Powerful Love Talismans

Love talismans can strengthen marriages, restore harmony to a couple and bring a passionate atmosphere between partners.

It is advisable to wear them every day because their energy can intensify your seduction power and can make you the irrevocable love of his life.

Take advantage of the power of the love talismans!

The symbolism of different talismans (small objects with miraculous powers, designed for being permanently worn), regardless of religion or culture, can offer magical help with mystical connotations.

The Portuguese Lock – For a Fruitful Marriage

Nowadays, the Portuguese fishermen are still wearing a lock when they travel the seas, mandatory at the same time with the one they have promised eternal love.

If you are apart from your partner for a long time, offer him a lock on a silver chain and don’t take off your own miraculous pendant.

Aphrodite’s Heart – Makes Your Lover Come Back to You

The double-sided heart talisman, preferably with one side made of amber, has the power of making your loved one come back in your arms and appreciate and love you unconditionally.

Also, they attract true love and the person meant to be in the life of the one who is looking for her half.

The legends claim that the Aphrodite’s Heart has the power to guide the one that is destined for you at your door.

Four Leaf Clover Talisman – it protects against malefic influences

Lucky plant, the four-leaf clover gained respect in the Celtic myths due to its emerald green hue and its vigorous growth. Each leaf symbolizes a certain lucky characteristic: fame, wealth, love and health.

According to superstitions, the wearer of a four-leaf clover can be certain that the loved one will always come back and also of its protection against evil spirits. Dreaming about a four-leaf clover means a happy life until the end of the days.

Claddagh Ring – for a lasting love

This ring has a strong significance in the Celtic tradition. The hands signify friendship, the heart signifies love and the crown represents loyalty. All these symbols are joined to create the Claddagh ring, accompanied by the message: ‘May love and friendship rule forever.’

Nowadays, this ring is offered as an engagement ring, as a wedding ring, wedding band or friendship ring, representing an honest and devoted connection.

The way the Claddagh ring is worn expresses the marital status of a person. Someone who is married or engaged wears the ring on the left hand, with the crown directed outside the heart.

The Claddagh ring worn on the right hand, with the crown oriented outside the heart signifies that the wearer wishes to start a love relationship.

When the ring is worn on the right hand, with the crown directed towards the heart, the ring transmits that the person wearing it is not interested in initiating a love relationship.

Talisman for love with Triquetra symbol (Triquetra, the Holy Trinity Knot)

The term “triquetra” has its origins in Latin and it means “three corners”. The triquetra is a symbol constituted of three interconnected fishes, which mark the intersection of three circles. This is the most frequent symbol of the Holy Trinity (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) used by the Christian Celtic Church.

Similar symbols appear in imagines illustrating Northern deities, which are also very common in the Celtic legends and myths. Triquetra symbol is also considered as a representation of the mind, body and soul, as well as of the three forces of nature: earth, water and air, but also of life, death and rebirth. Many cultures and religions consider number three to be sacred or divine.

Triquetra symbol, worn as a pendant, has the capacity of warding off malefic entities from around the bearer, and energetically, it adjusts the chakras opening level and it facilitates finding true

Solomon Seal

The legend of the talisman or King Solomon’s Seal, received from heavens, is common to Judaism, Christianity and Islamic faith.

Solomon’s seal, with the base on earth and the top touching the sky, symbolizes the harmony of opposites, the cosmic order, the movement of stars in their celestial spheres and the perpetual communication between earth and sky, between the air and the fire elements.

Thus, Solomon’s seal has become an emblem of wisdom and superhuman governing through divine grace.

Use this talisman for attracting love, respect and admiration. Recommended for those who desire to be loved, are looking for a partner or a husband, or intend to win someone’s heart.

Feng Shui  Talismans

Feng Shui experts claim that certain talismans can really bring luck in the love life, can fortify marriage and can bring a passionate atmosphere into a relationship. All you need to know is how to pick the talisman that is right for you.

Mandarin Duck – for fidelity in the couple’s life

The Mandarin Duck is a Feng Shui symbol of love, also known under the name of yuan-yuang. The Mandarin ducks are birds that are very fond of their mate, an aspect that transformed them in the epitome of fidelity and affection between two people.

mandarin ducks - powerful feng shui symbol for love

It is recommended to place the ducks in the southwest side of the house or bedroom, increasing in this way the attractiveness and tenderness in the life of the couple.

Love Dolphins

Love Dolphins are a Feng Shui remedy, which helps attract love and happiness in the life of those who are single. Love Dolphins – represent the union between Yin and Yang, soul mate, marriage and stable couple relationship.

Mystical Knot – attracts love in your life

The Mystical Knot is a combination of six infinity symbols. This knot symbolizes long and happy life, health, wealth and professional success. The Mystical Knot is also used as a symbol of eternal love. It is a powerful symbol of protection and luck.

The Mystical Knot’s symbol explains that everything is part of a cycle with no end and no beginning. It is also the perfect emblem for lasting love, thus being identified with the symbol of luck in the love life, capable of ensuring love in a marriage.

Advice: Introduce a Mystical Knot and the symbol of double happiness in a red pouch and wear it in your purse. In this way, you will attract a man with serious intentions and you will engage in a long-term relationship.

Small Crosses and Other Objects with Religious Significance

Worn by Christians, small crosses and other objects with religious significance are not considered amulets, nor talismans. These cult objects demonstrate faith and express the wearer’s feelings towards the church.

Wedding Bands

These are also considered talismans. In the past, the wedding band was a sort of oath in front of gods, of blind obedience, receiving in return their protection. Those who refused to make a solemn oath ended up breaking up with their partner or were punished through other means by the gods.

The wedding band is more than a faith oath, which the groom and the bride say to each other. It shows that, from the moment of the union in the holy church, the two newlywed will always be protected by God, together with their home.

The shape of the wedding bank is also important, each geometric shape generating certain energy that has the power to influence the bearer.

Love Spells: Spells that really work

Spell to win over someone inaccessible
Also, luck in the love life can be attracted with one of the following “recipes”. You can use a few drops from your perfume and a candle, which needs to be pink. Create a heart-shaped hole with the help of a toothpick.

Carved in this manner, the candle needs to be placed next to a window and lit when the full moon can be observed in the sky.

Once the candle is placed, the following spell needs to be recited: “Venus, bring to me the love that I lack. Make this perfume attract my soul mate!”

The power of seduction and a special spell
If you like and you want to seduce someone, you need to get the following items as soon as possible: a red candle, pink or blue paper and a red ink pen, with which you will write your name on the paper.

The next step indicates that under your name, you must write the name of the person for whom your heart started beating faster and faster. This is not all.
If your relationship is going through a weird period and you feel a coldness both from your side and his side, don’t panic.

There are always solutions for any problems, but it is important to keep calm and to identify them.

You must also draw a heart to frame everything that you have written so far. Repeat the name writings above the heart three times. In the end, the paper needs to be folded, so it can be easily burned at the candle flame.

While the paper is burning, it is absolutely mandatory to say the following incantation: “Light the love flame. The fire is the color of desire.”

The spell needs to be repeated three times (Ed. – three, magic number), nine nights in a row. Keep in mind that if he is already involved in another relationship, the spells will have no effects whatsoever.

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