Super Powerful Good Luck Charms for 2018

Would you like to attract wealth to yourself? Feng Shui elements can help you get the positive energy on your side that could bring you money, abundance and financial opportunities. We present you here what lucky charms you must keep close to you in order to benefit from the positive energy flow of the Chinese Dog Year 2018 .


Decorate Your Home in 2018 with Feng Shui Good Luck Symbols

Dog Statue

In order to solve family issues or to maintain harmony, the east corner of the living room is the best spot for placing the statue.

To attract luck, place a statue in the south-east corner of your bedroom or living room.

This symbol can protect you when you have a long journey, if you place it on the dashboard of the car. Placed on the work desk, it has a beneficial influence by relieving stress and by facilitating work efficiency.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is known in Feng Shui as Buddha of Happiness. The legend says that nothing would make Buddha happier than to see the issues, the worries and the sadness of human beings turn into happiness. It is said that his inner smile radiates on his entire face. He brings happiness anywhere he goes. Laughing Buddha is a very well-known symbol of wealth, innocent joy – just one look at his joyful face can cheer you up. It is said that by rubbing his belly, which contains a lot of wealth, you gain luck and prosperity for all the people living in the house and also wealth and happiness, and the rounder is the belly, the more auspicious is the imagine.

Chan Chu Frog for luck in money matters

The money frog (Chan Chu), also called the Lucky Frog is the divine version of the frog, because it is three-legged. It is considered the most important symbol of prosperity, wealth and extraordinary luck in money matters in Feng Shui practice. This legendary money frog became the divine creature that protects against trouble, illness, promising us a multiplied wealth.

During the Earth Dog Year 2018, place the Chan Chu frog on a low table or on a shelf, because when is placed on the floor it signifies lack of respect and is no longer lucky. To attract abundance, never place the money frog in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. The money frog can face the main entrance, but it must not directly face the door. The best idea is to place it diagonally with the door.

Also, you can place two frogs facing the main entrance: one to face the exterior, in order to attract money and financial opportunities and the second one facing the interior, in order to prevent the wellbeing and the abundance from leaving your house.

The best places for the money frog are the living room, the office or the garden, next to the cash register, if you own a store, on the desk and next to the computer, if you use it to earn money.

The black turtle:

This animal that carries its home on its back symbolizes in the landscape a chain of mountains that blankets us from the cold winds from the North during the winter. Its carapace has every symbol of the universe engraved in it. It should be located in the North, its color should be black and it represents growth, longevity, protection and strength. Is it the back part of the field.

The Green Dragon:

It is a protective dragon that represents the masculine yang element and controls the bad energies. There are three types of dragons: the celestial (the one with the most power), the oceanic (without a tail) and the wetland dragon. They are the energies of the spring and they represent development, blossoming, protection, culture and wisdom. It should be located towards the East and its color should be green. Dragons are used for the description energy drafts, since the Chinese considered that the ‘Chi’ or energy flows following a route or path called “the cosmic breath of the dragon”.

The White Tiger:

It symbolizes the soft and wavy mountain system of the West side, providing protection, strength and impetus of the yin. Is should be located towards the West and its color should be white. It is closely related to the Green Dragon. It is the energy of the autumn, representing internal focus, producing passivity and contemplation.


Wind Chimes

Wind chimes gained popularity all over the world exactly because of the Feng Shui tradition. If placed outside of the house, they expel the negative energy and the evil intention of people. If you live in an apartment building, you can place the wind chimes on the deck. Aside from purifying the energy, metal chimes attract money and wealth, especially if they are placed in front of a wealth corner of your house. Don’t forget to ring them from time to time, to activate the energy that stimulates the accumulation of money. Learning a little bit about wind chimes can help determine which type of chime is needed.

Chinese Coins

I-Ching coins – have always been an effective 2018 Feng Shui remedy for luck, prosperity, wealth and protection (including health). Described as “square on the inside and round on the outside”, the central square represents the earth chi, while the circle signifies the heaven energy. Their special shape combines the two elements that symbolize the unions of heaven with the earth, the cosmic lucky triad “Heaven-Human-Earth”. The two sides of the coins represent the yin and yang principles. To charge the coins with energy they need to be strung on a red thread and worn on the left hand wrist to benefit from protection and to attract positive energy.
To attract luck at work and to increase your earnings, place the I-Ching coin in the south-east corner of the office, room or area where you carry out your activity (it can be hung on a wall, above a table or for an increased effect, beneath a plant), with the yang side facing up.

Crystal Pyramid

The crystal pyramid leads the energy it its perfect state, going back to the moment prior to the occurrence of evil. It purifies and fortifies the organs and also the subtle bodies. It is a subtle soul purifier, connecting the physical dimensions with the mental ones. Spiritually, it leads the energy to the highest level.

The Red Phoenix:

The Phoenix represents the summer heat and the light of yang, is should be located to the front towards the South. It is magical and it never dies, but it is reborn from its ashes. It symbolizes the amplitude of the horizon, giving the possibility of completion to infinity and receiving the necessary energy. It represents joy, fame, fortune, happiness and hope.

Let’s learn more about Feng Shui. If you have any questions, you will find the answer here!

What is Feng Shui? And does it really work? Certainly, you’ve read an article about Feng Shui for your home or office, and you have asked yourself about it. That’s why I want to explain to you what Feng Shui is all about, and why I know it works.

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Difference between talisman and amulets

A distinction is sometime made between amulets and talismans, Talismans are active objects – they are transformers and lightning rods whereas amulets are passive. An amulet is basically protective and wards off bad luck, while a talisman is meant to attract favourable influences and bring good fortune. An alternative distinction is that a talisman is specially made for a specific purpose, while an amulet is a general shield against evil.

