Meet the 5 Zodiac Signs Set to Soar in Luck in 2024

Are you ready to welcome the Year of the Dragon with open arms? If you are one of the five Chinese zodiac signs that are set to soar in luck in 2024, you might want to start preparing for a year full of blessings, opportunities and surprises.

In this article, we will reveal who these lucky animals are and why they can expect a prosperous and joyful year ahead. Hint: they all have a special connection with the mighty dragon, the most auspicious and powerful sign in the Chinese zodiac. Read on to find out if you are one of them!

top 5 luckiest zodiac signs of 2024

Discover the Top 5 Luckiest Zodiac Signs of 2024

1. Monkey

Monkey ranks #1 in the luckiest zodiacs of 2024. It is as if the Universe’s gods look down and smile at the year you were born.

You possess a natural charisma that makes you shine and feel special. Everyone finds you utterly captivating, which is why you have many admirers. If you make a wish, it will surely come true, sooner or later, because the Dragon favors you.

You are the kind of person who can always find money on the sidewalk or win a prize worth a lifetime. Wherever you are, circumstances work to your benefit. However, you should understand that in the Year of the Snake 2025, you will not be as lucky as you are now, which is why it is good to cherish and appreciate what you have.

2. Rat

As a Rat, you are in a fortunate position in 2024. Your alignment with the Chinese stars is nearly the most favorable among all zodiac signs, securing you the 2nd position in our ranking.You seem to have a natural knack for success and perfection. Nothing can dampen your spirits.

People born in the Year of the Rat will enjoy many career opportunities in 2024. Some will switch to a different field of work. They will benefit from financial gains, various contracts and collaborations. Some of them will work in institutions that have connections with foreign countries. In terms of love, they will learn valuable lessons. They should be careful not to be too possessive or jealous, otherwise they might face some troubles.

3. Rooster

As a Chinese astrology expert, I can tell you that Roosters will enjoy harmony in their family life during 2024. They will easily pick up new ideas and it will be the perfect time for studies.

The Dragon’s influence will improve their communication and negotiation style. They are likely to meet people with whom they can establish important partnerships. From September onwards, success and achieving goals will have to do with family and real estate. Therefore, possible investments may arise.

During the same period, Cancer will also make some wise changes in their professional life. In love, the most romantic month for Cancer is May, while August will benefit them financially.

4. Snake

The Snake enjoys the strong support of the Chinese stars this year. It will be blessed with love, seriousness, deep reasoning, patience and tenacity, attributes that are especially valuable for taking solid long-term actions.

The connection with the Dragon enhances its progress, development and constant evolution. It also brings renewal, while preserving and promoting the positive achievements of the past, building new things on a valuable foundation. The next 12 months are full of career success, especially if the Snake opens its mind, uses its creativity and embraces change strategically and wisely. Significant income opportunities are on the way.

5. Dragon

The Dragon is the star of 2024, but it ranks only #5 in the list of the luckiest zodiac signs of 2024 because it will enter the year of its own sign, also known as Ben Ming Nian 本命年. This means that it will “offend” Tai Sui, the ruling god of the Chinese year system.

However, the Dragons will enjoy harmony in their family life during 2024. They are quick to absorb new ideas and it is the perfect time for them to pursue studies. Isis will help them improve their communication or negotiation skills. They may meet people with whom they can establish important partnerships.

From June onward, their success and goal achievement will be related to family and real estate. Therefore, they may have some opportunities for investments. During the same period, the Dragon will also make some wise changes in their professional life. In love, August is the most romantic month for the Dragon, while October will bring them financial benefits

Encountering Challenges: Zodiac Signs with Less Favor in 2024

The Year of the Dragon in 2024 will bring many auspicious opportunities, but not all zodiac signs will benefit from them equally. According to Chinese astrology, some signs may encounter obstacles or conflicts due to their mismatch with the Dragon’s energy. Here are two zodiac signs that may face a different situation than others:

1. Dog:

Dogs are not lacking in ambition and can enjoy life, but they are still among the few zodiac signs that have bad luck with money in 2024 because they will invest at the wrong times.

Dogs can have successful careers, well-paid jobs or creative jobs that give them both satisfaction and enough income. But they have no luck at all in increasing their wealth. If they make decisions on their own, they can make unwise investments and lose large amounts of money or opportunities.

That is why people born in the year of the Dog are advised to always seek the help of smarter and more experienced friends. Some Dogs only manage to achieve financial stability in the second half of the year.”

2. Ox:

As a diligent Ox, you have earned the best results of your efforts. This reflects your daily commitment to grow, but the Dragon seems to be against you in 2024. Whenever you are close to fortune, something happens and disrupts your Feng Shui. You have a destiny of misfortune, but this should not frighten you, but rather empower you.


2024 brings extraordinary opportunities for those who are born in the Monkey, Rat, Rooster, Snake, and Dragon years. Each sign has unique advantages, influenced by the year’s auspicious energy.

The Monkey dazzles with charisma, the Rat thrives in career and finance. Roosters enjoy family harmony, Snakes achieve career success, and Dragons will welcome positive changes. However, Dogs may face challenges in financial decisions and Oxs may encounter disruptions.

May everyone navigate the Dragon’s energy, seize opportunities, and have a prosperous Dragon Year in 2024!