What to Wear for Chinese New Year 2024: Dressing for Good Luck

The year of the wood dragon 2024 is a special one for celebrating the Lunar New Year, as it symbolizes power, strength, creativity and success. It is also a time to welcome new beginnings, prosperity, happiness and luck. But how do you dress for such an auspicious occasion? What are the best colors, styles and accessories to wear to attract good fortune and avoid bad luck? In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect outfit for the Lunar New Year, based on the traditions and customs of various Asian cultures.

Traditional Clothing of China: Qipao and Tang Suit

China has a rich and diverse culture that is reflected in its clothing. One of the most iconic and elegant garments for women is the Qipao, also known as the cheongsam. This is a one-piece dress that hugs the curves of the body and shows off the beauty and grace of the wearer.

The Qipao has a high collar, short sleeves, and a slit on the side or back of the skirt to allow for movement. The Qipao is usually made of silk or other fine materials and features exquisite embroidery, beadwork, or other decorations. The Qipao can be worn in different colors and styles, depending on the occasion and the preference of the wearer.

Another traditional clothing for both men and women is the Tang suit, also known as the Tangshan or the Mao suit. This is a loose-fitting, comfortable garment that has a straight, wide-cut shape.

The Tang suit has a mandarin collar, frog buttons, and side slits. The Tang suit is made of lightweight, breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen, and often has embroidery or other adornments. The Tang suit is a versatile clothing that can be worn for various occasions, such as weddings, festivals, and business meetings.

What Should You Wear for the Chinese New Year 2024?

Chinese Traditional Cheongsam Dress for Women

Women’s Silk Satin Pajamas with Dragon Print

If you’re wondering what to wear for the eve night, I have some tips for you. Whether you’re going to a party or staying at home, you can dress up for the occasion and attract some good luck.

If you’re going to a party, you might want to wear something red, gold, or yellow, as these are the lucky colors for the Year of the Dragon. You can also accessorize with some dragon-themed jewelry or accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. A dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and prosperity, so wearing one can help you boost your confidence and fortune.

If you’re staying at home, you can still dress up for the eve night by wearing a lucky pajama with dragon print. This way, you can be comfortable and cozy while also honoring the spirit of the dragon. A lucky pajama with dragon print can also help you have sweet dreams and wake up refreshed for the new year.

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The Do’s of Lunar New Year Clothes: A Guide to Dressing for the Festive Occasion

Lunar New Year is a time to celebrate with family and friends, but also to pay attention to the traditions and customs that are associated with this festive occasion. One of the most important aspects of Lunar New Year is the clothing that people wear, as it can symbolize different meanings and wishes for the new year. Here are some of the do’s of Lunar New Year clothes that you should keep in mind.

  • Do wear red or other bright colors. Red is the most auspicious color in Chinese culture, as it represents happiness, prosperity, and good luck. Other bright colors, such as yellow, orange, pink, or purple, can also convey positive energy and joy. Avoid wearing black, white, or blue, as these colors are associated with mourning, sadness, or bad luck.
  • Do wear new clothes. Buying new clothes for Lunar New Year is a tradition that signifies a fresh start and a new beginning. It also shows respect and gratitude to your ancestors and elders, who may have provided you with clothing in the past. You can choose clothes that suit your personal style and preference, but make sure they are clean and neat.
  • Do wear clothes that fit well and are comfortable. Lunar New Year is a time to enjoy delicious food and participate in various activities, so you want to wear clothes that allow you to move freely and comfortably. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, too loose, too short, or too long, as they may hinder your mobility or cause discomfort. You also want to avoid wearing clothes that have holes, stains, or wrinkles, as they may indicate carelessness or disrespect.
  • Do wear accessories that match your outfit and the occasion. Accessories can add some flair and personality to your Lunar New Year look, but they should also be appropriate and harmonious with your outfit and the occasion. For example, you can wear jewelry that has auspicious symbols or motifs, such as coins, dragons, or flowers. You can also wear hats, scarves, or gloves that complement your outfit and keep you warm. Avoid wearing accessories that are too flashy, noisy, or distracting, as they may attract unwanted attention or annoy others.

The Don’ts of Lunar New Year Clothes

  • Don’t wear white or black. These colors are associated with mourning and death, and can bring bad luck or sadness to you and your family.
  • Don’t wear old or worn-out clothes. These clothes can signify that you are stuck in the past or that you have no hope for the future. They can also attract negative energy and lower your self-esteem.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or too loose. These clothes can restrict your movement or make you feel uncomfortable. They can also imply that you are not in harmony with yourself or your surroundings.
  • Don’t wear clothes that have sharp or pointed patterns. These patterns can create conflict or tension between you and others, or cause harm to yourself or your loved ones. They can also symbolize cutting off your luck or relationships.

What are some other customs in Lunar New Year?

If you are married, it is customary to give red envelopes filled with money to your relatives and friends. This is a way of sharing your blessings and prosperity with them. Red is also a lucky color that wards off evil spirits.

Another way to attract good fortune is to eat certain foods that have auspicious meanings. For example, noodles symbolize longevity and long life, so make sure you slurp them without breaking them. Mandarin oranges are also a popular gift, as their name sounds like gold and luck in Cantonese. By giving and receiving them, you are exchanging good wishes and abundance.

However, there are also some things you should avoid doing during the Lunar New Year, as they may bring bad luck or offend the gods. For instance, do not mention death or anything negative, as this will ruin the festive mood and invite misfortune.

Do not wash your hair, as this will wash away your wealth and success. Hair is pronounced the same as “getting rich” in Chinese, so you want to keep it intact. Do not clean your house during the holiday, as this will sweep away the good luck that has accumulated. You should do a thorough cleaning before the new year begins, to get rid of the old and welcome the new.