Good & Bad Feng Shui for Children’s Rooms

The main feng shui goal in transforming children’s spaces is to create a healthy, loving and safe environment. An environment that will serve as an emotional and physical support during many experiences of their growth.
feng shui for kids room
A Feng Shui Consultation provides a thorough analysis of children’s space and offers you the best solutions, always taking into consideration their birth element, character, uniqueness, aspirations, and many other factors.

A simple Feng Shui “check-up” can be done by the parents who want the best for their children. Below are some basic steps you can take to provide your child with a healthier, happier and more nourishing environment.

Look around your child’s room and go over the basics. How healthy and fresh is the air he or she breathes in? Do you have any plants in the room? How healthy is the bed? How much natural light does your child get?

What is the quality of artificial lights in the room? Considering the presence of all electrical appliances, what would be the level of EMF radiation your child is exposed to? What is the “clutter level” in the room? Contrary to popular belief, clutter in children’s rooms can be easily managed.

The bedroom and study are important areas of children’s spaces. As we already covered children’s bedrooms and health the information below is mostly concerning study.

As for many children the bedroom and playroom are in the same space, the importance of keeping the room clean and clutter-free is obvious. Contrary to the popular belief, clutter is easily managed in children’s rooms.

Set up a clutter clearing system and stick to it, and you will be amazed how children will help you once you get them into a routine.

You will find your family life much less stressful with more time to just enjoy being together, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work children bring into your life.

Considering all the objects children like to keep in their rooms, the high level of oxygen is of paramount importance. Having some plants that purify the air, like peace lily, areca palm, English ivy, etc, is an excellent idea.

As we have already covered children’s rooms, the guidelines below apply mostly to their bedroom.

The Bed

  • should not be too close to the window;
  • ideally should face magnetic North after taking into consideration other more important factors;
  • should have a solid wall at the back or at least a good high headboard;
  • should not be placed along the energy path of the door;
  • should be placed on a solid frame at least 20-30 cm above the ground, with clear space under it.
  • should have a healthy mattress without metal spirals that produce negative electromagnetic fields disturbing the body;
  • should have no mirror or high reflective surfaces facing the end or at its back.

Feng Shui Tips for Kids’ Rooms

  • no sad, lonely or aggressive images, dying plants, dead leaves, etc;
  • no live animals (birds, hamsters, etc),
  • no TV
  • not too many plants
  • Cover up the beams, if you happen to have them,they send oppressive energy.
  • Round the sharp corners of the furniture or protruding corners pointing at your child while in bed.
  • Electric sockets and switches should be at least 1 m away from his or her body.

Creating a happy, fun and healthy(!) environment for your child may be a difficult task, but certainly fully rewarding. Finding out as much as your can about feng shui and healthy living will help you make intelligent choices for which your child will be very grateful in the years to come.

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