November 2022 Chinese Horoscope


As per November 2022 Chinese horoscope, your health is not all that good this month and you should pay extra attention to your joints. Generally speaking, all Rats have good career luck and luck of wealth. You would get to show your talents in your job and you would get appreciated and recognized by your supervisors.


There are many obstacles ahead and your plans cannot be executed as you have expected. So, you should have contingency plans in case something doesn’t turn out right.

Try to minimize the disruption caused by any frustrating events. There might be much gossip about you and the solution is to keep your mouth shut. Just keep working and the gossip would disappear.


It is always advisable to travel abroad in the months when your zodiac is in conflict with the monthly constellation as traveling helps resolve the conflicting energy.

Or else, you would encounter many problems and major changes in your job. Be prepared that things would not go exactly the way you want them to. As for love relationship, you would have many fights with your lover.


Your zodiac is in conflict with the monthly constellation and you should travel abroad to resolve the conflict. Owing to the presence of Tai Yang, you are likely to derive money from ‘moving’ and you would even earn some foreign currency. Besides, drivers should beware of minor car crashes.


Your luck of wealth turns weak this month and you might have chances to lose money. Do not act as a guarantor. You might also break up with your business partner because of profit share or other conflicts of interest. You should avoid potentially dangerous activities such as rock climbing and scuba diving.


According to the Chinese October 2022 horoscope, it is a month with very strong love luck. If you are married, you should try to resist temptations so as not to harm your marriage.

If you are a single female, you would meet someone you like this month and you are encouraged to take the initiative. You might injure your limbs easily and you should avoid dangerous activities.


You should be extra careful with your health this month, and you should beware of problems associated with your throat, trachea, and respiratory system.

You should avoid places with polluted air in order not to worsen your symptoms. Generally speaking, you have rather good luck with your career and you have a chance of getting promoted. You would have a good chance to pass if you are sitting for an examination for promotion this month.


Your relationship is unstable and those of you who are having a stable partner might get into a love triangle. If you are single, you might develop a love relationship with someone you have known for a long time. Yet these encounters are unlikely to last as your love luck is highly unstable. Do not get too involved right away.


In terms of career, it is one of those months when you work hard but get little. You are in an extremely bad mood due to the stress brought along by the immense workload.

You are likely to have poor communication with your lover and you are encouraged to talk to your friends more often. Let out the grudges and exercise more often to relieve the stress.


It is a month with strong mobility and it is better to keep moving rather than stay still. You can travel abroad to enhance your luck in regular income. Although you have to work very hard this month, you would be rewarded with income that is proportional to your workload.


Your human relationships are getting a bit complicated this month and you should only mind your own business. Don’t get involved in others’ disputes by offering your own opinion.

Just keep your mouth shut and work harder. You would do fine in your career. You would get recognition and appreciation from your boss and you would have a good chance to get promoted.


Things are stable and calm this month. But you should pay attention to your digestive system. You might quarrel with your family due to some misunderstandings.

It is best to be honest with them so as to communicate better. Your hard work in the past few months would pay off finally and it is a good time to plan for the next year.