Year of the Snake

The Snake is the 6th zodiac sign of the Chinese Calendar.

Those born in the years of 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, or 2013, are Snakes. They are artistic, smart and dutiful people blessed with perceptive and logical brains.

The Year of the Snake for the Other Zodiac Signs

In the Year of the Snake, seek inner peace and don’t take any rash or important decisions. You will have much success in your professional life, due to the fact that the Snake always pursues success. 

Do not worry about any changes that may appear in your life, both in the personal and professional fields. The Snake is well known for being very versatile and adapting to just about any situation. It is foreseen to be a favorable and harmonious year. 

The Snake’s Personality 

Although they seem quite shy as they would rather not be the center of attention, they observe every little detail and always have a plan in mind. Snakes are great leaders and are very trustworthy people. 

Snakes are careful and wise, and as such, they don’t have many reliable friends. Their strong ambition to acquire money will lead them to a rich and effortless life.

Smart and eager, charming and fairly seductive, Snakes born in the Year of the Fire Snake can be a little self-centered and distrustful, which can end up damaging their personal relationships.

Men Born in the Year of the Snake

They want a deeply romantic and lively relationship, and many women are fond of them. They are amorous and fashionable and have a peculiar talent of understanding women and their whims. As such, they can easily get into a relationship. Initially, people may believe they are uncaring and insensitive. However, when they get comfortable, their devotion will certainly show.

Women Born in the Year of the Snake

In their love lives, their character is blunt and genuine. These women are faithful and devoted to their partners. Nonetheless, they are very controlling, which can feel quite limiting to others. But if they can allow them more freedom, their connection will be much stronger.

Lucky Things about Snakes

Things that bring luck to Snakes:

  •  Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9
  •  Lucky Colors: pink, green, yellow
  •  Lucky Directions: east, south-west, 
  •  Lucky Flowers: orchid, cactus
  •  Lucky Gemstone: Opal

Things that bring bad luck to Snakes:

  •  Unlucky Numbers: 2, 6, 8
  •  Unlucky Colors: Brown, Golden, White
  •  Unlucky Direction: North, North-west

The Snake’s Elements

Wood Snake  – (1965) They are incredibly friendly and are very compassionate, always trying to understand other people’s issues, which will be a very useful trait during their lives. They are particularly good at connecting with people which helps them make many friends and impress their co-workers.

Fire Snake – (1917 and 1977) They are ardent, loving and jealous. They can love with their entire heart and resent just as much, they are very driven by their feelings and desires. They are always in the center of attention and people strongly sense their presence, as well as their absence.

Metal Snake – (1941 and 2001) They are natural champions, but can also be quite callous and as resilient as a huge old tree. There’s no doubt about their possible ingeniousness. These people are incredibly determined and tough and will inevitably thrive.

Water Snake – (1953 and 2013) They are very energetic and intelligent and can easily come up with innovative ideas. They possess a fantastic personality, and as such, they are always invited to parties and make themselves the center of attention with their wit and talents that can impress absolutely anybody.

Earth Snake – (1929 and 1989) They are faithful and honest friends who reinvigorate their friends through kindness and create everlasting relationships. Nevertheless, if their friends aren’t as devoted, they will feel saddened and will neither forgive nor forget what they’ve done.

snake chinese zodiac

The Snake’s Love Life

According to Chinese tradition, Snakes are most suited to the Ox, Dragon and Rooster, these couples are very compatible and will have a joyful and successful marriage.

The Dragon and Snake are known to have complementary temperaments and as such, they will have a successful and balanced relationship.

The Rooster is talented and has an exquisite taste for lavish things, which is rather appealing to the Snake, making them a good couple. 

The Ox is reliable and steadfast, while the Snake provides affection and care, which makes them a great complementary duo.

Snakes are however incompatible with the Tiger and the Pig.

Snakes and Tigers can’t compromise and find it very hard to understand the other side’s point of view, which makes the relationship difficult to say the least.

Careers For Snakes

They are deeply artistic and hard-working. Even though Snakes are hard-workers, they gravitate towards changing jobs often due to the fact that they get bored fairly quickly. Snakes are intellectuals, and enjoy complicated problems. They’re very analytical and shine under the pressure of a deadline. Due to their intellectual nature, Snakes succeed in whatever they decide to pursue once they put their mind to it. When choosing a profession, they should choose jobs where knowledge is power, such as businessman, professor, psychiatrist, public relations, or lawmaker.

Other great jobs for those born in the Year of the Snake are researcher, tester, detective, artist, gemologist, fortuneteller, trickster and doctor.

The Snake’s Health

The Snake always longs for inner peace and tries to be as relaxed as possible. He likes to retreat to quiet places so he can loosen up.

Snakes are fragile and as such, they need to take many breaks from their work to maintain their health. They need to learn the art of meditation or some other way of winding down from daily stress.

At times, they may get exhausted and saddened quickly. Their subpar health will affect their daily lives. As such, Snakes need to engage in sports or just physical activity, like swimming, walking or running. Being fit is being healthy!

Celebrities born in the Year of the Snake:

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt January 30, 1882
  • John F. Kennedy  – May 29, 1917
  • Elizabeth I of England –  September 7, 1533
  • Bob Dylan  -Saturday, May 24, 1941
  • Pablo Picasso – Tuesday, October 25, 1881
  • Taylor Swift  – Wednesday, December 13, 1989
  • Michael Bloomberg  –  February 14, 1942
  • J. K. Rowling – Saturday, July 31, 1965