How to Get Rid of the Evil Eye

The evil eye occurs due to admiration and envy alike and often conveys someone’s intention to harm. Beauty, wealth, or fortune will always attract the envy of those around, of enemies, relatives, or even friends.

There are a few rules to follow to reduce the risk of meeting people who give the evil eye and do evil.

  1. Firstly, you should avoid staring into other people’s eyes, especially if you don’t know them. The evil eye is easily transmitted when you look someone straight in the eye. Some people have the evil eye curse without even knowing that they can cast it, but neither can they control it.
  2. Don’t allow strangers to put their hands on you. Most often, they have the intention to touch us and utter words of bewilderment such as, “what a beautiful blouse you wear,” or “how beautiful is your hair,” thus transferring evil.
  3. Don’t give any personal belongings to a stranger if their intentions are unknown, so they don’t have the opportunity to harm you. It has long been known that the easiest way to harm someone is by using a personal object such as a clothing item.
  4. Don’t accept gifts from strangers or people you don’t trust. Touching things can also transfer evil.

How to Remove Evil Eye With Salt

To remove the evil eye and guard your home against evil, always place a bowl with salt or crystal stones in the corner of your house. These will protect the pure energy of your home and the peace of your family and will help you defend against the evil eye.
To protect yourself at work or on the road, you can place some salt in a napkin or bag and take it with you, or wear a Horus Eye bracelet for protection.

Another ritual with salt is to take a little salt in your hand from the bowl with salt and throw it over your left shoulder. Do this three times, and then cover the bowl quickly.
You can throw away the remaining salt the next day and rinse the bowl with plenty of water.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Work?

A black thread on your wrist is the most powerful amulet against any evil. Black color in bioenergetics means stability, focus, and calm. Moreover, black is considered a barrier that doesn’t allow the passing of any negative waves. This is why most amulet stones are black.

A black thread on the wrist goes well with silver and nickel-copper jewelry, which also has an energy protection function. An excellent combination is a black thread and a silver or nickel-copper bracelet.
Also, the Protective Eye bracelet is especially used for protection against the evil eye and jealousy. Envy can cause problems both at work and at home in the couple. This bracelet protects you against envious colleagues at work and gives you the power to defeat them.

On which hand to wear the evil eye bracelet: The evil eye bracelet should be worn on the left hand.
The significance of breaking the evil eye bracelet: Evil eye bracelets may protect you against evil and hardships. 
If the bracelet breaks, it is a bad sign because you may lose a loved one or attract bad luck and poverty.
Also, you may attract gossip and bad words.

To ward off the evil eye and attract good luck:

Wear silver and gold bracelets because it is believed that golden bracelets protect health and fate, and the silver bracelets protect love.
It is recommended to wear two bracelets, not just one, because two bracelets mean a balance between your inner nature and destiny, between good and evil, and between happiness and unhappiness