How to Dress for Chinese New Year 2023 for Good Luck

The Chinese New Year 2023 of the Water Rabbit also known as the Lunar New Year begins on the 22st of January, 2023.

Besides the usual preparations, decorations, and food prepared for New Year, those who celebrate this event should wear new clothes, in order to attract luck and happiness to their side. All of these aspects symbolize the idea of change, the idea of a new beginning.

If all your clothes aren’t brand new, don’t worry. It is enough to wear at least one new accessory and the effect will be the same. The new thing that you are wearing will help the New Year prevail over the old one and all your troubles and disappointments which you have faced will wither away, and the New Year will be able to bring good health, happiness, and good luck!

asian woman wearing traditional chinese New Year 2022 clothes

In China, traditionally, the people wear Qipao (traditional dress for women) or a cheongsam (traditional suit for men). Also, men wear the Tang suit (唐装 / táng zhuāng), which consists of a jacket that combines the riding jacket “Man” (from the Qing dynasty) and the occidental dress.

The old traditions say that you should wear red on Chinese New Year in order to drive away evil spirits. In addition to that, you can combine them with the lucky Feng Shui colors of the year 2023. Although, you should avoid black and white, due to their heavy association traditionally with mourning.

How Chinese Zodiac Sign Like to Dress on Chinese New Year


Chinese Woman in red dress

A woman born in the Year of the Rat will prefer a lace dress on this special night. She loves being fashionable, but she likes taking a risk when it comes to her favorite outfits. That is exactly why she manages to pull it off and look amazing because she dares to create some unique combinations.

The Rat chooses a bright red or black for a seductive outfit, which makes her look gorgeous.


It doesn’t even cross the minds of the Oxen to go out shopping specifically for a party outfit. Whatever they find in their wardrobe is good enough for them. They want to feel comfortable and move freely, especially because they love partying for hours on end, and rigid clothes wouldn’t really help with that.


On the night of the Chinese New Year, Tigers buy themselves luxurious clothes that are elegant, glamourous, and classic fashion.
In the case of Tiger women, they display their generous bosom and their hips.


With New Year on the doorstep, Rabbits are easily recognizable by their distinctive dress. They are those people that choose to wear the traditional dress of their country, instead of fancy clothes from famous brands. Rabbits have beautiful costumes, sometimes inherited from their parents and grandparents, which they proudly wear on holidays.


For the Chinese New Year party, the Dragon has the perfect excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, a suit, or expensive jewelry. Well-known brands are his main target. On holidays, the Dragon researches the latest fashion trends and chooses an outfit to impress.


The Snake usually prefers a look that’s as natural as can be. With all of that said, on special occasions, like Chinese New Year’s Eve, Snakes surprise the others with their impressive outfits, perfectly chosen for the event. On holidays, the Snake dresses elegantly, opting for simple and subtle outfits.


The woman born in the Year of the Horse is the best client a store could have during the holidays. They choose at the very least one outfit for each event they’ll go to. These Women absolutely adore clothes, are in the know about every fashion trend, and can create great outfits which draw attention and admiration from those around them.


Those born in the Year of the Sheep don’t understand the reason there even exists a dress code at some holiday parties to begin with. To them, any clean clothes are good enough to spend the Chinese New Year with. They prefer using the money on other things, rather than spending it on a special suit.


The celebration of Chinese New Year is a great time to shine for those who have been born during the Year of the Monkey. New Year’s parties are perfect occasions for them to show their sensual clothes, which are tight and of a darker color.

Garnet and gray are their preferred colors. The materials used are leather and velvet.


The Rooster isn’t the kind that spends all their money on clothes for New Year, but he also wouldn’t just go to the party in a pair of jeans. Those native to this sign are organized and disciplined beings, which always have something special in their wardrobe for special occasions.

Those born in the Year of the Rooster prefer classic dresses, which never go out of style.


People born in the Year of the Dog are the most fickle out there when it comes to picking an outfit for the holidays. If they don’t go out shopping, they are totally ignorant to the dress they’ll wear on Chinese New Year. Although, if they see a friend wearing something they like way more, they are capable of spending ridiculous amounts of money for a similar outfit.


Those born in the Year of the Pig wish to be surrounded by friends and family more than they wish to wear some fabulous clothes. That’s why natives of this sign are often quite stingy when it comes to paying for festive clothes, not even for a fancy party. They prefer classic, traditional, and business outfits to party ones.