How can I benefit from Feng Shui?

Your home environment often reflects your current psychological and spiritual state. By improving your surroundings, you will become more grounded and better able to deal with an increasingly fast-paced and often stressful world.

Feng Shui uses an ancient eight-sided diagram, the Ba-Gua, to represent the different life areas. Each of the eight life areas corresponds to specific natural elements, colors, seasons, locations in the physical body, and members of the family. In the middle of the diagram is the tai ch’i or yin-yang symbol, representing health, balance, and “the center”.

Positive adjustments made in the corresponding areas of your home or office environment can improve life areas such as relationships, abundance, career, reputation, creativity, self-cultivation, health, and more, bringing about greater harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

Feng Shui adjustments can be made anytime a change is desired. Whether you are about to break ground on a new building, remodel an existing structure, have just moved or have been in your current location for many years, Feng Shui can help.

By working with the life energy in your space (also known as ch’i), your environment will be transformed and powerful results can manifest in your life.

Possible Benefits from Feng Shui:

  • Increase your prosperity & abundance.
  • Boost your health.
  • Reduce insomnia & stress.
  • Enhance your personal power.
  • Easing of family conflicts.
  • Increase your concentration
  • Enhance financial security.
  • Attract new customers to your business.
  • Upgrade your life in many other ways.

Where can Feng Shui be applied?

You can apply it just about anywhere!

Here are a few examples:

  • Homes, apartments, farms & lands.
  • Spaces for sale & rent .
  • Deigning& remodeling.
  • Corporations & businesses.
  • Landscapes: gardens, yards & pools.
  • Professional offices: doctors, attorneys, dentists, etc.
  • Hotels, restaurants & public areas.
  • Shopping centers, malls & stores.
  • Schools, hospitals & airports.

Who can use Feng Shui?

A couple: an use Feng Shui to prevent bickering, fights, or disputes and to enhance peace, love, and harmony in their lives. You can also find each one’s best direction to study, to read, to sleep, and to work.

A family with children: can use Feng shui to increase the children’s concentration at school and with homework as well.

A single person: can use Feng Shui to enhance love and friendship into their lives, enhance their income, and live a more content way of life both professionally and personally.

Real Estate Agents: will find Feng Shui invaluable. It can help sale a difficult property sooner than later.

Builders, Architects & Interior Decorators: When remodeling or redesigning a property, the can use geographic lines, beauty and proper decoration accordingly to their client’s personal Feng Shui, making the structure personal the clients.

They can also use Feng Shui when renovating yards, patios, verandahs, swimming pools, gardens, and clubhouses. Even the choices of plants, trees and flowers are important to be balanced, according to the client’s personal Feng Shui consultation.

Corporations & Businesses: can use Feng Shui to enhance their employees’ production and increase their sales and productivity.

Professional Offices:
Doctors, Attorneys, Dentists, Engineers: can use Feng Shui in their offices to create a space that enhances health, well being, and a pleasant atmosphere which encourages good communication between clients, customers, and professionals.

Teachers: can benefit from Feng Shui to enhance an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the classroom for students of all ages. Using the right colors, positions and shapes accordingly to Feng Shui, teachers can also boost the attention and concentration of the students.

Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Restaurants, Public, and Private Areas: can use Feng Shui to create a space with appeal and enhance an atmosphere of tranquility, comfort and beauty necessary to their customers. Ex: Placing a water fountain in the proper direction accordingly to Feng Shui can bring positive energy and attract more customers.

Shopping Centers, Malls & Stores in general: by placing products in the proper place and direction accordingly to Feng Shui, they can increase sale. EX: Placing the cashier register on the location given by Feng Shui can increase sales and bring in more customers.

Hospitals, Schools, and Airports: by adding harmonic lines of Feng Shui, they can provide a pleasant and positive atmosphere full of beauty and balance. Even the choice of plants, trees and flowers in these areas can be placed to attain this goal.

Landscape: Yards, Gardens, Pools & Clubhouses: when renovating yards, patios, verandahs, swimming pools, gardens, and clubhouses. The choices of plants, trees and flowers are important to be balanced, according to the client’s personal Feng Shui consultation.

What do you advise to those who are keen to learn fengshui ? Where do they start ?

My advice is to read all available english and chinese books if you can as these will form your knowledge and you will use them when the time is right. Also attend courses by qualifed fengshui masters and learn their techniques.

As different flying star fengshui masters have different cures and different approaches in even taking the facing and the sitting of the house. So learn from them, then use your experiences to tell who is more accurate.

You will need to spend money but these money spent are worth it if you want to be a fengshui expert. If you want to be a fengshui practitioner straight away, then pay to someone ( a Fengshui Master ) whom you think is good and be their personal student.

After learning, you can then go out to do your own fengshui business. But you will need to take “ang pow” only for the first three years of your career and do as many as 20 fengshui checks a month and 30, 4 pillars readings a month for three years. If you do less than required a month, then it will take you a longer time to become a Professional.