Dog Horoscope 2023 & Feng Shui Predictions

People born in the Year of the Dog won’t have to complain about the stars in the year 2023, for they will have good luck in most areas of their life. Of course, problems can still occur. The dog is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Dog are 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042.

2022 has been a challenging year for the Dogs, and 2023 seems to be a year with plenty of good news! The keyword of the first part of the year for Dogs is… LOVE!

The Year of the Water Rabbit 2023 will bring the people born in the Year of the Dog a lot of luck in love, family relationships, home, friendship, creativity, and pleasures. The 2023 horoscope for the Dogs also predicts unexpected professional achievements. Suddenly, their efforts also become visible in the eyes of their superiors, and they get rewarded beyond their expectations.

For the people born in the Dog sign, an excellent year awaits them financially. Here is yet another good reason for joy in 2023. Dogs will earn money more easily in 2023, unexpected collaboration offers appear, and they will receive all kinds of bonuses, gifts, and rewards.

Dog Feng Shui Forecast & Lucky Charms for 2023

Use a Guan Yin Statue for family protection. As per the Feng shui forecast for 2023, to attract luck, those born in the Year of the Dog should place a Rabbit statue in the southeast corner of their bedroom or living room. Also, in 2023, It is advised that you carry a triple protection bracelet with you at all times.

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Those born in one of the Dog Years will do well in 2023, not just because they are hardworking and organized and always have money, but because they know how to take advantage of good times.

So anyone who is ambitious and has big plans should know that they will be helped in no small measure by the energy of the Water Rabbit. The second half of 2023 will bring Dogs more money and more chances to implement their plans, no matter how costly. Some of them may even think about buying a house!

  • Lucky Numbers: 2,6, 8
  • Lucky Colors: orange, red, pink
  • Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south


Over the first few weeks of the Lunar New Year 2023, many Dogs will feel pressure to resolve minor romantic disputes, clarify family disagreements and publicly accept new friendships, partnerships, or love relationships. Emotional expectations will be high between early February and mid-March: watch for loved ones, friends, and romantic partners to openly ask for more support, involvement, or long-term promises.

For some people born in the Year of the Dog, much of this has been in the works since last year and will, in the coming weeks, bring a new sense of belonging and commitment to all key relationships. Let the past go and refuse to allow others to focus on yesterday’s issues: in 2023 it’s time to decide what you want in the future.

After April most Dogs will experience a compelling wave of romantic passion, new demands from loved ones and a return to shared sensuality in all romantic relationships. All that was clarified or agreed to before mid-April will quickly become entrenched and socially complex after mid-April: make sure you understand the needs, expectations, and ideals of others.

June through July also accents unique romantic proposals, quick changes of marital status and long-term home commitments. If you feel it necessary to end a relationship in 2023 do so before mid-April and all will work to your advantage.

Later this summer a complex or unusually controversial social triangle may become bothersome. Key issues may involve the past romantic promises of a friend or colleague. Avoid all group discussion and social complications, if possible: 2023 is best used for bringing clarity to your own romantic choices…not those of another.

Money & Finance

Dogs are ambitious and energetic in 2023, ready to take advantage of the many career opportunities that come their way this year. Some even find interesting offers outside their chosen career field. Financially it is a good year, in which their efforts over the past few years are likely to be rewarded. Many are even starting to think about a significant investment. Their life experience should allow them to make some fairly realistic projections before embarking on a new project.


Do not let a recent discovery of some potentially terminal illness make one lose all hope of survival. There are still chances no matter how small at the moment, but one should continue fighting the illness.

Try to have some faith in modern medical technology, for one will never know when a new medical breakthrough is just around the corner. One still needs to pay attention to one’s diet and drinks.

Dog Horoscope 2023 by Chinese Element


Water Dog 1982

A stirring of your restless soul may have you “howling at the moon” during 2023. Hold tight to any secrets which have been shared with you recently. If self-esteem issues surface, and you are concerned with your image, know that “self-respect is more important than the respect of a multitude.” Water Dogs cannot bear to be replaceable and should be cautious of the smooth talk of a paramour dripping words of honey, yet beleaguered with a bitter history in 2023.

A much-awaited breakthrough in the Water Dogs career takes his mind off of your eternal longings for the “perfect love.” 2023 offers recognition for your loyalty, unconditional protection of others and sacrificing service. Water Dog souls may still be reeling financially from follies related to gambling or speculation and “when poverty knocks at the door, love escapes through the window.” However, past errors in judgment have produced a new perspective and maturity. Dogs tend to worry as a mental exercise.

Metal Dog: 1970

2023 is a good year for Metal Dogs as they switch from watchful worriers to a wise philosopher and seeker of truth. This role will become more comfortable for you as the Dragon year approaches. You live up to your reputation for extreme loyalty towards friends and family, yet intense fierceness towards the enemies of your loved ones.

 Wood Dog 1994

2023 could find the Wood Dog in a romantic mood shaded heavily with nostalgia. Use caution in waking up old love, as you may at the same time reopen the old wounds of your heart. Wood Dogs could experience a powerful attraction for other people born under the sign of the Rabbit. An encounter with a person of foreign origin may give rise to interesting, yet impulsive actions. Conjugal harmony could be affected. Reject pessimism and worry knowing that “No one is luckier than he who believes in his luck” There is an increase in both fame and fortune for the Dog in 2023, however, avoid a physical fight with another at all costs.