Monkey Horoscope 2024 & Feng Shui Guide for the Year Ahead

If you were born in one of the following years, you belong to the Monkey sign: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, and 2016.

Now that you know what the Years of the Monkey are, let’s see what the Monkey horoscope predicts for the Year of the Wood Dragon, which officially begins on February 10 with the celebration of the Chinese New Year 2024.

The Monkey and the Dragon share an extremely favorable relationship in the Chinese zodiac, and 2024 promises to be an outstanding year for Monkeys. 

In fact, Monkeys are among the luckiest zodiac signs this year, along with Roosters, Snakes, and Rats. It’s time to find out how you’ll fare in a year where the powerful energy of the Wood Dragon blends with your innovative abilities and playful spirit.

So, let’s take a closer look at what 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon, holds for the Monkey, and discover how you can make the most out of this fantastic year.

Will the Monkey Have Good Luck With Money in 2024?

Certainly, 2024 will bring you considerable financial luck. However, it’s essential not to become complacent and lose focus!

During the first quarter of 2024, the wisest course of action is to take a break and avoid venturing into new financial endeavors. Let others take the lead, or at least give it a try! Monkeys will undoubtedly shine in the second quarter. You will be inspired to make significant investments, and the returns will be close behind!

Towards the end of the year, your financial confidence may wane, and as your financial empire experiences a decline, stress-related health issues may surface. To get back on track, boost your self-confidence and optimism by putting your savings into a must-have New Year’s bag!

If you’re inclined to make substantial investments, the second quarter is the ideal time, but avoid focusing solely on assets or stocks that appear overly stable! Surprises may emerge from unexpected sources!

What Will Happen in the Monkey’s Career in 2024?

Much like the previous year, in the Year of the Wood Dragon, you will continue your ascent on the ladder of success. Not only will you achieve significant milestones in your career, but you’ll also be showcasing your skills and abilities to those around you.

According to the 2024 Monkey horoscope, your professional life will take center stage in the first few months of the year. You will encounter opportunities to assess your skills and strategies to reach new heights at work. Use this period as a chance to rectify any perceived shortcomings.

There’s a word of caution for those with jobs: avoid being overly particular. Flexibility with your work responsibilities is key. Despite your natural inclination to take charge, the Chinese horoscope advises you to be more accommodating and align with the direction of others. However, don’t lose sight of your individuality. Your exceptional communication skills should be employed wisely.

Midway through the year, Monkeys striving for recognition or a promotion may find success. The Dragon’s influence particularly benefits those in fields such as journalism, writing, or communications. Business professionals can also expect long-term gains, though they should exercise caution when considering partnerships, as these could lead to complications. When making critical business decisions, take the time to think twice before taking action.

If you’re job hunting, chances are you’ll be exploring opportunities abroad. This will require a willingness to embark on new adventures. Additionally, you may find yourself increasingly drawn towards achieving independence in your life, aiming for success at a faster pace.

Feng Shui Recommendations for the Monkey in 2024

Incorporating Feng Shui elements into your life can bring balance and positive energy in the Year of the Wood Dragon, 2024. For the Monkey, the following recommendations are particularly beneficial:

1. Feng Shui Natural Rose Pink Money Tree:

The Natural Rose Pink Money Tree is a powerful symbol of wealth, abundance, and financial prosperity. Place this beautiful and auspicious tree in your home or office, preferably in the southeast corner, to attract financial success and opportunities. Its pink color also enhances the energy of love and relationships, fostering harmony in your personal life.

2. Black Tourmaline Protection Bracelet:

Black Tourmaline is a powerful protective crystal known to ward off negative energies and promote mental clarity. Wearing a Black Tourmaline protection bracelet can help you stay grounded and shielded from unwanted influences. This is especially useful for maintaining focus and balance in your career and personal life throughout the year.

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Monkey Love Horoscope 2024

At the outset of 2024, Monkeys will be bustling with activity, often neglecting thoughts of romance. Nevertheless, they will endeavor to maintain harmony in their romantic relationships by involving their partners in their daily lives. Through this multi-faceted interaction, both partners will have the opportunity to deepen their bond.

If the Monkey manages to avoid conflicts, the first half of the Year of the Dragon will be marked by tranquility and sharing intimate moments.

Spring presents the perfect opportunity to find happiness in stability through a marriage proposal or the outline of promising plans for couples.

The latter half of 2024 may introduce some misunderstandings and tensions in romantic relationships. 

These issues may stem from the Monkey’s partner voicing concerns about their excessive social or professional commitments, which can sometimes take precedence over family and intimacy. Single Monkeys, on the other hand, have the chance to encounter their soulmate during the summer.

Things that Will Bring Horse Luck

Lucky numbers: 3, 7, and numbers containing 3 and 7 (such as 37 and 73)
Lucky days: the 9th and the 23rd day of each Chinese lunar month
Lucky colors: blue, brown, and gray
Lucky flowers: daisy, sunflower, and lavender
Lucky directions: southeast and southwest
Lucky months: the 5th and the 8th Chinese lunar months

Monkey Horoscope 2024 By Chinese Element

Metal Monkey (1980):

In 2024, Metal Monkeys may find themselves in a more stable and secure position. Your career will progress smoothly, and your financial situation will improve. However, it is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle and avoid overworking yourself. Health may be a concern, so prioritize self-care.

Water Monkey (1992):

For Water Monkeys, 2024 is a time for growth and exploration. New opportunities may arise, but be cautious when making decisions. Your social life will be vibrant, but it is important to maintain boundaries and avoid getting too caught up in other people’s drama.

Fire Monkey (1956):

In 2024, the Fire Monkey focuses on self-fulfillment and pursuing their unique path. They’ve excelled in practical and responsible roles, but this year encourages a shift towards a more heart-centered career.

February prompts reevaluating past authority issues, where personal desires clash with beliefs.

Spring increases demands, requiring the Monkey to revamp its collaboration approach to align with its authentic self.

Earth Monkey (1968): For Earth Monkeys, 2024 is a time for stability and growth. Your hard work will pay off, and you may receive recognition for your efforts. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and avoid getting too caught up in small details. Take time to relax and enjoy life’s pleasures.

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