Tai Sui 2018 – Most Powerful Cures for Grand Duke Jupiter

What is Tai Sui?

The Chinese calendar is organized after a system that repeats at every 60 years and each year of the 60 years cycle is considered being governed by such a general. Our prosperity, health and luck are under his jurisdiction.

According to the Chinese mythology, the Grand Duke Jupiter, also known as Tai Sui, is one of the 60 celestial “generals”, which take turns rotating, one every year, determining the annual destiny of human beings.

Tai Sui Grand Duke Jupiter 2018

Each “general” serves as a reminder for the human beings to avoid and to not repeat certain mistakes, to take care of their health and to do charitable work, thus attracting favorable energies and avoiding, in the same time, misfortunes. Tai Sui keeps track of both the good and the bad deeds of humans. He gives his blessing and he acts as a tutor for every person.

The Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui is directly connected with planet Jupiter’s movement around the Sun and with the way this affects the Earth’s magnetic field. Jupiter’s energy field is similar with the Sun’s, which could be both helpful and harmful to people. In time, Jupiter has been personalized and transformed in a deity in absolute command of all human affairs.

Regardless of your beliefs, it would be best to take into account the annual sector of Tai Sui, because perturbing or offending him is not something you want to do. The Grand Duke Jupiter is disturbed when major and, sometimes, even minor works are being conducted in a house, such as: breaking down a wall, construction or repair works, cutting any trees, hammering a nail into the wall etc. Tai Sui gets offended when you directly regard/confront him.

That’s why, it is best not to face the cardinal point where he is localized during that particular year or to sleep with your head in that direction. You can always wear a Pi Yao amulet or protective amulets (you can purchase them from temples, churches), the image or Mantra of Tai Sui.

Tai Sui Position in 2018 (Year of the Dog)

During the Earth Dog year (2018), Tai Sui is heading in the Dog’s direction (northwest) and the General of 2018 is Jiang Wu. All the people born in Dog, Dragon, Goat and Ox years should wear this Tai Sui plaque to ensure they won’t get into conflict with the planet’s energy of spiritual growth.

In the Earth Dog year is recommended to maintain a clean and organized area in the northwest, the area where Tai Sui resides, in order to be lucky in love, career, health and education.

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Don’t place massive objects, such as the fridge or furniture in the area where Tai Sui is situated, otherwise you will attract misfortune for your family and in your home. In 2018 is important to avoid any renovations in the northwest sector and the southern area of the house.

Here are few rules that we should follow in the Earth Dog year of 2018, governed by Jiang Wu.

  • Don’t sit and don’t sleep with your head in the direction of the Grand Duke Jupiter.
  • Take exact measurements of the sector affected by the Grand Duke Jupiter and make sure no repairs or renovations are conducted in that area. Even hammering a tiny nail in the wall for hanging a painting is forbidden.
  • Don’t build a house starting in the Tai Sui’s sector, in order to avoid obstacles, accidents that might occur during the construction works and excessive increase of costs for finalizing the construction project.
  • If, without our consent, any construction works are being conducted in the neighborhood, affecting the Tai Sui sector, such as cutting trees, loan mowing with noisy machines or holes digging, we can protect ourselves by hanging on the exterior side of our building, exactly on the Tai Sui sector, a metallic wind chime with six tubes, and inside the house we can place a Tai Sui plaque or a Pi Yao figurine.
  • If it’s absolutely necessary to have any work done in the Tai Sui sector, the most affected zodiac signs by Tai Sui during 2018, the Goat and the Ox, are advised to select for that particular project a worker who is not born in any of these two zodiac signs.

Most Powerful Tai Sui Cures for 2018:

1. Feng Shui 2018 Tai Sui Amulet Keychain for 2018

This is a Feng Shui amulet, especially made to protect against the Grand Duke Jupiter. The front side of the rectangular medallion illustrates the Zhang Ci General, and on the reverse side are engraved the protection ideograms against Tai Sui. This keychain is a Feng Shui remedy, recommended for anyone who wishes to gain permanent protection. Check Price
tai sui 2018 keychain amulet


2. Feng Shui 2018 TAI SUI PLAQUE 2018

This is a Tai Sui Plaque (Jupiter’s energy). It is especially made to protect against any negative energy.
In the Earth Dog year (2018), Tai Sui is moving in the direction of Dog (northwest). All those born in the Dog, Dragon, Goat and Ox years will need to carry this Tai Sui plaque in order to ensure they are not getting in conflict with the planter’s energy of spiritual growth. This is a Feng Shui remedy, recommended for all the people who wish to gain permanent protection.Check Price
tai sui plaque 2018

3. Tai Sui Card 2018

Tai Sui is the leader of the year, he changes every year and he has the power to bring luck, health and wellbeing or accidents, quarrels and disasters. That’s why, it is necessary to have him on our side at the beginning of every year. We must wear his imagine with us under different forms: Tai Sui card, Tai Sui keychain or amulet or, for house and office, Tai Sui plaque or painting.