Dragon Horoscope 2023 & Feng Shui Predictions

In 2023, the Rabbit will bring luck and money to those born in the Year of the Dragon. The Dragon holds the fifth position in the Chinese Zodiac. Your Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon if you are born in of these years: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

2023 will be a successful year for the people born in the Dragon sign, according to the Chinese horoscope’s predictions. To be fair, it is not going to be an easy year, but it will surely bring many satisfactions to the Dragons.

A series of professional opportunities will appear, which will help them reach goals they barely dared to dream of. This is also true for the Dragons who are in someone’s employment, but also for entrepreneurs.

The first part of the year (January, February, and March) comes with nothing impressive, everything proceeding as before. They should not be discouraged because good things come gradually with the coming of spring.

From June to December, everything goes smoothly. In the summer months, those in the Dragon sign will work hard to ensure the desired comfort at the end of the year.

In the year of the Rabbit 2023, the Dragons will enjoy the support and understanding of their partner and family during the more difficult moments they will face.

Especially during the second part of the year, the Dragons will have many surprises from their loved ones.

Dragon Feng Shui Forecast & Lucky Charms for 2023

To be able to cope, the Dragon should arm itself with all the Feng Shui weapons, that are corresponding to his zodiac sign. Regarding your career, Pi Yao may be the most beneficial for the people born in the Year of the Dragon. Kwan Yin and Buddha of Health will immunize and protect Dragon’s body against any possible sickness. Also, use crystals like pyrites or amethyst, for better protection.

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Dragon’s Luck is on the path to success or fame in the very near future and there will be plenty to cope with ahead. Such activities are also likely to cause some strain in one’s relationship with some of the present organization, members, colleagues, partners or friends, who might have too many expectations from the individual.

One might achieve one thing on one hand and lose on another, it is not likely to have both at the same time. Life can be cruel at times. A lot will depend on the individual making the proper choice, which could be difficult.

  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 5,6
  • Lucky Colors: gold, silver, red
  • Lucky Directions: west, north, northwest

Dragon Love Horoscope 2023

As the Chinese horoscope, early in 2023 many Dragons will be required to state their feelings and needs more obviously in relationships. Between February and March expect loved ones to ask pointed questions or actively move relationships to a more intimate or committed level. Decisions may take some time to finalize this year but the right decisions will be made.

Long-term relationships will either move forward by mid-May or begin fading. Unattached or single Dragons will experience a series of romantic choices in later April or early May 2023. Expect new relationships to quickly take on a passionate or emotionally intense quality. In 2023, love and attraction will be obvious and fulfilling.

After June, the Dragon should expect to begin a new 4 year period of active, present-focused romance. Many Dragons will this year be leaving behind past issues, nostalgia, and strong emotional connections to yesterday’s romantic ideals.

July and August are a time of travel, shared accommodations, revised living arrangements, or finalized property matters. Don’t be sluggish here; it’s best to clearly state your needs and plans in the beginning and let others make the decisions that are required.

For the Dragon, 2023 is an excellent year to set firm goals concerning the timing and emotional pace of romantic relationships. Both family members and lovers will respond well: it’s time to speak your mind and publicly clarify your needs.

Dragon Money Horoscope 2023

The Dragon 2023 horoscope reveals that he will have a good year in his career, but in order to get the most out of it, he should just give up idleness and take action.

Last year brought them recognition for their professional merits. In the Year of the Rabbit, Dragons can see their career advancement dreams come true. Sociable and loyal beings, the trust inspired by their superiors recommends them for promotions during the year 2023.

In the previous year, they had the chance to meet important people in their professional environment working in partner or competitor companies. Now, the most ambitious Dragons or those who feel that their current job no longer offers them prospects that match their desires can take advantage of these contacts, which can recommend them for a new position in their companies.

2023 is a year in which Dragons receive support in their projects, especially professional ones. Therefore, it is good to put their plans in order and confidently expose them to those who can be of assistance. They should just be selective in their relationships, as they risk getting caught up in their social life, leaving them less time for personal projects.

Financially, the Dragons would have little to complain about in 2023. Their professional evolution is also complemented by a significant monetary bonus. Dragons working as freelancers are favored and can increase their number of clients. They can increase their income by increasing their fees or remuneration for the services they offer


Remember to remain calm and relaxed when faced with tricky situations, whether it concerns one’s health, loved ones or family members. Everything has a purpose and hopefully, time will reveal the true reason behind it.

In the meantime, one should continue to progress and take good care of one’s health rather than worry over the issue. There must be time for work, play, rest, and enjoyment to make one’s life cycle complete.

Dragon Years: 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Dragon Horoscope 2023 by Chinese Element

 Fire Dragon 1976

If difficulty with a partnership peaks in early 2023, talk out problems in a forthright way. The Fire Dragon should consider asking a practical Rooster or speech-loving Rat for some advice. Harmony returns in the summer and brings the Fire Dragon, the first real financial results of the year 2023. The rest of the year is favorable for forming new business partnerships, and you continue to be successful where creativeness is the main factor. Be objective in assessing your actual possibilities and talents.

Wood Dragon: 1964

Potent ideas and achievable projects highlight the year 2023 for other-worldly Wood Dragons. You may develop your financial situation in a very notable manner in 2023. Don’t divulge your plans until well underway, as “the lion doesn’t roar while hunting.” The influence of the Rabbit clashes with the Dragon bringing the possible temptation of easy money. Don’t let yourself take the fall for a trickster or confidence game. 2023 looks to be favorable for all manner of healing, from organic to psychic.

 Water Dragon 1952

Robust Water Dragons are healthy, sentimental, and visionary during 2023. Outspoken, lucky, and financially fortunate, this year will find you enjoying great opportunities, good timing, and increased profit. Your boundless energy and vitality continue through the rest of the year and you could savor enormous joys in more than one realm. Dragons gather strength, and maintain their excellent health, during their own morning hours between 7:00 – 9:00 am.

Metal Dragon 2000

Benevolent people cherish virtue and hope for justice; petty people cherish property and hope for favors. Egotistic, eccentric, and demanding, during 2023, powerful Metal Dragons will exhaust all resources before admitting failure. You may be required to re-examine past life paths and open new doors. As a soul who simply must have purpose and a mission in your life, consider choosing a path that rewards you with adulation and respect, as once achieved you will accomplish great things. If considering a change in career, know that you are ideally suited to a vocation in the public eye.

Earth Dragon 1988

2023 brings an exciting romantic change and novelty explodes, as a feisty Rooster, entertaining Monkey, or chatty Rat enjoys your surprises! Earth Dragon souls, who enjoy being at the center of life, prosper in 2023 through social gatherings and passionate expression. 2023 welcomes a three-harmonies period bringing exceptional success, possible fame, and an increase in wealth for the Earth Dragons. Traveling will be particularly beneficial and prosperous. A favorable time to take this Year of the Rabbit by the reins and confidently move forward with new plans and dreams. You dashingly come to the rescue of someone who is in trouble.