Luckiest talismans from all over the world

A rabbit’s foot carried in the pocket is used by school children to bring success in their examinations for the rabbit has inherited in European and American folklore the magical powers that used to be attributed to the hare.

The best-known Egyptian amulet is the ‘Eye of Horus of ancient Egypt, which guarded health and protected its wearer against evil spirits.

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art and science of organizing and designing environments that enhance the optimal flow of energy. The understanding of this statement is based on two things: that you believe the energy flows through the universe, and that you believe there is a way to take advantage of that energy.

And as I do not pretend that you blindly believe what I say with regards to energy, we are going to talk about the science of environment design to improve your quality of life.

One of the basic concepts that Feng Shui focuses on is that your home is a reflection of your mind. We project into the physical world what is happening in our minds. And this can be easily checked; you often get to know a lot of important information about a person simply by looking into their home.

How Feng Shui Works

Now let’s talk about energy. In Feng Shui you will hear very often the terms qi or chi, which means “vital force”. It’s a bit more ethereal than the electricity that powers appliances, but it’s real. Qi is the energy that animates life, and it has been scientifically proven that we have an “energy field” surrounding us.

How does this vital energy work? For example, if you live in a wet basement, the stagnant qi can restrict your personal energy field and make you feel personally stuck, developing diseases caused by that stagnation. Your financial and emotional life can also stagnate.

On the other hand, if you have a clean space, full with expansive sensory signals that make your energy field expand along with your personal magnetism, you will enjoy prosperity and abundance in all aspects.

The good news is that you don’t have to believe what I say to confirm whether Feng Shui works or not; you can put it into practice and observe the results. When you make specific changes in your home based on your needs and desires, focusing your energy to support your goals and intentions, you will understand how your outer space reflects the state of your mind, and how an outward change can change your inner state.

That’s why I think Feng Shui is not something paranormal or magical. Simply put, by making changes in your environment that can help you think more clearly and feel more secure, you can also incorporate those changes into your mind and, consequently, change your life. Would you dare to give it a try?

Attract Good Luck by Using the Power of Thought

One of the main ways to attract good fortune and good luck is to assume the right attitude. Yes, there is a series of positive affirmations which, when repeated, can be used to change your luck. You can use set phrases (for example, “I am in perfect harmony and “Enjoy your life”) or phrases created by yourself. If you are inclined towards this last option, consider some recommendations.

  • All affirmations should trigger positive feelings and determine your advancement on the chosen path.
  • When using compiled sentences you want to use the pronoun “I”, “I”, “I”. By doing so, you are associating yourself with a positive image.
  • All affirmations should refer to the present. You want to state your wish and the universe will adapts to it.
  • Do not use long statements, they should be easy to remember and repeated as a mantra when necessary.

It should be kept in mind that any formula for success should be repeated in a good mood, and you should start with a small number of phrases. Do not take time off from work, the most important thing – regularity.

Good luck in your professional life. How to obtain it?

Even regular people who do not have their own business, but go to work every day, do not diminish the magnitude of luck. Maybe that’s what allows them to improve their well-being and social status. Therefore, we consider that the best way to attract good luck and good fortune at work is with the help of a trick. It must be said on the same day when you have something very important to do.

To do this, get up at dawn and, looking at sunrise, say the following words: “The sun, which represents the people of the heaven and light, which gives warmth to the mother-earth Dari, also give me luck. The sun gifts the earth with life, light and heat. I grant success to be good in everything!”

For most of us with our busy lives and cosmopolitan lifestyles an easy method to bring a touch of good luck and happiness can be in the form of carrying lucky charms or lucky amulets. Nowadays, we see many of these little charm hangings and amulets abound in the stores and carried by many people of different ethnic origins.


Not only are these lucky charms pretty and make a good accessory to our laptop bags, handbags or even as a body adornment, but it also adds some measure of good luck coming our way. One of my personal favorites is the mystic knot, which I wear as a piece of real jewelry to energize my throat chakra, as I meet and talk to lots of people everyday as part of my job.

For those of you who cannot afford to wear this symbol in real jewelry, a good substitute is the Jade hangings, which I carry along on my laptop bag. Another charm that I carry with me, attached to my pant’s belt loop is the dragon carp.

Traditionally, the dragon carp is the symbol of the normal carp metamorphosing into the powerful dragon, thus lending weight to what I do or say in the course of my working day.

For those of you who were born in the year of the Dragon , A good remedy would be to carry a symbol of the Pi Yao, to avoid any bad luck coming your way as the Dragon confronts the Tai Sui and ‘Da Hao’ symbolizing financial losses this year. Carrying a bunch of jade discs (Jinyumatang – Full of money and gold) looking like a string of money would not hurt either to bring plenty of income opportunities your way.

Those who work in the creative line, where fresh new ideas are the norm and requirement, a good pair of lucky charms would be the Dragon Tortoise and the Cicada. The dragon tortoise will bring you plenty of support in everything that you do and say. Having the cicada near you brings excellence in the literary field. Make sure you carry the cicada along with you at all times to bring new breath of ideas and strategies.

Another good symbol that is popular among the Chinese in Southeast Asia is the symbol of the dumpling as it indicates that I will never go hungry or suffer from any shortage of money in my life. Often used as a bunch of 3 dumplings, this indicates the 3 basic requirements of life, shelter, food and family. This translates into plenty of property, money and a good family life.

The Peach is known as a symbol of long life and good health. Having this symbol in my bedroom would be great, to ensure that I stay healthy and free from the flu. Well, I’m off to hang up my peach symbol, here’s hoping that I stay healthy for the rest of the year..