Year of the Rooster

The most recent Rooster years are: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 and 2029. Roosters are the tenth animal of the Chinese calendar, and they are known to be dutiful, dependable and charismatic.

Rooster years are known to be the years of “big ego” so to speak, and plenty of disagreements, because Roosters are prone to create disputes and blame others.

In these years, proper communication is of the essence in order to sort out the conflicts that have been created. The Year of the Rooster is packed with events so nobody will miss out.

In addition to that, Rooster years are years of incredible vitality, achievements and happiness which will mark every sign for the entirety of their lives.

The Rooster’s Character

Those born in the Year of the Rooster are well-known for their intelligence and work ethic, so they perform best in jobs in which they can make proper use of their abilities. Roosters are deeply perceptive, conscientious, ingenious, brave and skilled.

Roosters are experienced and proficient employees. They highly appreciate the fruit of their own labor, more so than anybody else, and are rather stubborn when people try to interfere with their art.

They are idealists who have great goals and even greater expectations for not only themselves but for other people too. On the other hand, they can be rather demanding, smug and even straight-up rude sometimes. Roosters have a pushy, cynical and egocentric personality, and always want to end things on their own terms. Due to their high standards, they often get testy with others who simply can’t meet those standards.

Roosters are very contemplative and thoroughly attentive. Even though Roosters won’t concede it, they are often quite cocky. Roosters also tend to be worried and hostile, but they compensate by being very driven and enduring. Roosters make for true and dependable friends.

Men born in the Year of the Rooster

These men are smart, competent, thoughtful, blunt and certain, being great leaders. Their scrupulous nature makes them very critical and bold, which leads them to be the best version of themselves. They eagerly abide by the rules and fail to understand those who do not. These Roosters always give all they have to aid others.

Women born in the Year of the Rooster

They are very alert and often see what others do not, and most of the time their guesses are correct. They enjoy being in the limelight and humoring others, and as such they love parties and social gatherings.

They relish flattery and affection. They try to stand out as much as they can, but they are very modest, despite appearances. They are generally good-looking, and as such always get the men stirred up.

Lucky And Unlucky Thing About Roosters

  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 7 and 9
  • Lucky Days: The 5th and 27th
  • Lucky Colors: white, red and yellow
  • Lucky Months: The 3rd, 7th and 11th
  • Unlucky Colors: pink
  • Unlucky Numbers: 2, 4 and 8
  • Unlucky Months: The 2nd, 10th and 12th

Roosters Elements

The Fire Rooster – Daring, talented, diligent, and wise, they are famed for their confidence. These Roosters possess great strength and are natural leaders due to their vitality, enthusiasm and comedic nature. But they also tend to be shallow, enigmatic and bragging about nearly anything to get attention from others.

The Metal Rooster – They tend to be smart, expressive and convincing. These Roosters tend to be hard-working, competent, dependable and composed, and they dislike those who slack off. But they also tend to be quite rude, careless and smug.

The Earth Rooster – They always look dashing and like to brag about their achievements. Famed for their diligence, enterprising nature and bravery, they are confident people who don’t need to rely on others, and as such, they have very domineering and controlling personalities.

The Water Rooster – The element of Water makes these Roosters especially friendly and gentle. They’re determined and industrious people who have great communication skills, always managing to get others on their side.

The Wood Rooster – They are cheerful and respectful of others, and they are truly dedicated to their close friends. They are bold and mindful when it comes to their professional life, full of energy and youthfulness. Moreover, their meticulousness makes it very hard for others to compete, so their coworkers aren’t the biggest fans of their efficient work ethic.

The Rooster’s Love Life

Roosters long for timeless love for their whole lives. They are quite romantic which only serves to improve their charisma. They generally have joyful and successful marriages due to their great communication skills.

It’s well known that Roosters are most suited to the signs of the Ox and the Pig, and also other people born in the Year of the Rooster.

When Roosters are paired together, they tend to become very critical of one another. Rather than doing this, they should shower one another with compliments, but their stubborn and perfectionist nature often gets in the way. But they are also known for their strong loyalty to their spouse.

Pigs and Roosters need a boatload of compassion to maintain the relationship because at first sight, they don’t seem like a great duo.

Roosters find Pigs to be quite hedonic and pleasure-seeking due to the fact that Roosters tend to be very pragmatic and utilitarian, which means they rarely do things that have no benefit.

The Ox and Rooster are truly made for one another. The Rooster with its conventional values is very much grateful for the Ox’s hard work and determination. They are both very naturally picky and choosy people. They always encourage one another to improve without angering each other. They are very open to criticism and take it graciously. Their relationship could be a little dull because both of them aren’t very fond of surprises. Thankfully, repetitiveness isn’t a problem for these two.

Incompatible Partners For Roosters

The Rooster and Tiger aren’t the most compatible couple, but they’re not fated to fail, either. The demanding Rooster is befuddled by the Tiger’s easygoing ways, and the confident Tiger is bemused by the Rooster’s insecurity. Tigers and Roosters have a rocky road ahead, but a successful relationship is still possible. The Rooster with its perfectionistic nature is bamboozled by the laid-back attitude of the Tiger, while the Tiger is puzzled by the Rooster’s anxious nature.

The Rooster and the Rabbit aren’t on good terms either due to their contrasting characters. Rabbits dislike having arguments while the Rooster is the champion of feuds and squabbles.

The Rooster and the Dog are on shaky but sometimes solid ground. One moment they are very loving and romantic and the other they are distant and uncaring.

Perfect Jobs for Roosters

Roosters are known for being highly skilled and efficient employees. They are most suited for jobs such as: Congressman, minister, negotiator, costumier, make-up artist, guides, comedian, star and researcher.

Roosters, this year is yours, it’s the perfect time to start a fortunate and blessed career.

In your professional life, you ought to compete to reap the fruit of your labor and show off your skills, in order to get promoted. With much support, you will be able to thrive and see both your salary and career prospects skyrocket.

The Rooster’s Health

They will have a regular healthy life, without any major health problems. All they must do is eat healthy food, not omitting fruits and vegetables from their diets and they should drink plenty of water. On another note, they should watch out when it comes to sharp and pointy objects like knives, as they are particularly prone to injury from such things. Apart from this, they should just pay attention to whatever is going on around them when in a risky situation such as swimming or climbing.