Year of the Goat

In the Chinese cultural tradition, Goats are the symbol of familial love and respect for the elders, and they are also known to be amiable, genuine and nice. The Goat is the 8th animal of the Chinese calendar, preceding the Monkey and coming right after the Horse.

Generally, the year of the Goat is a year of forgiveness and mark the end of disputes and feuds. It’s a good time to look back on things and seek to right your wrongs, in order to bring back peace and prosperity into our lives.

The most notable Goat years are 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, and 2015.

They are known for their kindness, tenderness, modesty, balanced, friendly, and helpful nature.

Goats are timid and kind-hearted. These people don’t want to be the center of attention but enjoy hanging out with others.

They are polite, friendly, and compassionate. They admire the value of both justice and mercy. Although these people are famed for being pleasant and tender they are very strong when they need to be, being shrewd and headstrong.

Men born in the Year of the Goat

They are very family-oriented people. They are good parents who are a tad bit too bold at times, making others feel as if they’re reckless. These goats are shy and are quite secretive, but they show much enthusiasm when it comes to sharing their own hobbies and interests.

Men Goats And Their Love Lifes: These men are very prone to falling for others, but it takes a really dedicated woman to get a Goat Man to lower his emotional guard. They can be quite demanding of others, and end up chasing ideas of what their partner should look like instead of settling, ending up oftentimes disappointed.

Women born in the Year of the Goat

They are the symbol of femininity and are very artistically gifted. These women are a bit ego-centric, which makes it hard for them to not get easily emotional.

Women Goats And Their Love Lifes: These women desire a perfect home life, where everything is put in order and their spouse is content. These women like the idea of traditional marriage, and they generally manage to find a partner who is just as eager as they are.

The Elements of the Goat

The Wood Goat

They are contemplative and impartial people that try to be nice and fair to everyone around them. They are keen on bearing responsibility and aiding their friends and family. They remain firm and unshaken in the face of stressful and complicated problems.

The Water Goat

They are compassionate and reliable. These Goats are known for their gifted nature and artistic talent. They are the epitome of benevolence and graciousness, always exploring new and inventive ideas. These people, while not very strong and tough on the outside, are very much so on the inside. They aren’t very adaptable and crumble under pressure. They lead quiet and balanced lives, without needing to worry about money.

The Metal Goat

The metal element does not bring many other traits to these Goats, as the temperament of the element and the Goat are very similar.

The Earth Goat

They love philosophy and all that involves learning. They dislike those who betray and smear others behind their back. They enjoy making other people happy and connecting with others. They enjoy being adored by others, even at their own cost. They are fickle and always want to know what others are thinking.

The Fire Goat

They are by far the most intriguing and complex people, with contrasting personality traits. While they are enthusiastic and ambitious, they can also be, when the time is right, quite puzzling, mysterious and laid-back.

Lucky Elements of The Goat

  • Colors: pink, blue, orange
  • Numbers: 2, 8, 9
  • Mineral: emeralds, crystals
  • Lucky directions: south, west
  • Directions of riches: north-west
  • Directions of romance: north

Unlucky elements of The Goat

  • Colors: black, gray, purple
  • Numbers: 1, 5, 8

Goats and Their Love Lives

When it comes to love, Goats are secluded and reserved, so it takes quite a bit of effort to get to know them well enough. Goats need a partner that is gentle and patient, so that the relationship may flourish.

Goats are very compatible with the Rabbit and the Pig. Every sign also has a secret friend, in the case of the Goat, that’s the Horse. However, the Goat does not fare well with Dragons, Ox, Dogs and Snakes.

Goats in Their Professional Life

They enjoy aiding and providing support to other people. As such, the best careers for them would be jobs in which they help people, such as those in the service industry. They make for great attendants, medics and other such jobs. They are very passionate about even the little things people don’t notice.

Due to their cleverness and emotional nature, they also make for great painters and songwriters. They always have exciting ideas on their minds and are very eager to make use of them, which functions as a bit of a retreat from the stressful daily life they lead, providing comfort and security.

Goats are very sociable, which means they have lots of connections to all sorts of people. When Goats are out and about at parties and such, they are always seen interacting and discussing great things with even greater people.

Goats are best suited for these jobs: songwriter, painter, comedian, star and craftsperson.

The Goat’s Health

Goats are not the most healthy of the signs, they tend not to be strong and their health is dictated in a sizable part by the time of year.

They are prone to common illnesses like the common cold and flu, often being seen with a runny nose. Goats also tend to experience some heart problems during their lives.

While not the healthiest, Goats won’t have any unforeseen diseases to affect their well-being, and as such should focus on providing help to those in their family which grow old, but not neglect their health if they notice any significant symptoms.

Goats are feeble people who are predisposed to common illnesses and stomach problems, which they should seriously consider for their own sake if they feel unwell.