2024 Hair Colors Trends Based on Chinese Astrology

Get ready for an exciting new year by exploring the latest hair color trends of 2024, inspired by the age-old wisdom of Chinese Astrology!

Drawing inspiration from the Dragon’s fiery spirit to the Snake’s enigmatic charm, you can now find the perfect hue that resonates with your zodiac sign and makes a bold statement in the coming year. Whether you’re seeking to infuse some flair into your hair or simply revamp your appearance, these astrologically endorsed color concepts will ensure all eyes are on you, boosting your confidence.

2024 marks the Year of the Wood Dragon in Chinese astrology, signifying a year where luck is on your side. Dye your hair in auspicious colors like Emerald Green, Rich Red, and Golden Yellow to usher in good fortune and set the stage for the trendiest hair color choices of the year.

Here are three hair color ideas for 2024, inspired by the Lucky Colors of the Year of the Dragon 2024 in Chinese Astrology:

Emerald Green: The Perfect Hair Color for 2024, Especially for Asian Women

Explore the beauty of emerald green, a perfect hair color choice for 2024, especially suited for Asian women but not limited to them. This captivating shade brings regal charm and balance to your style. Whether you prefer subtle emerald green highlights for depth or a bold, full-color transformation, emerald green is your ticket to attracting good fortune and adding vitality to your look in 2024

Golden Glow

If you want to shine like gold, choosing golden yellow is ideal. This vibrant and radiant hue will make you feel like a true winner in the new year. You can opt for a lighter shade for a subtle look or an intense golden yellow for a powerful statement. This hair color symbolizes prosperity and success, so it will elegantly accompany you in 2024.

Rich Crimson

Red is always a classic and bold choice, and a vibrant red is perfect to reflect the power and passion of the dragon. You can choose from various red shades, from ruby red to deep burgundy, depending on your preferences. This color grabs attention and exudes confidence, helping you stand out in 2024.

Nature-Inspired Hair Trends

In the Year of the Wood Dragon, we find inspiration in nature’s beauty for your hair. Colored braids or multicolored hair have always been captivating for those who want to make a statement. The latest trends are wonderfully versatile, allowing hairstylists to draw from nature’s palette.

Imagine braids adorned with shades reminiscent of rich woods, deep earthy reds, and lush forest greens. Picture hair that mirrors the hues of vibrant leaves, with autumn colors all interwoven elegantly. Whether you’re a brunette or a blonde, these nature-inspired tones can be tailored to complement your unique style.

From the warm, reddish or purple updos to the cool, serene green or blue updos, you have a wide array of options. So, step into the Wood Dragon year with a hairdo that pays homage to the natural world, allowing you to stand out with the beauty of nature in every strand.

Most Favorable Hair Color Trends in 2024 According to Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

If you’re an enthusiast of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, in addition to the five recommended colors for 2024, selecting your hair color based on your Chinese zodiac sign can enhance your self-assurance, bestow you with a unique allure, and even usher in good fortune in money matters or love.


Individuals born in the Year of the Rat are naturally competitive, always vying for the top spot. For Rat women, the ideal hair color in 2024 would be a rich chestnut with fiery red undertones or a deep burgundy red shade.


Oxen appreciate the finer things in life, work diligently, and have a deep affinity for nature. Darker shades, particularly various browns, resonate perfectly with their personality.


Tiger individuals feel eternally youthful and believe that changing their hair color frequently is the best course of action. Light blonde, caramel, and blonde ombre shades suit those born under this zodiac sign in 2024.


For Rabbit women, home and family hold utmost importance. The most auspicious hair colors in 2024 would be blonde hues with subtle pink undertones.


The Dragon woman revels in being the center of attention, and her hair should mirror this boldness. In 2024, blonde shades with a multitude of highlights will be her top choice.


Detail-oriented and always impeccably groomed, Snake women will find brunette or ash brown shades most harmonious for their appearance in 2024.


Horsewomen are graceful, well-mannered, and exude charm. Champagne, ash, and honey blonde shades will perfectly complement their elegance in 2024.


Mysterious and enigmatic, Goat women will find deep black or dark brown hair colors to be the most auspicious in 2024.


Serious, ambitious, and inclined towards leadership, Monkey women maintain a conservative approach to their appearance. Therefore, shades of brown are the way to go in 2024.


Unique, unconventional, and daring, the Rooster woman revels in standing out. In 2024, she may choose from the boldest shades of pink, blue, purple, or green, embracing a sense of individuality.


Dog women are drawn to the extraordinary, and this inclination is reflected in their fashion, makeup, and hair choices. In 2024, they can opt for blonde with subtle pink highlights or dark blonde with electric blue accents.


With a creative and mystical nature, Pig individuals will gravitate towards shades of dark blonde or grey in 2024.

Haircut and coloring should be completed before the Chinese New Year 2024, because thinning hair on Chinese New Year’s Eve is considered bad luck

Cutting/Coloring Your Hair By The Moon’s Phases

It’s a well-known belief that, regardless of your birth date, the most favorable time for a haircut falls between the New and Full Moon phases when the moon is waxing.

As for coloring your hair, there isn’t a specific “perfect” day; rather, the choice of color takes precedence.

Traditionally, hair is seen as an expression of a woman’s sensuality and carries hidden energies and echoes of her personality. Historically, cutting one’s hair was considered a severe form of punishment and public humiliation, reserved for slaves or those found guilty of various transgressions.

Changing one’s haircut or hair color is often seen as a reflection of an intense emotional state, be it joy or sorrow. Undoubtedly, your hair color can influence your mood and the impression you make on others, underscoring the importance of making a thoughtful choice.

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