Where is Lunar New Year 2022 Celebrated Around the World?

Undoubtedly, the Chinese New Year is the most important and widespread holiday in the world.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! This is the traditional greeting for Chinese New Year. Loosely translated it means “may you become prosperous.” But, here’s something else you may not know—Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year are not exactly the same thing. Luckily you can still celebrate them both this February 1st!

People often think that Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year are synonymous, but in reality, they aren’t. Lunar New Year actually refers to the start of the year according to several calendars in different Asian cultures, not just China. Korean, Mongolian, Tibetan, and Vietnamese New Years are all Lunar New Years too.

The Lunar New Year is based on a lunar calendar, or more accurately a lunisolar calendar, meaning that the months reflect the moon or lunar cycle. Then to make it fit in with the solar year; intercalary days (leap days) are added. It sounds like a lot of crazy calculations and newfangled math, but all you really need to know is that the Moon, and not the Sun, is the star of this calendar show!

Chinese New Year is just one distinct Lunar New Year’s celebration. In fact, in China, it’s more widely known as the Spring Festival, with merrymaking going on for 15 days.

The Year of the Tiger 2022 starts on February 1 , and people celebrate it with parades, fireworks, and festivals.

Here is how people get ready for this holiday in the most important cities from Asia:

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Malaysia (Kongsi Raya)

George Town in Penang, Malaysia, is one the most important places in Southeastern Asia where the Chinese New Year is celebrated with fireworks, Dragon dance parades, or lighting colorful lanterns.

Singapore, Malaysia: Without a doubt, this is one of the best cities to spend the Chinese New Year of 2022. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
In the metropolitan capital Kuala Lumpur, the big holiday takes place in the Central Market and Jalan Petaling in KL Chinatown.

Lunar New Year in Vietnam (Tet Holiday):

The year of the Tiger will also be exuberantly celebrated in Vietnam, where it is called Tet Nguyen Dan or, simply, Tết.

Due to February’s pleasant climate, increasingly more people choose to spend the evening of Chinese New Year in places such as Hue, Hanoi, or Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Lunar New Year 2022 in Thailand

Bangkok Chinatown, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are the main cities in Thailand where Chinese New Year’s Eve is celebrated with parades, concerts, and fireworks. 

Philippines (Bagong Taong Tsino)

The people living in Manila celebrate the Chinese New Year with unique traditions and festivities. The most popular Chinese New Year greeting is “Kiong Hee Huat Tsai,” which means “Congratulations and Be Prosperous.”


New Year’s Eve show in Hong Kong is an epic event every year, except for the year of the Metal Ox of 2021, when these festivities could not be celebrated in person. 

In Hong Kong, people also visit the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Temple in Kowloon, which is one of the greatest and most crowded in Hong Kong, a place where people go to pray and make wishes.

Other Places Where the Chinese New Year is celebrated are:

Chita, RUSSIA: people dressed in traditional costumes gather on New Year’s Eve and dance to celebrate.

Vancouver, CANADA: the parade of people dressed in Lion costumes has become a tradition and is celebrated every year. 

Madrid, SPAIN: On Chinese New Year, the procession of the Chinese dragon brings good fortune to the Spanish people. 

Sathya Dharma Temple in Denpasar, Bali INDONESIA: During the New Year of the Tiger festivities, people burn incense sticks and say prayers for fulfilling their wishes. 

Rome, ITALY: Acrobats, performers, and other artists entertain the people gathered in the center of Rome with their performances. 

Tumbalong Park, Sydney, AUSTRALIA: Hundreds of visitors celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year Lantern Festival 2022.

Auckland, NEW ZEALAND: People enjoy the festivities, sounds, and aromas while taking a stroll in Albert Park. 

Kolkata, INDIA: The members of the Chinese community perform the Lion Dance while they attend the New Chinese Year festivities in Kolkata. 

SOUTH KOREA: The South Koreans, wearing traditional New Year’s costumes, participate in changing of the guards’ ceremony at the Royal Palace in Seoul on New Year’s Day.

Dishes for the Chinese New Year of Black Tiger 2022:

There are plenty of “lucky” dishes eaten during the festival:

– The lettuce (Choi) fed to the dancing lions during the parades bring wealth;

– The oysters bring success in business;

– The sticky rice cakes, a Chinese New Year dish, consumed for over a thousand years, bring prosperity; 

– The fish consumed on Chinese New Year brings fortune and wellness. 

– The Poon Choi, a meal where meat and seafood are placed together in a big wooden bowl and boiled in a kind of stew, is their way of paying respect to the ancestors; 

-Longevity Noodles bring longevity and prosperity. 

How to Say Happy New Year in Chinese

If you’re looking for a way to say Happy New Year in Chinese, look no further. You can send a Chinese New Year greeting to a friend, colleague, or loved one. Continue reading to learn more about this festive phrase and others!

1. 新年快(Xīnnián Kuàilè) – Happy New Year!

2. 恭喜发财(gōngxǐfācái) – May you have a prosperous year!

3. 新年快, xīn nián kuài lè, 過年好, guò nián hǎo, or Happy New Year of the Tiger 2022!

4. 岁岁平安(suìsuì píng’ān) – May you have peace year after year

5. 万事如意 (wànshìrúyì) – May all your hopes be fulfilled

6.虎年吉祥 (hǔnián jíxiáng) – Best wishes for an auspicious Year of the Tiger (2022)

Even though the first day of the New Year is on February 1st, the holiday lasts for fifteen days and includes customs such as visiting relatives in other areas, eating more dumplings (Jiaozi) on the morning of Po Wu, and celebrating with tang yuan – dumplings (a sweet, glutinous rice ball dumpling eaten in soup) on the fifteenth day of the New Year.

Candles are lighted outside of homes on the last day of the New Year celebrations to guide wayward souls home.