About Master Steven Chen

Hi, I’m Steven Chen, a feng shui master and a writer for thechinesezodiac.org website. I’m happy to share with you my biography and how I became interested in this ancient art of harmonizing the environment.

I was born in Taiwan, where feng shui is a part of the culture and everyday life. My parents were both believers in feng shui and Chinese astrology, and they often consulted a local master for advice on various matters.

I grew up learning about the principles of feng shui, the meanings of the five elements, the influence of the lunar calendar, and the characteristics of the 12 animal signs.

When I was 18, I moved to Canada to pursue my studies in computer science. I was fascinated by the technology and the opportunities it offered, but I also felt a disconnect from my roots and my identity. I missed the familiarity and warmth of my homeland, and I struggled to adapt to the new environment and culture. I felt lonely and lost, and I started to question my purpose and direction in life.

That’s when I rediscovered feng shui. I realized that feng shui was not just a superstition or a tradition, but a way of understanding and improving oneself and one’s surroundings. I decided to study feng shui more seriously, and I enrolled in several courses online and offline.

I learned from different schools and masters, and I obtained an international certification from the International Feng Shui Association. I also deepened my knowledge of Chinese astrology and how it relates to feng shui.

I began to apply feng shui to my own life, and I noticed positive changes. I felt more confident and balanced, and I attracted more opportunities and relationships.

I also developed a passion for writing, and I started to share my insights and experiences on thechinesezodiac.org website. I wanted to help others who might be facing similar challenges or who might be curious about feng shui and Chinese astrology.

I’m now in my early 40s, and I’m working on my own book on feng shui inspired by my life story. I hope to inspire more people to discover the benefits of feng shui and how it can enhance their lives in all aspects. Feng shui is not just a hobby or a profession for me, but a way of living and being. It has helped me find my true self and my true happiness.