Lucky charms to carry around with you in 2018

For most of us with our busy lives and cosmopolitan lifestyles an easy method to bring a touch of good luck and happiness can be in the form of carrying lucky charms or lucky amulets. Nowadays, we see many of these little charm hangings and amulets abound in the stores and carried by many people of different ethnic origins.

Not only are these lucky charms pretty and make a good accessory to our laptop bags, handbags or even as a body adornment, but it also adds some measure of good luck coming our way. One of my personal favorites is the mystic knot, which I wear as a piece of real jewelry to energize my throat chakra, as I meet and talk to lots of people everyday as part of my job.

For those of you who cannot afford to wear this symbol in real jewelry, a good substitute is the Jade hangings, which I carry along on my laptop bag. Another charm that I carry with me, attached to my pant’s belt loop is the dragon carp.
lucky charms to wear 2018
Traditionally, the dragon carp is the symbol of the normal carp metamorphosing into the powerful dragon, thus lending weight to what I do or say in the course of my working day.

For those of you who were born in the year of the Dragon , A good remedy would be to carry a symbol of the Pi Yao, to avoid any bad luck coming your way as the Dragon confronts the Tai Sui and ‘Da Hao’ symbolizing financial losses this year. Carrying a bunch of jade discs (Jinyumatang – Full of money and gold) looking like a string of money would not hurt either to bring plenty of income opportunities your way.

Those who work in the creative line, where fresh new ideas are the norm and requirement, a good pair of lucky charms would be the Dragon Tortoise and the Cicada. The dragon tortoise will bring you plenty of support in everything that you do and say. Having the cicada near you brings excellence in the literary field. Make sure you carry the cicada along with you at all times to bring new breath of ideas and strategies.

Bats are also known as bringers of good fortune, and our Feng Shui Master has often said, “If bats decide to make a roost in your house, this indicates that you will soon become very wealthy”. I see no harm in following her tip by having a charm of 5 bats encircling a coin to add some luck into what I do in everyday life. Hang one of these in your dining area to bring plenty of abundance and good fortune to your home.

Another good symbol that is popular among the Chinese in Southeast Asia is the symbol of the dumpling as it indicates that I will never go hungry or suffer from any shortage of money in my life. Often used as a bunch of 3 dumplings, this indicates the 3 basic requirements of life, shelter, food and family. This translates into plenty of property, money and a good family life.

The Peach is known as a symbol of long life and good health. Having this symbol in my bedroom would be great, to ensure that I stay healthy and free from the flu. Well, I’m off to hang up my peach symbol, here’s hoping that I stay healthy for the rest of the year..