Feng Shui of House Numbers – Is your home “lucky” ?

Many people wonder if house numbers are an important aspect of creating harmony with Feng Shui. There is no simple answer for this. While the house number alone doesn’t cause problems it can when coupled with other aspects of Feng Shui.

The most auspicious numbers in Feng Shui are 1, 6 and 8. The numbers 2 and 5 are very inauspicious. It may be great to try to have auspicious house numbers but we can’t always choose our house number.

house number feng shui

In cases where you are making a purchase of a new home the first consideration should be the outside area and location. These are even more important than a good number. The home should face in a good direction for you based on the Bagua.

Other considerations about your home include whether there are any negative aspects nearby. You’ll want to find the most auspicious location as well as the best house number. Some people believe that the house number should harmonize with the date of birth.

What can you do if your house number is inauspicious? Since you can’t change your house number you can learn to make changes outside the home to help make up for the inauspicious numbers. For example, create an auspicious area on your porch that will counteract the numbers. Avoid putting the numbers up on the wall or on the door.

On the other hand, if you have auspicious house numbers use them to your advantage. Auspicious house numbers are thought to help homes sell more readily. Of course you also need to consider the annual star number when looking at your house number.

Each year the numbers change position into different areas of your life and take on different meanings. You should consult a chart to find out the annual numbers and what their meanings are based on their location in your home.

Other ways to counteract inauspicious home numbers is to create chi movement around your home that is auspicious. Review your home as well as those around you to see what things you can change to improve your numbers. If you are purchasing a new home and have the ability to choose one house number over another always opt for the numbers 1, 6 or 8. The worst numbers to choose are 2 and 5 with the other numbers being somewhat neutral.

One way to provide protection is to use Fu dogs to protect your home. They can be placed in the lawn if they are large or on the porch. Always get two dogs that are faced outward on either side of the entrance. These help to curtail any ill luck that may be lurking outside and will keep it from entering.

Place a wind chime on the porch to help the chi move properly. The chimes should be hollow metal and there should be five rods. Sometimes a water feature will help absorb the bad chi. You can use a fountain or even a birdbath near your entrance.

Finally, remember that if you can’t do anything about the house numbers you can learn to live with them and don’t let them affect you.

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