The Luckiest Zodiac Signs of 2018 According to Chinese Horoscope

We all want to be lucky. Here is how we can change things for the better by applying a combination of Feng Shui and Chinese Zodiac.

The astrologers and Feng Shui experts came up with a list of tips that you can use in 2018, the Earth Dog Year. Also, the Feng Shui experts recommend us to wear amulets with dog symbols (bracelets, pendants, keyrings). In the house, you can place statues representing a golden dog, the symbol of prosperity and luck in the northern side of the bedroom or living room.

The Earth Dog Year starts on February 16th, 2018 – a year that brings opportunities, but also unpredictable situations.

The Dog governs the social events of 2018. Since every Chinese zodiac sign has a particular relationship with the Dog sign, we expect that every native will have to face certain challenges.
find out what are the luckiest chinese zodiac signs in 2018 (year of the brown earth dog)
In the Earth Dog Year 2018, the most favored signs in the Chinese Zodiac are Tiger, Horse and Rabbit. The Tiger natives seem to have plenty of luck in education and study matters, they are going to face a rough competition in their careers and they must be more careful with their health.

The Tiger, Horse and Rabbit natives are prone to financial and relational success, this is why they are advised to fructify all the occurring opportunities. Risks are not recommended; in order not to lose money, they better not bet everything on a single card.

The lucky elements for Tiger, Horse and Rabbit natives are green potted plants or Wealth Trees, decorated with jade stones or coins.

The Snake natives are going to have a profitable and successful year. Family disputes and conflicts will be considerably reduced and the long term projects they had put a lot of effort into will start bringing material benefits, bu also inner happiness.

A very favorable year, much better than the previous one for the Snake natives. You can make it even better with the power of stones and crystals, such as hematite, tourmaline, malachite, jasper, and carnelian. Beneficial amulets: Citrine Tree and Medicine Buddha.

For the Dragon natives, 2018 is a year of introspection, of deepening their faith and spirituality, rather than a year of financial investments. In 2018, the Dragon is in direct conflict with the Dog, therefore, if you are a Dragon, you better take cover.

Success will not come easily, but by taking charge, your work will be rewarded. You will accept the mistakes of the past and won’t tolerate negative people around. Health is a main concern, so you will be more careful about your diet.

For the Rat natives, the Earth Dog year is beneficial and productive. They will often get invited to parties and weddings. Organizing their own wedding is also a big possibility.  Regarding the success in business or career, the Rat natives will have luck on their side, because this year is a favorable period for implementing and finalizing all the projects.

However, they should be careful not to overburden themselves at work and to take some time off to relax when they feel tired. It is recommended to spend the time off relaxing with your family and not developing business projects. To attract luck, wear jewelry made of stones and crystals (preferably jade) or jewelry with Feng Shui symbols, such as Pi Yao, Dzi beads, the symbol of double happiness, or an amulet with your zodiac sign.

The remedy for Dragon natives in the Earth Dog Year 2018 is Tai Sui. It attracts protection and prosperity. Tai Sui is the leader of the year, he is changing every year and has the power to bring luck, health, well-being, but also accidents, quarrels and disasters.

That’s why is necessary to have him on our side at the beginning of every year. We must carry his image with us under different forms: Tai Sui card, keyring or amulet, or a Tai Sui booklet or painting in the house and office.

In 2018, the Earth Dog Year, Tai Sui is especially necessary for Rooster, Dragon, Goat and Ox zodiac signs.

Those born under the Goat, Ox and Rooster zodiac signs will not be emotionally at ease this year, because they will get in conflict with the Dog natives.

This year, these three signs will have to learn how to listen to their inner voice and, in their love life, they’ll need to put a lot of effort to maintain a harmonious relationship.

The Goat, Ox and Rooster natives need protection stones and crystals, such as emerald, or Feng Shui amulets, such as Kwan Yin or Fuk Luk Sau.