Top 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs in 2023

2023 is the Chinese year of the Water Rabbit, which starts on January 22 and lasts until February 9, 2024. 

The Rabbit is a clever, cultured, and creative zodiac sign. It can be friendly and sensitive and is appreciated by most zodiac signs, even by the Rooster and Snake, with which they are not compatible relationship-wise. Unfortunately, the Roosters and Snakes are not among the lucky signs in 2023, precisely for this reason.

There is no doubt that there will be a few zodiac signs that will remember the year 2023 because their routine will be completely turned upside down. Spring will bring them a huge chance to gain money, which has to do with their job.

The three zodiac signs that will be extremely lucky in 2023 are the Dog, Monkey, and Pig. We present you below the Chinese Horoscope of 2023 for these three signs and several pieces of advice related to the Rabbit year to attract even more luck on their side!

Dog (The Secret Friend of the Rabbit)

Every sign has a hidden friend, a sign with which it will establish a relationship of mutual help all its life. The secret friend of the Rabbit is the Dog, and those who wear a Rabbit amulet will gain protection and fortune throughout 2023.

Since February, those born under the sign of the Dog will be at the center of attention. Their ideas will be accepted lightly by those around them. At work, they can come up with countless solutions that prove effective for the entire team.

To attract money and prosperity, you can place in the house or at the office on the desk a Money Frog statuette.

To get along with your life partner or be lucky in love, wear a pink quartz bracelet.

Pink quartz is loved by everyone, being the crystal that emanates pure love. It is strongly attached to both the chakra of the heart and the chakra of the neck, having beneficial qualities for physical and emotional health. Known as the ‘love stone,’ the pink quartz promotes peaceful feelings, spiritual peace, and love.

Monkey (The Business Partner of the Rabbit)

2023 is a wonderful year, especially for the women born in the Monkey sign. It is a year when they will succeed in all domains.

At the beginning of 2023, due to Rabbit’s positive influence, the Monkeys will manage to solve a sentimental issue that remained in their souls for quite a few months. They know to carry out a discussion differently and are ready to accept certain mistakes. They are much more mature in approaching issues that they used to react impulsively to.

In June, July, and August, the people born in one of the years of the Monkey feel the need to have fun. These are three perfect months for vacations in the most novel places.

The lucky talismans for the Monkey sign are the pink agate bracelet and Pi Xiu Chinese dragons.

Agate is a semiprecious stone, beneficial for those born under the Monkey sign, bringing optimism and a good mood. This stone brings tranquility, stimulates physical and mental endurance, and has a powerful overall curative role.

Other lucky objects for the Money throughout 2023 are the statuettes or objects containing the diamond symbol. Two triangles create the diamond symbol, complementing each other and symbolizing partnerships. In nature, these connections can represent the woman and the man, day and night, but also time and space, having as a common point the center of the diamond, the place where the two meet.

The symbolism of the diamond shows the Monkey that she must be surrounded by people who love and appreciate her for her values, which make her better every day.

Pig (The Ally of the Rabbit)

The year 2023 brings extraordinary news for those born in the Pig sign. Starting from March, all their perspectives on life will improve. Those who want to start a business and be successful in the field they intensely trained have the chance at the end of this month.

October and November bring money and important contracts for the people born in the Pig sign. The Pigs who did not start their own business might get promoted at work. They will be handed the most difficult tasks, but the money will be as rewarding.

In the Rabbit year of 2023, to be lucky professionally, it would be best to have in the house or at the office one of the following statuettes:

The Ship of Wealth is perhaps one of the most famous Feng Shui objects found in the homes and offices of important businessmen from eastern countries. Since ancient times, the Chinese merchants believed in the lucky symbol of a commercial vessel full of fortunes and riches in the form of precious cargo. To stimulate the Feng Shui opportunities in your office, you may place a model or a replica of a ship close to the front door.

For those looking for a long-term relationship, one of the best ways to activate luck is the Peach Blossom remedy. Place this Peach Blossom and Rabbit statuette on the eastern side of the house or bedroom to attract love to your life.