Chinese zodiac friendship compatibility

These signs represented by animals are further divided in four large groups (with three each) of friendship.
It’s said that people born under these signs have similar personalities and conceptions of life.

Therefore, it is presumed that they are capable of developing good relationships between each other. Below there are a few examples of how these relationships actually work:
chinese animal signs
Provocateurs –The rat, monkey and dragon

If you are born in the year of the rat, you will need the trust of a dragon. Anyway, those who are dragons need the opportunistic character of the rat and the cunningness of the monkey because dragons tend to be stubborn.

In other words, people born in the year of the monkey need the ability of the rat and the liveliness of the dragon. Anyone who is born in these years is an optimistic person who knows what he/she wants.

Individualists The horse, dog and tiger

If you are born in the year of the horse, then you are a person who plans ahead and who needs the determination of a dog or a tiger so as to bring you back on earth.

In another train of thoughts, the horse is impatient and needs the serenity of a dog or the adventures put on the table by a tiger.

In opposition to the tiger’s violence there is the sociability of the dog. Anyone who is born in these years tends to be a wanderer, emotional or impulsive individual.

Thinkers  – The snake, rooster and bull

If you are born in the year of the bull, then you are firm and in need of the rooster’s eccentricity or the snake’s attraction and tact.

On the other hand, the sincerity of the rooster needs the cunningness of the snake and the determination of the bull.

Anyone who is born in these years has the potential of being practical, self-possessed and persistent.

Conciliators –  The rabbit, sheep and boar

If you are born in the year of the rabbit, then you are smart and capable of restraining the sheep’s tendency of making donations for every story which raises its awareness.

The sheep also helps the rabbit determine its priorities in life. The rabbit is a strategist and needs the power of the boar and the kind temperament of the sheep.

Anyone born in these years is supportive, modest, open and compassionate.