Money Frog – meaning & placement in 2020

The three-legged toad is a special symbol for attracting wellness and prosperity.

Also, the frog is the best Feng Shui symbol for longevity.

The traditional representation of the lucky three-legged frog is holding a Chinese coin in the mouth, resting on top of all kinds of riches.

Other times, it is depicted having a crown on the head, which symbolizes the regal supremacy.

fat jade money frog sits upon a gold ingot
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How to activate your money-frog in 2020

To bring constant gains, and to increase the house income, you can place a Lucky Frog on each side of the entrance, and you will facilitate unexpected profits!

The red color activates the money frog, and it attracts positive energy in your favor.

Three Red Money Toad

If your frog has red eyes, it means it is already activated. Otherwise, you can place it on a piece of red material or paper, or you can tie a red ribbon around it.

You can enjoy prosperity and luck by choosing a frog and making a place for it in your house.

You will always be under its protective wing, and the financial success will not cease to appear!

Place this remedy for prosperity and wealth at home or office in:

– the money corner, at the south-east, to attract wealth, prosperity, and to eliminate obstacles

– the career corner, at the north, to obtain a promotion, and to have success in the career

– the corner that gathers the energy of money, brought by the annual Flying Star 8, to increase the chances for prosperity

– the corner that accumulates the energy of divine luck, brought by the annual Flying Star 6, to attract benefactors who will help us make more money

– the corner where the energy of victory accumulates, brought by the annual Flying Star 1, to ensure financial and material success.

The maximum number of lucky frogs that can be placed in the living or at the office is 9 (nine), and by doing so, you will attract prosperity from all the compass directions.

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Money Frog Placement – where to put a frog for good luck

This Chinese talisman of wealth can be placed in different areas of the house or office. Place this decorative object in your ambient to take advantage of the beneficial effects it can bring in the house of money.

To bring success to business people, the Lucky Frog needs to be placed in the reception area of stores, near the cash register or safe box, in the treasurer’s office, or any business space related to money and clients.

It will increase the chance of enrichment, the additional revenue sources, and the chance to get a promotion in the career. It brings higher income when it is placed randomly in the living room or garden.

DON’T ever place it:

  • directly on the floor, but on a high surface such as a piece of furniture
  • in the middle of the room or under a window
  • in the bathroom or bedroom
  • facing the door – the luck will leave.

What does a frog mean in Chinese culture?

In the Chinese legends, the Money Frog was initially the wife of a legendary character who obtained the Immortality Elixir from the Goddess of West (Hsi Wang Mu).

Greedy by nature, she stole the Immortality Elixir, for which she got punished by the other deities who transformed her in a three-legged frog and sent her to live on the moon.

The money frog, also known as “three-legged toad” or “Chan Chu”, is probably the most powerful symbol for auspiciousness and prosperity. It is said that this mythical creature appears every full moon close to the houses that will receive good news about increased income.

The lucky money frog is regarded as essential by the business people from Asia who try to extend their business, in which case, it is placed in a point of interaction with the clients (next to the financial records or cash resisters), where it facilitates creating an environment that promotes generating money.

Set where negotiations and discussions take place, or where contracts are signed, it should not be too visible, so that nobody can think that you are obsessed with money!

Some Feng Shui experts advise using nine frog statuettes in the same area so that the money flow can enter inside the house from nine directions.

They can be placed in the living room or at the front of the garden and pointed in different directions.