Hair Color Trends 2023 Based on Chinese Astrology

The year 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit and begins on January 22. According to Chinese astrology, the luckiest colors of 2023 are red and pink but also violet, blue and green.

The 2023 hair color trends based on Chinese astrology promise to completely change your look and give you a fresh touch, highlight your features and bring you good luck.

If you’re already curious about what it’s all about, find out that among the most popular hair color trends for 2023 are blonde with pink shades, red-orange color, caramel blonde, lilac-purple color, and colored braids.

According to the specialists, darker hair colours, autumn colours, reds are coming back, which combine very well with shades of purple, with earthy amber, with deep red, autumn colours, but also earthy shades with khaki reflections and blondes with cold winter reflections. 

In terms of hair style 2023 will look very colourful, feminine, versatile and diverse month by month. As for styling, the trends are towards natural, with very loose curls, straight, glossy hair and lots of volume.

Here are the top 5 hair color trends for 2023:


Blonde hair will never go out of style, blonde shades from warm golden to “winter gold” will be trending in 2023.

Colour your hair with a blonde glow, with a variety of many beautiful shades, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it. The recommended blond shades for the Chinese New Year are frosty gold, grey, ash or pearl, all that means cool shade. Blonde shades like caramel, honey, gold or bronze can be used both on New Year’s Eve and throughout the rest of the Chinese Water Rabbit Year 2023.


The colour of the year 2023 is also digital lavender. Also, bright shades are in, but at the same time and in contrast, balayage is still in, in the Mounir technique.

OMBRE With Shades of Pink

A sophisticated, unique look, blond with shades of pink has become increasingly popular over the last season, as more and more celebrities, models, and fashion bloggers have started to dye their hair ombre with pink accents, making us place this color at the top of the trends.

Purple Blonde

Perhaps the most fashionable hair color in 2023 will be purple blonde and is defined as the hair color created by a blend of satin and subtle purple undertones.

Blonde Caramel

Caramel blonde is a perfect choice if you have brown eyes and darker skin. It’s the easiest shade of blonde to maintain, on the borderline between blonde and brown hair and is ideal for women who want to make the transition from brown hair to blonde hair.

Reddish –  Orange

Reddish orange is a relatively new hair shade that has become extremely popular on all social media. It’s a variant of pink or strawberry blonde with undertones of gold and orange.

Colored Braids or Multicolored Hair

Multi Colored Hair has always been the ideal choice for a look that is not meant to go unnoticed. The new trends are extremely permissive, leaving it up to the stylist to choose the color of the braids – from reddish or purple updos to green or blue updos, suitable for both brunette and blonde, satin or red hair.

Most Auspicious Hair Colors Trends in 2023 Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign 

If you’re a big fan of Chinese astrology as well as of Feng shui, in addition to the 5 recommended colors for 2023, if you choose the color of your hair according to your Chinese zodiac sign, your self-confidence will increase, you will have a special charm, and the chosen shade will can help you earn more money or get lucky in love.


Those born in the Year of the Rat are competitive beings, always fighting to be on top. Thus, a dark brown shade with bright red undertones, or a burgundy red shade are exactly the right colors for the Rat woman.


The Ox woman loves to live a good life, works hard and loves nature, so the right colors for her are dark shades, especially brown.


The Tiger woman thinks she is always young and believes that changing her hair color often is the best choice. Light blonde, caramel and blonde ombre shades are suitable for the women of this zodiac sign.


 Home and family are essential for the Rabbit woman. Suitable hair colors in 2023 are blonde with pink shades.


 The Dragon woman loves to be in the center of attention all the time, so her hair should stand out too. Blonde shades with all sorts of highlights are the Dragon woman’s favorite in 2023.


 The snake woman is the one who never lets a detail out of her sight. She likes to be always well-groomed, and the right hair shades in 2023 are brunette or ash brown.


 The Horse woman is a well-mannered, elegant and very pleasant presence. Suitable shades are champagne, ash, and honey blonde.


 The Goat woman is mysterious and secretive. The most auspicious hair colors for her are: deep black or dark brown.


A serious, ambitious person who likes to be a leader. In terms of looks, the Monkey woman is conservative, so shades of brown are the way to go in 2023.


 Unique, unconventional and daring. The Rooster woman loves to step out of anonymity, so from the boldest shades of pink, blue, purple or green she will choose at least once in 2023.


Dog women love anything out of the ordinary and this can be seen in the choices they make when it comes to clothing, makeup and hair. They can choose between two shades, blonde with pink highlights or dark blonde with electric blue accents.


Creative, mystical nature will definitely choose shades of dark blonde or grey.

Cutting/Coloring Your Hair Before/After Chinese New Year

Any haircut and hair coloring should be completed before the Chinese New Year 2023, because cutting hair on Chinese New Year’s Eve is considered bad luck

Cutting/Coloring Your Hair By The Moon’s Phases

It is known that, regardless of the day, time and year you were born, the best time to cut your hair is between the New Moon and the Full Moon, when the moon is waxing. 

When it comes to dying your hair, there’s no perfect day for it. Instead, it matters which color you choose.

It is said that hair expresses a woman’s sensuality. It also carries unsuspected energies and the imprint of your personality. It is not for nothing that cutting hair was once considered the ultimate punishment and humiliation for slaves or those guilty of various misdeeds.

A woman who changes her haircut or hair color is said to go through an intense emotional state, either of joy or sorrow. No doubt about it, your hair color influences your mood and the impression you leave on others, so it’s important to choose it well.