Pig Horoscope 2023 & Feng Shui Predictions

2023 will be an extremely lucky year for all the people born in the Year of the Pig. The pig has the last position among the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Your Chinese zodiac sign is Pig if you are born in of these years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.

The Chinese horoscope for the Pigs in 2023 emphasizes significant changes both professionally and health-wise, where it is advisable to take the initiative for a more balanced lifestyle. In the Year of the Water Rabbit, the Pigs will face notable changes at work. There is no reason to get scared because all these turnabouts will be in their favor. in 2023, those born in the Year of the Pig have the chance to stand out.

After a year when the Pigs felt, their work is not appreciated to its true value, in 2023, they will enjoy the long-awaited reward.
In terms of relationships, the following year doesn’t seem very stable for the Pigs. Indeed, they will continue to be inclined toward short-term relationships without finding what they truly want. In summer, however, someone will likely draw their attention. Pigs should listen to their hearts and let themselves be carried away by the magic of love. It is very likely to start a beautiful love relationship from where they less expect it.

Pig Feng Shui Forecast & Lucky Charms for 2023

As per the Feng shui forecast, The Pig is going to have many opportunities in 2023. The people born in the Year of the Pig should neutralize the negative energy and fortify the positive energy with the help of essential oils and herbs and wear amulets or bracelets with Sagin Pixiu to be protected. The Pig may use the Mandarin Ducks to provide a loving environment, enhancing romance and relationship quality. To increase their chances of getting rich in 2023, those born in the Year of the Pig can place a money frog statue in their home or in their office.

Money Frogsymbol of wealth & luckSee It
Black Obsidian Bracelet with Sagin Pixifor protectionSee It

Luck Predictions

Gradual improvement in one’s luck has been due to the accumulation of industrious effort in the past. Some Pigs will be even luckier than others by being at the right place at the right time. But the bulk of good achievement is mainly down to industrious performance and honesty. During this period, the Pig type will encounter good fortune from the opposite sex either concerning one’s career or business. Keep up the good effort and do not be distracted by the comfort of luxury in life.

  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 5, 9
  • Lucky Colors: yellow, grey, brown, gold
  • Lucky Directions: southeast, northeast

Pig Love Horoscope 2023

Love, long-term commitment, and social obligation will be an important consideration early this year for the People born in the Year of the Pig. For the first 3 to 4 months of the lunar year 2023 well established, romantic relationships will finally resolve ongoing issues of competing interests, flirtations outside the relationship, or differing emotional needs. Much of this may have been subtly bothersome over the past 14 to 16 months: previous emotional progress or shared romantic agreements may have been difficult throughout much of last year.

Now, however, and continuing on throughout the first few months of the year 2023, loved ones will tend to take the lead in family planning or long-term romantic commitments. Single or recently unattached Pigs can expect a powerful wave of sensuality and returning passion between March and April. This period will likely bring a quick, almost surreal romantic relationship into the lives of single Pigs.

Before early May, however, expect new relationships to be highly captivating but brief: aspects indicate that unattached Pigs may soon explore one or more light romantic relationships before bringing a more serious lover into their lives. Throughout May, ,June and July romance will flourish, Pigs: expect to experience a phase of emotional growth that may not have been felt in your life for at least one year. Loved ones will provide many new interests and distractions this year: explore all new activities, lessons, and shared commitments. 2023 will be a pivotal and rewarding year for the Pig: enjoy the renewed passion and social excitement of loved ones.

Pig Money & Career Horoscope 2023

Professionally 2023 is a good year for those born in the Year of the Pig; projects started long ago are remarked and are now paying off. The Pig feels in good shape, and this makes it well known to others. 2023 is fast-paced and full of change for the Pig. He is stimulated to try to make changes right on the spot. The results obtained during this period allowed him to show off, and to present himself to others in a favorable light, close to the talent and passion he invests in his actions.

The Year of the Rabbit 2023, is a time when the Pig can expect major changes in the financial plan. These are less related to the work done now but come as a result of the capitalization of activities or projects done so far. This may stimulate him to make some investments or changes in his portfolio. To avoid further unpleasantness, he should be very careful and cautious about all aspects of important transactions.


An impatient mental attitude in dealing with the needy, loved ones or family members cannot help one to improve one’s health. Such unconscious action would raise one’s stress level several folds and it could be detrimental to one’s health if the situation is left unnoticed.

Try to look on the bright side namely that one is fortunate enough at this stage to be able to provide help for others rather than being on the receiving end.

Pig Horoscope 2023 By Chinese Element

 Water Pig 1983

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 13, 1983 – Feb. 01, 1984):

When noble Water Pigs go out into the world, they have no ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ whatever is right, they imitate. Responsibility is second nature to acquiescing Pigs and in 2023 your policy of decency and honesty works wonders. Free your heart of all that impedes your march or hampers your joy.

“Remember to forget” as your happiness is before you, not behind you. If conflicts arise in your love relationship, ride out the storm, so as not to jeopardize the good portions of the relationship. “It is easy to find a thousand soldiers, but hard to find a good general.”

 Metal Pig: 1971

If You Were Born Between (Jan. 27, 1971 – Feb. 24, 1972):

Career-wise, keep a lower profile during the start of the year as there may be others around you who are envious of your success. The rest of 2023 brings a welcome change in the passionate climate as your beloved returns the affection which you have dreamed of. Be ready to seize the opportunity; as the “flirting” star “Tan Lang” brings love and romance in a whirlwind and matters can happen rapidly. Libidinous Metal Pig natives, who cannot live without physical love, have every reason to smile in 2023 as this year combines passion with intellectual substance.

 Earth Pig 1959

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 08, 1959 – Jan. 27, 1960) :
As 2023 arrives, Earth Pigs are motivated mainly by their conscience, and live up to their reputations as ‘knights in shining armor.’ Honest, gentle, yet strong of will, Earth Pigs enjoy harmonious personal relations through the Year of the Rabbit 2023. However, it seems Earth Pigs will turn down an opportunity to push themselves ahead at the cost of another. As the 2023 concludes, sanguine Pigs are content, yet passive observers in life.

Wood Pig 1995

If You Were Born Between (Jan. 31, 1995 – Feb. 18, 1996) :

2023 is very favorable to sentimental recoveries. Bachelors (ettes) could experience sheer bliss in 2023 when they meet their ideal mate. If he(she) was born under the sign of the Rabbit, you could decide to make things permanent. Consider developing the multi-cultural side of yourself, and begin to learn a foreign language.

From summer on, Wood Pigs’ financial interests will be well supported, and your cash flow should be brisk. Wood Pigs may feel the irresistible need to spend money this month. Go ahead and change your look, transform your home or buy that new car. Do, however, steer clear of turbulent winter weather and avoid any areas of natural disaster.