Tiger Horoscope 2023 & Feng Shui Predictions


For those born in the year of the Tiger, 2023 will bring prosperity, luck and power. The Tiger is in the 3rd position in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. According to chinese astrology, the years of the Tiger are 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.

The Tiger horoscope 2023 predicts that the year that begins is particularly promising, and you can succeed in all your undertakings.

The best advice one could give you is to have confidence in yourself. Move ahead without asking yourself too many questions.

Feng Shui Forecast 2023 for Tiger

The energy of 2023 resonates with the Tiger natives. You will have an excellent year, yet not one without challenges. For a career full of success, get yourself a Lucky Buddha or a Kwan Yin and add to them a Feng Shui thread of coins or a Tree of Wealth .

The Mandarin Ducks will be very helpful in love matters. Get a Lucky Bamboo or a Wu Lou to fortify your health. In terms of crystals, the right ones for you are Tiger Eye and Citrine.

 Luck Predictions

The aggressive approach sometimes works in favor of the aggressor, but only under certain circumstances and will not necessarily ensure a rewarding outcome. One might gain some satisfaction but might also lose some respect.

Quite a difficult balancing act to attain. However, the more important thing is to defend one’s rights. Do not be distracted by speculation in some media that are out to tarnish one’s reputation.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 7

Lucky Colors: grey, white, pink

Lucky Directions: south, east, southeast


If you’re already living as a couple, your relationship with your mate will be very satisfactory, marked with sensuality and intellectual complicity.

If you’re living alone, an important encounter may take place. Open your eyes wide, for if you fall in love there’ll be every chance that this will become a beautiful story.

Your romantic life should continue to provide you with many joys. If you’ve found your sister soul, you’ll redouble your passion for your mate, whom you’ll overwhelm with attention.

As for single folks, they should benefit from circumstances favorable to an outstanding and memorable encounter.

Conflicts with your mate may spring up. It’s true that you’ll have no desire to let yourself be dominated by the other one and that you’ll assert your need for independence more strongly than usual. However, after each storm, calmness will return and your reconciliation will be particularly tender.

Single natives, you’ll experience a great passion that will be as short as it will be intense. Profit well from the opportunity, but nevertheless think of stabilizing yourself for, in spite of all, you need security on the love plane.

Pleasure and well-being will be present. As you’ll feel a great need for harmony in your amorous life, you’ll do your best to create a cozy and sensual ambiance. Your relationship will be extremely healthy but beware of jealousy.

If your heart is free, you’ll feel the need to share your joys and sorrows, day after day, with a companion. Your wish should be fulfilled very soon.

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Money & Finance

Income from one’s career seems to be on a decline for those involved in the media, telecommunication, investment markets or information technologies industries. The situation is likely to be in a turbulent state for some time.

Hence it is wise to look for alternate sources of income. As long as one is able to improvise and be flexible enough to adapt, then one will not be facing financial hardship in the short term. Looks like some “dreams or plans” have to be put on hold for the time being.

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Sufferers from hay fever or breathing symptoms are going through a rough time during this period. Best to avoid dusty, hot and humid places for the time being.

Remember to consume plenty of nourishing drinks and supplements that help to strengthen one’s lungs and nerve system, also avoid deep-fried foods, fizzy drinks and chocolates, and try to get plenty of rest.

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Tiger years : 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Years of the Tiger and the 5 elements

Wood Tiger 1974

If You Were Born Between (Jan. 23, 1974 – Feb. 10, 1975):
Wealth luck is on your side. Career is good. You will get good results and will receive praises from superiors. The only problem is that there will be evil characters around creating troubles. There will be ups and downs between couples, try to solve the downs immediately. For those who are doing business, you must be aware of progress and that usage of wealth is appropriate.

Water Tiger: 1962

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 05, 1962 – Jan. 24, 1963):
Career luck is good. Most things will go smoothly. In 2023, you will have a chance to start a new business, try to make use of this chance. Never gamble as you lack luck. You will receive help from guardians of nobility. You may have gastric problems because of a busy work schedule. Make more charitable gestures to ease off all bad luck and to have a peaceful year ahead.

 Metal Tiger: 1950

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 17, 1950 – Feb. 05, 1951):
Career luck is considered not bad. You will definitely get results from your hard work. Be more attentive to the investments that you’ve made. Age is catching up. Don’t be too stubborn. You must also seek advice from the younger generations. Exercise more but strenuous activities are not advisable. A morning stroll is the best. In this year, you may lose wealth. Secure doors and windows at home tightly to prevent burglars from breaking in. Never show off your money to others.

Earth Tiger 1998

If You Were Born Between (Jan. 28, 1998 – Feb. 15, 1999):
Students are not advised to have a relationship at this early age as it may affect their studies. Attitude must be controlled. Being too eager to achieve “victory” is not always a good thing. When meeting new friends, you must differentiate who is good and bad. Be aware of what you eat as one may get sick easily.

 Fire Tiger 1986

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 09, 1986 – Jan. 28, 1987):
Luck is shining on you and your career is good too. Salaried workers may have a promotion and a raise in salary. Wealth luck is not too bad but you must handle it wisely. Peach blossom will try to strike you. Never get involved in this especially those of you who are married. Married couples will have a surprise this year.