Planets and Their Meanings in Western Astrology


The Sun sign is your true color. It is how you choose to let the world see you. The Sun is your personality, your consciousness, your individuality; it is your life force and general health. The Sun is also your desire for power, your enthusiasm , your pride, your courage; it is also your stubbornness, your ego and your pompousness. The Sun travels around the zodiac for a month in each sign. During that time the Sun will highlight the area of your life where you should focus your attention.



The moon reflects your emotions and how you show your emotional responses. These emotions are deeply instilled by conditioning from your parents and people close to you, habit patterns which you form early in life and past memories often carried over from a previous lifetime. The moon relates to your hidden personality, your feelings and your subconscious thoughts. It shows how you react to people and situations through your conditioned viewpoint.


Mercury shows how you think, process and project thoughts. Mercury relates to the third house of communication and early learning. It will also show how you gather information and the areas of interest you have wether it be reading, writing, speaking even gossiping. Mercury is also your practical side. Depending on what sign your Mercury is in, your mind may be impulsive, sharp and quick, poetic and a visionary, just to name a few.


Venus influences emotions in your personal relationships. It shows how you attract and love others and how you express your love towards them. Venus shows how you express yourself in social settings and any artistic talents that you may have. It is also how you spend money and what you spend money on. Your Venus may make you charming, affectionate, timid or detached. Find out more about your Venus at the Venus/ Mars page.


Mars is your assertiveness and shows how you express your energies and project yourself to the world. It shows how to go after any object that you desire wether it be a sexual conquest, that new sports car or how you save the world. The sign Mars is in shows how those desires are sought after. Do you have a case full of trophies, or are you sexually aggressive? You probably have Mars in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Do you have a closet filled with new clothes at the change of each season, or wads of $$$ you can fill your wallet with? Then you must have Mars in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. How about a whole library filled with books on accounting, law or physics? Then you may have Mars in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Or are you the soft touch, the musician, the poet, the healer, the hugger ? You probably have Mars in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Check out yours and your love’s Mars at the Venus, Mars page.


Jupiter rules expansion of the mind as in higher learning as well as the physical body. Jupiter is our optimism, our philosophy, our religion and beliefs. It shows how we will prosper, and how we will develop physically and mentally. It is also our opportunities. Remember that a Jupiter transit will always bring opportunity. Jupiter will remain in a sign for approximately 1 year, so don’t waste the opportunity. It will take 12 years before you may get another chance!


Saturn brings restrictions, obstacles, frustrations and delays. Saturn is also our teacher. It is how we approach success but also the amount of difficulties we encounter on our way. Saturn remains in a sign for approximately two and a half years. This time can be a slow and steady climb to success, or it can be a time of constant set backs, worries and difficulties. Look carefully and honestly at your life and you will be shown what you need to do to get back on track. Two and a half years is plenty of time !


Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, so it to rules communication; the intuition instead of the intellect. Uranus brings sudden, often overwhelming and completely unexpected upheavals into out lives. Wheres Saturn bring delays, Uranus shatters them and often sends us of to a completely new direction, making us unsure of ourselves. It brings sudden career changes, moves, divorces, any type of sudden change that break the direction you are heaven in. Uranus stays in one sign for approximately seven years, so these changes are not too often. Uranus also points to the type of friends and groups you are interested in.


Neptune is the higher octave of Venus; where Venus is love, Neptune is compassion the sacrifice of giving yourself away. Neptune is gentle persuasion; you give of your own free will. Neptune is deceptive though, so be careful not to give yourself to the wrong person. You may be head-over-heels in love, or so you think, all the while your willingness to give is being taken advantage of. Neptune also rules the psychic world so if you have vivid dreams or premonitions, or you feel people around you ( who are not of the physical plane ) then look at the aspects to your Neptune. Since Neptune takes fourteen years to travel a sign, it rules a generation of people- it’s not as important as what sign Neptune is in, rather where ( what house ) it is located in your birth chart.


Pluto rules an entire generation since its transit lasts on average between 12-32 years, therefore, the house in which Pluto is found is more important than the sign. Pluto shows the highest attainment you can reach in this lifetime or the lowest depth to which you can fall. Only Pluto’s transit differs from all other planets in that its orbit is a long flat elliptical transit . Pluto brings about drastic transformations in life; either regenerative or degenerative. Whichever effect Pluto may have on you, rest assured it will be a permanent one.