Rat Horoscope 2023 & Feng Shui Predictions

The Rat has the first position in the Chinese Zodiac. The birth years of the Rat are 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, and 2020. Rats will have a lucky year, however, it will also be full of dangerous temptations.

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the lucky days of 2023 for the Rat are the 5th, 12th, and 25th and the lucky months are March and October. Between May and August of 2023, it is auspicious to start a relationship.

The Year of the Water Rabbit 2023 will boost the vitality of those born in the Year of the Rat. Their social status will increase, and their professional life will bring them many satisfactions.

The Rats will likely advance on the hierarchical ladder at work or even change their jobs, making a lot more money.
The relationship with the members of their family improves, and someone close to them will most likely move abroad. This will greatly impact those in the Rat sign, and by mid-year, they might visit them.

Until May 2023, the Rats should resort to patience and understanding to avoid little conflicts with their loved ones. They also need to try to maintain a balanced emotional life and not bring home the tensions and stress from work.

Rat Feng Shui Tips & Lucky Charms for 2023:

  • Favorable Directions: northeast, south
  • Lucky Colors: Yellow, Brown
  • Lucky Numbers: 5, 7
  • Favorable Months: March, July, October
  • Unfavorable Months: September and December

According to Feng shui predictions, in 2023, to attract sympathy, wealth and power, those born in the Year of the Rat should place a Guan Yin statue near the front door. Also, Rats are advised to always carry with them a good luck charm such as a Lava Rock Bracelet.

Guan Yin StatueKuan Yin is a goddess of compassion, love, healing & abundanceSee It
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Is 2023 a Lucky Year For Money? Will The Rat Win Money in 2023?

The New Chinese Year beginning in 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, a year full of prosperity supporting any activity or motion in the Rat’s career.

Although it’s not something characteristic of this sign, the Rat might take some risks during this year, which could lead to financial profits from unexpected sources.

We shouldn’t forget that the natives can have great achievements even without forcing their luck.

Towards the end of 2023, those born in the Year of the Rat must avoid any speculation, especially gambling or real estate. They need to use this time to save money and to keep under control of their desire to spend.

The Rat natives will need to avoid gestures/actions that can be misinterpreted because this will either diminish their achievements, or it will create enemies or tense moments in the future.

According to the Rat horoscope, in 2023, their sense of observation and self-preservation make them deal perfectly in times of crisis (the important activity moments) when the Rat always finds the best escape method (the live-saving solution).

The Rat boss will perform very well as long as he is required to do what he knows.

He is the type of leader that will show a great understanding to his subalterns (keep in mind that this applies only on an individual humanitarian level), making their problems something worthy of being solved, especially if he has the feeling that the workplace is another family.

Is 2023 a Good Year for Rat Love?

The Year of the Rabbit should be favorable for the Rat, especially at the beginning of 2023. If you are married, the ambiance within the couple will be affectionate and serene, and the partner will do everything in his/her to see you happy.

If you are a single Rat, you will need passion, you will dream of great love. But you will need to be patient. It seems that only at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024 you might have an interesting meeting.


In 2023, the Rat is most compatible with the Dragon and the Monkey. The natives born under these zodiac signs will have a very good relationship, extraordinary even for marriage or business. Together, they will enjoy success, happiness, and prosperity.

The Rat is not compatible with the Horse. Bitterness and antipathy might occur. They don’t have too much in common. They are not going to have a long-lasting relationship.


In 2023, those born under the Rat zodiac sign are generally enjoying an excellent state of health. They are very active, which helps them to keep in shape and to fight any possible diseases.

At the beginning of 2023, health problems for the Rat natives often occur due to neglecting the signals sent by their own bodies.

In order to determine whether we to change the way we approach our diet, attitude, etc. in our daily life, the body permanently sends precise signals, which for the Rat, are in most cases signs of weakness that must be avoided.

The most sensitive organs for the Rat natives are the stomach and the blood vessels, arterial hypertension and/or pre or post-ulcerative gastric affections being some of the most common affections.

Throughout 2023, the Rat natives can become very tense, aggressive, and full of nervous tension, and all of these can lead to a major accumulation of stress.

