Ox 2017

General tendencies for the sign of the Ox in the year of the Rooster:
The year of the Fire Rooster starts on January 28th 2017 and ends on February 15th 2018 and it seems to be a good year for the sign of the Ox from the Chinese zodiac, during which the results of the recent struggles start to be seen.

You are probably not going to work less and you will not have more free time, but you will be more motivated, because the results are more and more tangible.

Work, money, business – for the sign of the Ox in the year of the Rooster:

On a professional level, the year of the Rooster (2017-2018) comes with many important satisfactions for the Ox. If lately you’ve been working hard to build a name, now the opportunities you need in order to advance on a more important and better paid position start to show off. Even if you plan on changing your work place or field of activity, you will not miss opportunities. After a longer or shorter time of getting accustomed (depending on how well you had prepared for this change!) you will notice that the satisfactions are bigger and the perspectives more motivating.

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If you are looking for a job, you could find one during the year of the Rooster. You will have to prove your perseverance and, above all, to be willing to learn, get qualified and/or take a training course. It is worth doing the effort because it is what future years’ satisfactions are based on!
Regarding money, there are not too many chances of spending your vacation in the Bahamas this year. The year of the Rooster is rather a year of being cautious and it would be a good thing to skimp your money and to try and save on all levels. The incomes are not decreasing, but the progress you see on the professional level could trick you by pushing you to spend today the money of tomorrow. If you want to enjoy the money you earn, do not start by going into debts unless it is strictly necessary!

Private life, love, family, society – for the sign of the Ox in the year of the Rooster:

In his private life, the Ox would better mind his health first. It is a busy year, with intense activities, which could put you down if you don’t know when to take a break, to relax and regain your strengths. Eat as healthy as you can, don’t skip meals and avoid sleepless nights!

The family life can be the best source of physical energy, especially because during the year of the Rooster your loved ones support you on all levels. As there are not too many chances of making long travels or spending vacations in faraway places, you would better take advantage of any opportunity to go at least on picnics or on relaxation weekends.
On a social level, although you don’t really have the time to go out as you would like to, precisely the changes that occur on the professional levels are the ones opening new doors to you and introducing you in new social circles. You can make new friends, maybe even among your new colleagues or collaborators. If you do not have a stable partner yet, it is not excluded to start a romantic relationship now.

Recap for the sign of the Ox in the year of the Rooster:
In conclusion, the year of the Rooster means open horizons for the Ox native, who is tenacious and hardworking. Everything you have accumulated so far could be materialized in an obvious progress, and opportunities are more and more often. It is the time to highlight your qualities and to avoid the excess.