Monkey Horoscope 2021 & Feng Shui Forecast

The Monkey has the ninth position in the Chinese Zodiac. Your “Chinese zodiac animal is Monkey” if you are born in of these years: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.

Is Year of the Monkey lucky in 2021?
The 2021 Monkey horoscope predicts that those born under the Monkey zodiac sign are going to have a good year, a year focused on spiritual evolution.

During the Year of the Ox 2021 , the concerns related to the financial sector are majorly emphasized in the first part of the year, especially the income obtained through your own work.

year of the monkey 2021 horoscope

They need a period of time when they can breathe, probably isolate more than before, and focus on their own peace of mind.

2021 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Monkey

Zodiac signYear of BirthPrediction
Wood Monkey1944, 2004Year 2021 can be good for your career,if you use your chances wisely !
Fire Monkey1956, 20162021 is a mixed year that it can bring you great accomplishments !

Metal Monkey1980In 2021 important life decisions can be challenging to make !

Earth Monkey1968Take care of your health especially in January-February and June-July 2021 !
Water Monkey19922021 you have high aspirations and many plans !

Money & Finance

Lunar New Year comes full of good news! At least for the Monkey natives, who will miss no opportunity to show their talent, ambition, work capacity, and passion!

Energy is the word that defines them, and their career is going smoothly. They are protected by the Sun, which means that their finances are going to register great profits.

If you don’t have a job, in 2021 you have all the chances to find one that not only it will prove to be a step forward in your career, but it will also be very well remunerated.

It is recommended to send your resume to as many companies in your field of interest as possible, to get ready thoroughly for interviews and to negotiate as best as you can your salary.

It is possible to benefit from several sources of income because, besides your job, you could open up a small business. Even so, it is not advisable to throw money left and right.

Wait for the end of the year to start making investments such as house renovation or a new car, especially if a credit is required.

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The Monkey is sensitive and full of life and this year they will attract love in her life.

According to the Chinese zodiac luck prediction, the Rat or the Dragon are the ideal partners for the Monkey; they are attracted to each other in an irresistible manner.

The Monkey-Tiger union will bring only fights and misery, so it should be avoided.

Because the Monkey and the Rat think alike and have the same beliefs, there is an irresistible attraction between them, but they must work diligently in order to be able to spend a lifetime together.

For the natives that are already involved in a relationship, this is a good year for marriage, while for the single natives, it is an ideal year to find a life partner.

In love, the end of 2021 is full of adventures. The single Monkey natives can thus enjoy a few short flings, but if they want a serious relationship, they must wait.

Those married could see their marriage in danger, because of their tendency to cheat.

They need to control their urges and, at the same time, to watch out so that their partners remain faithful.

Although problems might occur despite all the precautions taken, you must know that your friends will stay close to you and will help you overcome the difficult moments.

In 2021, the Monkey natives are almost completely committed to their love partners, they are very caring but, at the same time, they maintain a certain distance and awareness of their own needs.

Put differently, even if they love with all their heart, the Monkey natives need to feel that they are loved and that their spiritual needs are satisfied in the same way they commit themselves to their partners.

Otherwise, they get frustrated and let go of the relationship. They need a stable partner, who focuses on both the emotional and the physical side of their relationships.

And last but not least, they need someone who can ensure their emotional wellbeing, instilling in the same time their interest in the relationship itself.


The Monkeys are usually healthy people, always ready to conquer the world. The Monkey feels the need to find inner peace in 2021. Activities such as meditations, tai chi or yoga will help them relax and gain physical strength.

The Monkey natives are not lacking luck in terms of health either, because they will encounter no issues.

On the contrary, they will be full of vitality, and if they intended to start doing sports, 2021 is the perfect year for it!

Only towards the end of 2021, your health could give you some trouble. If you are old, you should visit the doctor regularly, especially in the first part of the year and especially if you suffer from chronic affections.

If you are young, be careful about your diet and don’t let a week pass by without doing sport. February and August are the months that can pose the greatest health risks.

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Monkey Luck Predictions and Feng Shui Tips for 2021:

  • Favorable Directions: east, west
  • Lucky Colors: pink, gold
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9
  • Favorable Months: Chinese Lunar Months of August, September, October
  • Unfavorable Months: June and November
  • Feng Shui objects for luck:

Eye of Horus – the Feng Shui amulet of protection for the house and workspace is a powerful symbol of protection against obstacles, it helps us defeat evil, to get rid of troubles, and it is used for fulfilling wishes.

Lucky Horseshoe – it is a Feng Shui horseshow for luck at home and office to attract riches in personal and family life.

Set of 2 Mandarin Ducks made of pick crystal quartz and mystic node for the protection of the couple, an amulet for love, loyalty, and harmonious relationships.

Best Advice for the Monkey in 2021

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We just published the 2022 Monkey horoscope. Find out how the Monkey will be influenced in the Year of the Tiger 2022.

2021 Monkey Horoscope Month by Month

January: Those who are born under the Monkey sign will have a lot of energy and many creative ideas, which they will be able to put into practice, especially at work.

February: You may finalize some classes you started a while ago, or you may plan a personal training program, which is required professionally.

March: You are likely to resume some studies and researches in your domains of interest, even abroad. Following March 18th, watching theatre shows, concerts, and reading spiritual books are highly recommended.

April: After the 13th of the month, you will resume the discussion or even the socio-professional activities which remained unfinished, or they require improvements or extensions.

May: During the following period, a friend from abroad might propose to you a business deal involving all kinds of trips around the world. Analyze thoroughly the new project and see if it matches your professional plans. At the same time, unexpected earning possibilities are to be expected.

June: Everyone is busy with work and problems, but you have the impression that your problems are the most pressing and important, and you behave like everyone should be at your disposal. You will annoy some people with this attitude, and when you truly need someone, all you will get is a decline.

July: A few days, when tense discussions will also occur are in store for you. From the second week of the month, you will be more related. You are thinking of doing something new, probably travel to a more exotic place.

August: You work quite a bit, and you have less and less time for your family. It is time to put order into your life and set your priorities. Your work is important, but you can’t ignore the fact that your loved ones need you and expect your support. Thus, from the second week, you return with the feet back on the ground, and you even start to do something nice for your loved ones.

September: You are very sensitive, and even the slightest criticism gets you upset. Try to be a bit stronger, and set your mind, so you no longer get stuck by all these details because you are only hurting yourself. You could even sign up for a speciality class. You will notice improvements in your lifestyle.

October: You will regulate your financial situation, and ask for additional credit, so you can have money for paying the monthly fees and other bills. In the evening, you might meet someone you will find compatible in many aspects, with whom you might get involved in a promising relationship.

November: The collaborations and partnerships are very important in November of 2021. However, even if the professional relationships are more peaceful than personal ones, they also have important significances.

December: You will gain money, but you will also spend, so maybe you will make serious supplies, or you need to pay some bills or taxes somewhere. Finalize a situation that is related to school, exams, and then move on to the next stage.