July 2023 Horoscope For Each Sun Sign

As we enter the month of July 2023, we are greeted by a series of powerful astrological events that promise to shake things up in our lives. On July 3, a Full Moon in Capricorn will light up the sky, illuminating our ambitions and highlighting our need for discipline and structure. This Full Moon will be a time for us to take stock of our goals and assess whether we are on the right path toward achieving them.

On July 17, we will experience a New Moon in Cancer, which will provide us with an opportunity to plant new seeds of intention and focus on nurturing our emotional well-being. However, this same day will also see the North Node enter Aries, urging us to step outside our comfort zones and take bold action toward our goals.

To add to the mix, on July 22, Venus will go retrograde in Leo, causing us to reevaluate our relationships and the role they play in our lives. This Venus retrograde period will last until September 3, giving us ample time to reflect on our partnerships and make any necessary adjustments.

With all of these astrological events in play, it’s clear that July 2023 will be a transformative month for all of us. As always, remember to keep an open mind and trust the universe’s plan for you.


After several months of going through more difficult trials, July is shaping up to be a quieter month for Aries. A more stable and peaceful period is ahead for the natives of this zodiac sign, especially in family and in couple. So, enjoy your holidays and days full of romance.


The first part of the month is busy at work for Taurus natives. Especially around July 9, problems may arise when the New Moon will be in the sign of Cancer. In the second half of July, your career will be on a straighter path and you can also enjoy a short break, a relaxing holiday.


In July, Gemini will be working harder to enjoy relaxation in August. Even though responsibilities at work will be more challenging, Mercury will help you put your professional skills and abilities to good use.


A hectic time at work is also in store for Cancer, due to the fact that Jupiter is retrograde this summer and strongly influencing Water zodiac signs. After a first part of the month in which you will have to pull your weight professionally, after July 17 you should start to relax and focus more on your personal life.


The emotional atmosphere around you is positively affected by the fiery heat of Leo mid-month. Do you often feel surrounded by challenges? Don’t run away from them, though this may be your first impulse. In July, solar energy will help you cope with all difficulties. Quickly let go of things that have been weighing you down lately. Concentrate more on releasing feelings, on having fun. Think in perspective and don’t let the past overshadow you.


This month you have a chance to get rid of problems more easily than before. You just have to want to. The planets give you a chance to implement the changes you need more easily. This applies to problems in your family environment, which have been very painful lately. Set new terms and take steps towards change now. Take a firm stand and don’t deviate from it.


Your July 2023 horoscope says you’ve run out of time for yourself, for those around you. Office duties have been mounting lately. Financial needs have also increased and this is weighing you down more and more. But all this easily conflicts with the needs of your loved ones. Working overtime can lead to disappointment for your partner, family or children. But it will pass, life will return to normal. But it’s better not to promise something you can’t deliver. Try not to feel guilty about a situation that is out of your control. If you work with concentration, you’re likely to finish your office tasks faster and have time for your loved ones.


According to the July 2023 horoscope, you can shape current circumstances leading to future success. If you feel ready to make a commitment, then this is the time to take a deep breath, set your goal and take the first step. Preparing in detail will ensure your success. Remember one thing, you can only achieve something with the help of those around you. Call on everything you think is right to achieve your goal.


Sagittarius has been voted “the most pleasant sun sign” in an informal poll of astrologers. Why? Because of your outgoing, friendly and jovial nature, like Jupiter, its ruler. Your natural enthusiasm and zest for life wins you friends and creates new circumstances. Take advantage of opportunities to open new doors. Make a good first impression and advance as far as you can. This is the spirit of a true Sagittarius.


Even hard rock is dissolved by water. Your hard side can now be softened by the sensitive and compassionate influence of the seven planets in water signs this July 2023. If you’re known as a tough guy, then it’s time to let others discover the man in you. Look for opportunities to meet others. Listen now to what others have to say. Get feedback on how you can make the environment more responsive and enjoyable. You can also tell them how much you appreciate them or show them, it’s even better.


Your July 2023 horoscope says you may find it harder to deal with the feelings of others this month. When there are seven planets transiting the water signs, it’s not a comfortable atmosphere to be too open with those around you. Others may perceive you as cold, distant or insensitive. Listen and respond to the needs of those around you. Try to do this with compassion, not the intellectual side. Don’t try to solve other people’s problems because it’s not necessary.


This month you’re more sensitive than ever. With up to seven planets appearing in water signs this month, the emotional tides are stirred by conflicting currents. Without protection, you can become vulnerable. Try to stay away from large gatherings of people during this period. Don’t fall prey to conflicts around you because they won’t help you at all. The July 2023 horoscope says it’s best to stay away from anything that doesn’t fulfill you and that’s the only way you’ll have a good mood.

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