Generate Positive Feng Shui in a Small Apartment

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that is based on the idea that all things are connected. The words Feng Shui literally translate to “wind and water”.

Feng Shui is concerned with chi or energy in a room. This energy is always in motion. Chi is affected by many factors including location in relation to the sun as well as the directional positioning.

The chi flow in each room is one important Feng Shui factor. The chi needs to flow well through the room and not get caught in any areas. Likewise it should not flow too quickly.

Look around your rooms to see how the flow most likely goes.

See what you can do to improve the flow. Often clutter effects the flow of chi. By simply removing the clutter you will often have much better energy flow through a room.

There are five elements associated with Feng Shui. These are earth, metal, fire, water and wood. In order to create balance in your life, you should have balance between the elements in your home. Earth is represented by plants and fire is often represented by the color red or by candles or lights.

If you have too many of one element your life will be out of balance. You also need to consider the areas of your home when placing the elements.

The Bagua is a square that is divided into nine segments. Each segment represents a different area of your life. The template is placed over the floor plan of your home based on the directions.

Colors are also associated with Feng Shui. Using certain colors can help you change the energy flow. The study of Feng Shui can become complicated but there are some basics to remember.

You can create better chi and improve your life by adding simple elements to your home. Wind chimes help to disperse chi that has stagnated. The wind chimes should be metal and should have 5 rods. Protruding corners make for bad chi.

Anywhere that you have corners (such as furniture) try to soften the corners using plants or other elements.

Chairs and furniture where you sit should always face away from the walls. You should also not sit with your back towards the windows. Block the windows using window treatments or a screen.

You can inspire romance and improve relationships by using fresh flowers. Place the flowers in a west-facing window. Hanging a crystal will help bring more chi energy into the room.

Keep the porch and entranceway area clean and clear. A cluttered porch represents a cluttered mind and keeps the energy from flowing properly.

Adding mirrors is a good way to increase the chi levels in the home. Just be careful about what is reflected in the mirror.

You don’t want your good chi reflected out the door. Keep your rooms neat and tidy. Only allow certain activities in certain rooms. For example, eating only allowed in the dining room.

When you improve the home using Feng Shui you’ll notice a difference in how you and other family members feel and act.

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