The physical exercises aiming to relieve the nervous system are very beneficial for those born under the Rat zodiac sign.

Rat Horoscope 2023 Month by Month

January: January promises to be full of love for the Rats. They will spend a lot of time in the company of their loved ones, and they will be very romantic.

February: Financially, February is not the most stable month for Rats. To overcome the challenges of this month, you will need a high level of attention and focus.

March: In terms of relationships, the Rats have no reason to worry in March, although some issues may occur financially. Any initiative in business should be carefully analyzed.

In April, those born in the Year of the Rat have the opportunity to stabilize their financial situation. You don’t have to worry about any difficulties or be intimidated by those who are competing against you. You are strong enough to deal with these challenges.

May: During the first part of May, you should review your life plans and think thoroughly at the way you approach the events in which you are involved.

June: You will likely expose some work conflicts with the help of a person who secretly protects you. This is why, after June 13th, you are gaining support in resuming the discussions with your friends and protectors.

July: In July of 2023, those who are born in the Rat sign are encouraged to fully explore the advantages of open communication within the couple, but also the family life. It is not always the easiest attitude for these natives, but now their effort to express will be rewarded beyond their expectations.

August: Even from the first days of the month, you will encounter some difficulties, which is why some tensions will occur in the relationships with your colleagues and business partners.

September: For the Rats, September will be truly special. You will receive the news you were expecting and, this way, some older wishes will finally get fulfilled.

October: From time to time, you should stop doing your daily activities and give yourself a few moments of peace. Think of what you truly want, analyze whether the projects you are involved in are satisfying, and put your foot down if the results fail to please you.

November: You had to take care of a close relative with severe health problems, and you’ve neglected yourself. Try to check your health and take care of yourself. Invite your partner to a special restaurant and relax at least for an evening.

December: Every time someone tries to give you advice, you tend to regard everything with suspicion. Perhaps it is your lack of self-confidence or the fact that you don’t know yourself well enough, but keep in mind that an aggressive attitude and a narrow vision will chase away all the people you care about.

Rat Horoscope 2023 By Chinese Element

Wood Rat (1924, 1984)

The Wood Rat’s talent for scrutiny, order, and ingenuity, generally serves well him in 2023; However, the meticulous Wood Rat may face projects unfinished, messiness, and physical absences which sorely test their patience. It is also most important that you associate with those of good reputation now, as warm-hearted Wood Rats are quite impressionable in 2023 and could easily be swayed.

Fire Rat (1936, 1996)

As per the Fire Rat horoscope, during 2023, if an impasse has been reached in your career, move on for the time being, as time is on your side. Highly sensitive and fine-tuned to subtle nuances, if you sense something unusual, move away from the situation immediately. You’ll feel much better once this is dealt with. Be selective in making any investments during the year, work within your means, and allow yourself space to retract. Fire Rat’s generosity with others less fortunate, will return to him in a myriad of ways, and he will be the one who benefits the most.

Metal Rat (1960)

As indicated by the Metal Rat horoscope, career promotions could be announced as 2023 arrives and you’re in the mood for a celebration. Metal Rats remain talkative and socially charming throughout the year. Highly intelligent yet high-strung, the destiny of many born into theYar of the Rat is to write. The talent is there if you choose to explore it. Se second part of the year will find perceptive Metal Rats extra-clever, curious, and alert to their environment.

Earth Rat (1948, 2008)

Earth Rats are the thriftiest souls in the Chinese zodiac, and during 2023 every penny is accounted for and justified. Your essential nature of “concealment,” may cause you to worry about your financial future this year and soberly consider every purchase. Complex Earth Rats must beware of the “dissatisfied mind.” Life’s experiences are relative and are interpreted as either negative or positive depending on your manner of thinking. Make the commitment to appreciate the “ordinary” and find Joy in simple pleasures.

Water Rat (1972)

The Water Rat’s emotional state may be so powerful in 2023 that even though he has only met an individual recently, he may want to make matters permanent. Don’t let yourself be blinded by a guileful Monkey or zealous Dragon. Control your desire to immortalize everything immediately, and take the time and effort to go deeper into every subject. Stay cool-headed financially through the turbulent summer month and stay within your established patterns.