Horse Horoscope 2023 & Feng Shui Predictions

Is 2023 a Good Year For The Horse?

The year 2023 will bring welfare, health, happiness, prosperity, peace and luck to people born in the Year of the Horse. The Horse has the seventh position in the Chinese Zodiac. The years of the horse are 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026.

2023 will come with a lot of news for the people born in the Year of the Horse who will manage to get close again to their families and can finally find someone to count on. The Chinese horoscope 2023 states that the most romantic months for the Horse are June, July, and November. Tensions tend to precipitate, especially in spring, August, and November.

In 2023, the Horses will meet people with whom they will later establish partnerships (friendship, collaboration, association, and couple) or who will have a beneficial impact on family or proprieties. Until May of 2023, they will effortlessly learn and assimilate new ideas. The Year of the Rabbit 2023 is a period when the Horses should read, write, sign up for newspapers and magazines, go to driving school, learn a foreign language, start a course that attracts them, or a study trip.

Horse Feng Shui Forecast & Lucky Charms for 2023

According to the Feng shui forecast, the persons born in the Year of the Horse are not going to face too many challenges in 2023, provided they are patient and calm. The Horse should use the beneficial energy of Green Money Frog and shouldn’t avoid using essential oils, which have purifying properties. Also, in 2023, a red thread kabbalah bracelet can be of great help to the people born in one of the Horse Years.

Green Money FrogThis auspicious frog is credited with the exceptional ability to banish evil spirits and invite wealth and abundance into your lifeSee It
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The luck of the Horse in 2023 is closely related to love. Chances are very high to meet someone in 2023 who will change his life for the better! This is an excellent opportunity for personal development. This person is likely to be your soul mate!

  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9
  • Lucky Colors: purple, green, yellow
  • Lucky Directions: northeast, southwest and northwest


Tender moments and quick flirtations may be unavoidable and unusually compelling early in 2023. Those born in the Year of the Horse will soon experience a unique choice in romance or an opportunity to bring renewed faith into a long-term relationship.

As per the Chinese love horoscope, the first six weeks of the Lunar New Year 2023 will help verify your deepest feelings in all love relationships, revitalize social confidence, and will encourage meaningful and lasting commitment. For some Horses, some of this passionate energy may be a bit distracting or unnerving. Not to worry, however; the Chinese zodiac indicates that most Horses will now end almost two years of social disappointment, emotional isolation, or strained family relationships. Much of this will end with the introduction of new romantic options in your life: make sure you remain open and choose wisely.

After April most people born in the Year of the Horse will also feel welcomed into a new social circle or family circumstance. Although unfamiliar feelings may be bothersome, don’t miss this opportunity to bring added emotional security into your life.

For some Horses, early May to late June will be experienced as a time of deepening emotional commitments and surprising increases in confidence. Social activities should not be avoided: this is the right time to expand all bonds and commitments. Later this summer minor jealousies or social disputes concerning romantic loyalties may be bothersome. All will quickly return to normal by late August: stay balanced.

 Money & Finance

From 2023, reinvigorated and recalibrated, the Horse can take action.

Physically, the Horse is more energetic, ready to embark on a new journey full of promise. He feels optimistic, confident in his strengths, and this makes him want a higher career position. He makes his ambitions, desires and hopes clear, and his superiors notice this.

Among the events and situations that are unfolding in his favor, we mention positions that are put up for contest or positions that become vacant, positions that the Horse has been longing for, in short, in the Year of the Rabbit there are chances of promotion and professional advancement. He just has to be there and respond to these offers.

For young people, it is a very auspicious year to find a job matching their desires and training. Full of enthusiasm, they have the chance to prove themselves right from the start of their career.

These professional opportunities are accompanied in 2023 by an increase in their professional income. Of course, this may make them expand their wallets more than necessary; to really take advantage of this year, they must also control their desire to spend on unnecessary things.

These professional opportunities are accompanied in 2023 by an increase in their professional income. Of course, this may make them expand their wallets more than necessary; to really take advantage of this year, they must also control their desire to spend on unnecessary things.

Self-employed individuals may find it appropriate to turn their attention to a new sector, or try to put some of their old ideas and projects to good use. They now have the necessary momentum, along with the necessary external conditions.

Horse Years: 942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014


An energetic character type will feel discomfort when suddenly confined to a bed, wheelchair or crutches during this period.

This could be prevented provided one has taken additional safety precautions when participating in any challenging outdoor activities. Try to take things moderately rather than to extreme limits.

Horse Horoscope 2023 By Chinese Element

Metal Horse 1990

While great love can also incur a great loss, in 2023, the Metal Horse could throw caution to the wind. Your love of social contact narrows down to a single individual and for singles, there is a good chance of marriage plans in 2023. It is always wiser to avoid a battle than to engage in a fight you can’t win. Diplomacy is the name of the game, in order to avoid entanglements with a lover’s ex-partner. Stress could exacerbate a health concern that may have been problematic this year. Don’t make public your personal feelings and plans just yet.

 Earth Horse 1978

The sentimental climate in 2023 improves marvelously for stressed-out Earth Horses. You may have had to be separated from a loved one, and your love life has been unstable and complicated. The atmosphere in 2023 will be one of harmony. Attend the theater, the cinema, and music concerts. The Year of the Rabbit is particularly favorable to writers. Even if writing is not your profession, try to put your thoughts down on paper.

 Fire Horse 1966

During 2023, your attempts to suppress bitterness may fail, but as always, amiable Fire Horses are quick to forget. Horses remain optimistic, weathering possible emotional storms this month. Horses should use caution during physical activity, and exercise watchfulness when driving. The new year finds Fire Horses friendly, quick-witted, and ready once again to take center stage.

 Wood Horse 1954

Whether a mighty winged Pegasus or a cultured graceful filly, Wood Horses feel a power in their spirit in 2023 that may be difficult to control. Cheerful, popular, and quick-witted, promotion and an increase in personal wealth grace your pastures during the Year of the Rabbit 2023. It would be an auspicious time to make a donation to your favorite charity at this time.

The last months of 2023 renew your love of travel and your gypsy heart runs free. Look for love with a devoted Dog, an idealistic Goat, or a masterful Tiger. As the consummate non-conformists of the zodiac, your need for absolute freedom finds the occasion to remind those closest to you that “a fire must have space in its center to burn vigorously.”

 Water Horse 2002

The Year of the Rabbit helps the Water Horse souls put an end to private self-doubts from which they have suffered. True harmony is found through acceptance. Accept and you become whole, bend and you straighten, empty and you will become full. By the end of the year, your impatience may grow, but there’ll be no alternative but to bite at the bit silently. Even though no solution may be found to a dilemma, maintaining an optimistic, philosophical attitude will soften the edges of problems.