is more suitable for dreamers and idealists. It can bring unexpected financial good fortune as a reward for your generosity (inheritance, lottery, etc.).