Your Feng Shui Lucky Charm for 2023

The Chinese New Year is upon us, and 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit! This year marks the end of the troubles of 2022’s Year of the Tiger and brings good prospects for improvement.

According to Chinese Horoscope 2023, the Year of the Water Rabbit begins on January 22nd, 2023, and will be shaped by the traits of the rabbit zodiac sign. This marks a significant shift from the tumultuous energy of the previous year, and we can expect a greater sense of calm and stability.

But don’t get too comfortable just yet – the rabbit is known for its caution, timidity, and conservatism, which may not always be beneficial traits. While the Year of the Rabbit may bring much-needed peace, it doesn’t mean that conflicts, wars, and other pressing problems will be eliminated. So, let’s welcome the Year of the Water Rabbit with open arms and a cautious heart!

Enhance Your Luck in 2023 With This Triple Protection Tiger Eye Beads Bracelet Lava Stone!

Because the Rabbit is perhaps a bit too cautious, timid, and conservative, the lucky charm of the year 2023 to counteract these less beneficial traits of the Rabbit is this Triple Protection Bracelet, Bead Bracelet For Women And Men.

Get lucky with the Triple Protection Bracelet, the perfect lucky charm for the Year of the Water Rabbit!

Tiger Eye are a great ally to mind and body; tiger eye bracelet helps people to release fear and anxiety; provides courage and self-confidence; protects against negative energies;

Black Agate, also known as the “Black Volcanic Stone,” provides power to face fears; absorbs and transforms negative energy and stress

Hematite is also a famous protective and grounding power stone that dispels negativity and “Purifies” the emotional stress in the body.

This powerful charm is the perfect counterbalance to the caution, timidity, and conservatism that may hold you back as a rabbit. Embrace your bold, confident side, and let the luck of the Tiger guide you to success.

Looking for a little extra luck in 2023? Check out these feng shui bracelets!

Tree of Life Chakra Stones Healing Crystals Feng Shui Hanging Ornament

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This beautiful gemstone ornament brings harmony and healing to your living or working space. It can be hung in various locations – from your living room or bedroom to your office or car to your Christmas tree.

The tree of life symbolizes growth, strength, and connection to the natural world, while the chakra stones represent the seven energy centers in the body.

Combining these elements, this hanging ornament is believed to attract wealth and prosperity, success, and all good things. It’s a perfect housewarming gift for friends, family, or a cherished loved one, and especially appealing to stone collectors.

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Lucky Feng Shui Amulets and Charms For Each Zodiac Sign


In 2023, to be lucky, a Tai Sui amulet will help Rats – you must place it in the western part of the house. This amulet will give Rats more courage and more self-confidence at work. 

Amulets with the Dragon Grasping Fireball should be placed in the north to reduce conflicts. For money and prosperity, use a Black Lunar Talisman.


The Ox is blessed this year with the Star of Victory, which will help it outperform its rivals. But he can amplify the triumph using a Wind Horse amulet, which he can place in the Northeast area.

Also, the Ox can increase his luck using the Mongoose of Prosperity amulet or the Victory Flag.

Placing a Golden Pi Yao in the South area will reduce lousy luck. If you are looking for luck in love, you must also have the Mandarin Ducks in your house.


The tiger also enjoys good luck throughout the year 2023. He must move the Red Wind Horse to the North-East area to activate the Victory Star. The Tiger can energize his success with the help of the Victory Flag amulet.

If you want to attract abundance, you can place the Welfare Bull in the NE area. The 5-element pagoda protects you from bad luck, while a scorpion amulet will protect you against rivals. Rabbit women need the Ring of Wisdom and Prosperity in 2023.


An auspicious 2023 is also announced for the Rabbit. The specialists recommend a pagoda with five elements in the Eastern area for inner strength. Also, the Tai Sui Plate location in the North and the Life Horse wind force amulet will help attract the most suitable opportunities.

The money frog on the water lily leaf is recommended for luck. For love, place a Rat amulet with peach blossoms on the north side.


The dragon is lucky in 2023. It is a year in which he can get everything he wants. He can amplify his well-being by placing a green vase with a dragon in the SE area and a Phoenix Mirror fulfilling desires.

A blue carpet with mongoose can be placed in the center of the house to attract well-being. To increase your luck in money and in business, dragons must wear the Jade Emperor talisman with Qui Ren. 


2023 is not an easy year for the Snake, as he is a known enemy of the Rabbit. Rabbit figurines help him increase his luck. For success, the Wind Horse pendant is recommended, as well as the Blue Koi Pisces.

The Blue Rhino and Elephant amulet is recommended to reduce the risk of losing money. You can wear it every day.

For the luck of money, you can wear a Pi Yao bracelet. For entrepreneurs, placing a Kumbum Stupa in the southeast of the living room is recommended.


The year 2023 is announced to be amazing for Goats. All their efforts will enjoy good and fast results. To amplify the results, they need to place a Qi Lin Vase in the living room.

Romantic potential can be stimulated with the Summer Love Fatima hand bracelet.

A Luo Han Crab amulet can be placed on the desk to increase revenue. A Wou Lu pendant can be a remedy against risks and a protector of health.


The Monkey is among the Rabbit’s fearsome enemies, along with the Snake. In 2023, you will need to use the full power of Feng Shui lucky charms to maximize Rabbit power. To increase your luck, we advise you always to have a small talisman representing a Rabbit.The Crystal Money tree on the desk will bring prosperity. Children can benefit from the Wise Dragon Carp amulet.

In love, the 9-tailed White Fox Mirror amulet increases the chance of finding new love, while for married couples, two mandarin ducks placed near the conjugal bed are recommended.


2023 is a good year for the Rooster. Long-term plans are favored. To increase luck, Roosters can wear a natural Tiger eye bracelet.

 The Yang energy plaque can be placed in the western part of the house to preserve vitality.

The health can be protected with a Rose Quartz Elephant statue.


The Chinese zodiac has good news for the Dog in 2023. The Feng Shui Double Humped Camel and the Golden Tiger are recommended for money and finances.

Also, a Pi Yao Dragon Bracelet will keep the energy level high. Placing a Golden Laughing Buddha Statue in the Northwest increases well-being.


2023 will be a neutral year for Pigs. It would be best to enjoy what you have achieved so far and try using the power of Feng Shui lucky charms to increase your luck.

If you want to attract marriage or protect your married life better, put a Dragon and Phoenix Statue in your bedroom.

To attract money, place a Money Frog Statue on your desk and keep it until the end of the Rabbit year.

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