Mirror Above Bed – Good of Bad Feng Shui?

According to many feng shui experts, mirrors don’t belong in the bedroom.

A bedroom mirror’s hard, reflective energy catches every ray of light and amplifies every sound, making it difficult to obtain a good night’s sleep.

The mood in the room is disturbed and stirred up by a mirror. Also, mirrors take away the sense of safety you need in your bedroom.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, a mirror in your bedroom could be the problem, according to feng shui. Mirrors are supposed to reflect energy back into your room, causing restlessness and amplifying anxiety. It’s extremely vital not to hang a mirror opposite your bed on the wall.

Why Should There Be No Mirror in Front of Bed?

A mirror facing the bed is believed to enhance the entrance of a third person into a couple’s relationship, potentially leading to infidelity because it visually doubles the number of people in the room and it also attracts outside energies.

On the positive side, the mirror reflection doubles the energy and luck of anyone sleeping on the bed, and romance will be included in that luck.

Where Should You Not Put a Mirror in a Bedroom?

Mirrors should not face north or east, according to our feng shui specialists. Positive energy entering from the north or east may be reflected away. Mirrors in bedrooms should be avoided to ensure good health and restful sleep. If the bedroom has a mirror, it should not be facing the bed.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirrored Closet Doors

In the bedroom, mirrored doors are a big expanse of glass reflecting the Yang energy, which could affect the proper environment you need for connection, relaxation and good sleep.

Where You Shouldn’t Place Mirrors in Your Home

The mirror should not reflect the front door. So, if there is not a full-length hallway in front of your front door and instead you have a wall, don’t place a mirror on it.  It will automatically repel any positive energy entering the house.

Mirrors should also not reflect the bathroom or kitchen door. Mirrors should also not reflect corners of furniture, columns or beams.

However, a mirror on the bathroom door can have a positive influence. In a lot of apartments, the mirror is placed in the hallway, right in front of the kitchen door, which it reflects, along with a part of this room. This placement is totally wrong, so it should be avoided.

Mirrors Reflecting Other Mirrors

The more mirrors, the more spacious a room will become. But be careful: it is not recommended for mirrors to be placed opposite each other. As much as you like the idea of a place that looks like something out of another reality, we suggest you avoid this type of placement. It harms the positive energy that you definitely want everywhere in your home.


If you’re not willing to give up your bedroom mirror because of superstition, we recommend you still take into account the Feng Shui rules about its ideal positioning. This will make your bedroom an oasis of relaxation and a source of positive energy!

The most important Feng Shui rule: it is recommended that the mirror you use in your bedroom should not be very large to not unbalance the energies in the room. Even if you like the idea of a wall or ceiling covered in mirrors, bear in mind that this decor will ‘throw off the harmony in the bedroom and may even lead to misunderstandings and arguments.