Year of the Pig – 2023 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

Pig is the 12th and final stop on the Chinese zodiac express! Those born in the Years of the Pig, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, and 2031 are hardworking, honest, and oh-so-generous.

Are you looking for insight into the Pig horoscope for 2023? According to the Water Rabbit, 2023 is the year to let go of worries and bounce back from any obstacle that comes your way. Despite destabilizing events, there’s always a silver lining and a way to land on your feet, and the Cat (Rabbit) is here to teach you the art of levity.

As expected and unexpected changes come, the Cat (Rabbit) encourages you to embrace them as opportunities for growth. Try to adapt and even view these experiences as challenges to overcome. This year, indulge in life’s pleasures and do more of what you love. Your natural talent for “good living” won’t go to waste in 2023.

And the best part? Money may come more quickly this year. So approach 2023 with a positive attitude, ready to take on whatever comes your way and make the most of every opportunity in your Pig horoscope.

Luck Predictions

For the Rat, the Year of the Rabbit 2023 promises to be a transformative and joyous time. The Water element of the year will complement the Rat’s natural Water element, bringing a sense of fluidity and ease to all aspects of life. As a result, the Rat may experience a renewed sense of purpose and motivation, which will help in achieving their goals.

In the Rabbit’s year 2023, harmony and compassion are emphasized, and the Rat may find that conflicts and tensions ease in their personal and professional relationships. The Rat’s social life may thrive under this energy, and they may be able to connect with others on a deeper level.
The Rat needs to focus on nurturing themselves, both physically and emotionally. For example, taking up a new hobby, trying a new exercise routine, or taking time for meditation and self-reflection can benefit the Rat’s overall well-being.

The Rabbit’s energy may bring unexpected opportunities and blessings for the Rat, especially in finances. It’s essential to keep an open mind and be willing to take risks, but always practice moderation and wise decision-making.

  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 5, 9
  • Lucky Colors: yellow, grey, brown, gold
  • Lucky Directions: southeast, northeast

Pig Love Horoscope 2023

Although 2023 will bring great opportunities for the Pig, heart matters will have complications. During the first three months of the year, those close to them will seek clarification about their true feelings. Pigs born in early March may experience surprising events, such as a reunion with a past love or an unexpected gesture from their current partner.

To avoid misunderstandings, the Pig should be clear and open about their feelings throughout the year. From April, dramatic changes are on the horizon for Pig natives, including the possibility of a sudden breakup or conflicts within the family.

However, the end of the summer will bring positive changes, including the arrival of a long-awaited partner. This could be a close friend who becomes a lover or someone new who is a perfect match in every way. The relationship will be serious and will develop quickly, making 2023 an emotionally fulfilling year for the Pig.

Pig Money & Career Horoscope 2023

At the start of summer, Pigs may encounter a few challenges in their career. They may face several projects and challenges that require more time and effort. Although there might be some tension in the summer’s initial months, staying focused on goals and working diligently can help you easily navigate each difficult period. If the stress level feels too high, taking breaks and giving oneself time to relax is recommended.

According to the Pig horoscope 2023, those with their businesses may face stiff competition, making it challenging to maintain their brand. Developing a new strategy for their business and engaging in more communication with employees to translate ideas into concrete plans could help overcome this challenge.

In the year of the Rabbit, 2023, the Pig horoscope predicts a change in approach towards investment decisions. While the Pig may have been cautious in the past, this year, the Chinese horoscope suggests taking calculated risks in the first half of the year. These risks could lead to unexpected financial gains.

However, the latter part of 2023 will require hard work and dedication to maintain a steady income. This may require sacrificing time with family and friends, and the Pig must evaluate whether the effort is worth the reward. Nevertheless, despite the challenges, the end of the year is expected to bring positive financial outcomes, making 2023 a promising year for the Pig’s economic prospects.

Pig Horoscope 2023 By Chinese Element

 Water Pig 1983

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 13, 1983 – Feb. 01, 1984):

When noble Water Pigs enter the world, they have no ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Whatever is right, they imitate. Responsibility is second nature to acquiescing Pigs, and in 2023 your policy of decency and honesty works wonders. Free your heart of all that impedes your march or hampers your joy.

“Remember to forget” as your happiness is before you, not behind you. If conflicts arise in your love relationship, ride out the storm so as not to jeopardize the good portions of the relationship. “It is easy to find a thousand soldiers but hard to find a good general.”

 Metal Pig: 1971

If You Were Born Between (Jan. 27, 1971 – Feb. 24, 1972):

Career-wise, keep a lower profile during the start of the year as there may be others around you who envy your success. The rest of 2023 brings a welcome change in the passionate climate as your beloved returns the affection you have dreamed of. Be ready to seize the opportunity; matters can happen rapidly as the “flirting” star “Tan Lang” brings love and romance in a whirlwind. Libidinous Metal Pig natives, who cannot live without physical love, have every reason to smile in 2023 as this year combines passion with intellectual substance.

 Earth Pig 1959

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 08, 1959 – Jan. 27, 1960) :
As 2023 arrives, Earth Pigs are motivated mainly by their conscience and live up to their reputations as ‘knights in shining armor.’ Honest, gentle, yet strong of will, Earth Pigs enjoy harmonious personal relations through the Year of the Rabbit 2023. However, it seems Earth Pigs will turn down an opportunity to push themselves ahead at the cost of another. As 2023 concludes, sanguine Pigs are content yet passive observers in life.

Wood Pig 1995

If You Were Born Between (Jan. 31, 1995 – Feb. 18, 1996) :

2023 is very favorable to sentimental recoveries. Bachelors could experience sheer bliss in 2023 when they meet their ideal mate. If he(she) was born under the sign of the Rabbit, you could decide to make things permanent. Consider developing the multi-cultural side of yourself, and begin to learn a foreign language.

From summer on, Wood Pigs’ financial interests will be well supported, and your cash flow should be brisk. Wood Pigs may feel the irresistible need to spend money this month. Change your look, transform your home or buy that new car. Do, however, steer clear of turbulent winter weather and avoid any areas of natural disaster.

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