Fortune Horoscope – The Luckiest Zodiac Signs of 2023

Top 5 Financially Lucky Zodiac Signs in the Year of the Rabbit

The people born under these zodiac signs will enjoy significant financial gains.


You are starting the beginning of the year in full force, getting involved in a large-scale project, that will ensure your financial stability for the next months, and determine you to invest in a personal business that you left aside lately.


Although you will encounter a few difficulties, in the end, it will be obvious that all the choices you’ve made were the right ones.

You are more self-confident in your strengths than ever, so you will launch the business you’ve been dreaming about for a very long time.

Although in the beginning, it will seem difficult, you will be lucky, and things will start to settle and become more advantageous, especially since certain people will appreciate your initiative and invest with you.


This year, you will have a lot of financial fulfillment due to your outstanding intuition.

Apart from the investments that will bring results faster than you expect, you will also receive a significant amount of money that you already considered lost, so it seems that the planets are on your side.


You are going shopping with the list in your hand and the savings account, always running after bargains! The Dragons are a role model for household budget management.

They rarely cede to the store offers and analyze with great precision each significant spending.

The year 2023 is also successful financially, and an attractive offer for what you want will occur at the end of the fall season.


Due to all your energy and motivation at the beginning of the year, your financial situation will improve significantly during this period.

Don’t miss the opportunities life offers you, so keep an eye out. Teamwork will also prove to be more beneficial than working alone!

Zodiac Signs that are Unlucky Financially in 2023

Unfortunately, things are not always excellent financially. Some zodiac signs simply have no luck when it comes to money!


This year, those born under the Rooster sign are quite unsuccessful and unlucky financially, which is why they need a very stable and resourceful partner in the financial domain.

The Roosters are emotional, generous, and helpful, so they never get to gather too much money.


Those who are born in the Goat sign are not that lucky when it comes to money. They are very generous, and this is making their savings slip through their fingers.

Their impulsive nature is not helpful either because their whims and sudden ideas can cost them quite a lot.


The Rabbits are quite moderate financially, which means they always have some reserve funds. Luck-wise, the planets don’t smile upon them in terms of money, so they will need to count on their strengths and charisma.


Dogs are completely confused when it comes to money, and if things were up to them, they would throw money left and right all the time.

Except, they have no money to throw around. If they have a bit of financial luck, they spend all their savings on clothes and gadgets, or other fashionable things that don’t last.

Best Tips for Financial Luck in 2023:

Found money will bring luck!

If you want to be lucky financially, don’t refuse any tiny signs from fate. When you find a coin on the ground, take it and keep it, otherwise, it is said that you refuse luck.

To give is to receive!

Give money to the people who need it, and when you go out to a terrace or restaurant, don’t hesitate to leave a tip, it will come back to you triple.

Live as you are already lucky financially!

To attract prosperity in your life, start living like everything already goes excellent.

This doesn’t mean spending excessively, but only stopping worrying and having an easy-going outlook, which will bring more positive energy to your life.

Leave money under the tablecloth, but don’t place the bag or wallet on the floor!

Money attracts money, so if you don’t know how to be lucky in terms of financial gains, it is time to resort to this superstition: hide a coin under the tablecloth because it will bring you prosperity.

Don’t leave the handbag, fanny pack, or wallet on the floor because you risk financial loss.

Pay attention to where you keep your money!

This ritual doesn’t refer to the money you keep in the bank, in your account, but the money you keep in the house.

To attract money, don’t leave them all over the place, in bags, drawers, on the desk. Keep them all in the same place: you can get a piggy bank for all the change, and organize all the bills in the wallet.

The right wallet brings more money!

One of the less known superstitions for luck is about the wallet you keep the money.

This should be red-colored, and when you buy it, it is a good idea to initially place it inside a piece of valuable gold jewelry.

If it is a present, it is recommended to be given with a symbolic amount of money inside – this is also true in case you buy a wallet for someone else.

Make sure you have money in your pocket on your birthday!

Like on Chinese New Year Eve, it is said that on your birthday you should have money on you – and not only to buy yourself gifts but because it helps you attract money.

Be careful when you lend money, and when you start saving!

Don’t lend money on Mondays or the first day of the month because you risk giving money away all month long.

On the other hand, if you want to save money, and you don’t know how to attract luck to increase your savings, the lucky day to start saving is on Thursday.

Triangle or pyramid shapes attract luck!

These shapes can have miraculous proprieties, helping you earn money more easily.

Fold a bill like a triangle and keep it in your wallet because it will help you attract money in your life.

Get a lucky talisman!

You can resort to talismans to attract luck: for example, a Money Frog with a pierced coin in the mouth or Jade Elephant with the trunk up.