Foo Dogs Meaning – Is One Foo Dog Bad Luck

The significance of the Foo dog in Feng Shui is a symbol of protection and stability. Keeping these Food dogs in your home will protect all the house residents against malefic spirits and evil intentions.

The History of Foo Dogs

Note that the Foo dogs are known as the Imperial Guardian Lions. The Chinese Foo dog is an ancient symbol that should portray a lion but mostly appears as a stylized dog. Because lions are not common in China, the stylized statues resemble more a canine, hence the moniker dog Fu.

In ancient times, the Fu Dogs could always be seen in front of important places, such as temples and palaces. The mythology evolving around Fu dogs worshiped the creatures as old mystical protectors of heaven. The ancient Chinese Fu Dogs were carved out of stone, such as marble or granite.

In modern times, Fu dogs are still used for guarding but are widely displayed and can be seen in front of large buildings, restaurants, hotels, or shops. When positioned in these places, Fu Dogs will scrutinize the client’s mind at the entrance, and if they have no bad intentions, they are allowed to enter.

Is One Single Foo Dog Bad Luck?

If you display a single Fu dog in your home or office, it will not necessarily bring you misfortune. But by using one Foo dog, you will lose their efficiency as a Feng Shui remedy since a pair is needed to establish the ideal Feng Shui balance of Chi energies.

By using a pair of Foo Dogs (one female – yin and the other male – yang), you will repress any attempted theft, accidents, or bad intentions, and they will bring you a financial gain in return.

single Foo Dog

In the past, it was believed that the Foo dogs were so fierce that they scared all the mischievous spirits and impeded them from entering the kingdom of heaven. A pair of Fu dogs guarded the entrances of Chinese palaces, temples, and even the garden gates. Any place regarded as important or sacred was necessarily protected by a pair of Foo dogs, a female, and a male, and not by a single one.

How to Distinguish the Sex of Fu Dogs?

You want to place the dog of the appropriate sex on the right side of the door or entrance. Distinguishing the female from the dog is easy once you understand the symbols you need to take into consideration.

The feminine Fu dog is depicted with the paw protecting the pup, placing it right above the puppies. The female Foo dog symbolizes the maternal instinct to protect the child. The same devotion, loyalty, and protection translate through the house or business it defends.

The male Foo dog is illustrated with the paw above a ball. Some depictions refer to this as a globe. It symbolizes the control of the male dog over the circumstances and the way your private world affects you.

How to Display the Fu Dogs

To take full advantage of the protection power and energies of the Foo dog, you should place a pair at the main door, facing outside, at a relatively high height.

You can also place them on a small table facing the main entrance, and they will protect the house against burglary and evil.

The Fu Dogs also eliminate the negative Chi that enters the house or office, changing it into positive energy.

If you place this Feng Shui remedy in front of your house on the sides of the door or gate, it will be of much help, especially if your home has a straight road or an imposing infrastructure in front of it.

You want to make sure that both dogs are facing outside, welcoming everyone who comes into your house or scaring off thieves, malevolent individuals, evil spirits, and negative Chi energies. A few quick steps to ensure that you place the Fu dogs correctly:

● Stay in front of the open door, facing outside.

● The male Fu dog should be placed on the left side.

● The female Fu dog should be placed on the right side.

It means that when you sit in front of your house, facing the front door, the female dog is on the left, while the male is on the right. They will protect your home against the negative energies of those crossing your threshold and also against the negative arrows coming from the neighboring buildings.

Problems You Can Protect Yourself by Using Foo Dogs

You can use a pair of Fu dogs to:

  • Protect the wealth sector by placing a pair of Fu dogs in the southeastern zone or corner of your home or office.
  • A pair of Fu dogs in front of a cash register will protect the business profit, and it will also protect you against robberies and thefts.
  • A kindergarten or the children’s bedroom will be protected against sicknesses and evil spirits when you place a pair of Fu dogs up on the dresser or a wall shelf.
  • You can also place a pair of Fu dogs on both sides of the entrance, on the alley, or next to the garden gate.

You don’t necessarily need to invest in large statues, as you can use some small ones, placing them on the table or a shelf facing the front door.

Aside from the fact that they serve as protection against evil or unpleasant energies and impede them from entering your home or office, the Fu dogs are also considered auspicious symbols of wealth. The pair of protectors can increase and stabilize the positive Chi energies in the house of office. The Fu dog signifies protection in Feng Shui.