Feng Shui 2023 Remedies – Flying Stars Chart

Starting January 22, the Chinese New Year 2023 of the Water Rabbit will bring hope in the lives of Chinese zodiac signs, but also the fulfillment of many wishes.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harmonize individuals with their environment to create balance and positive energy, or “chi.” It is based on the belief that the placement of objects and the layout of a space can affect the flow of chi and, in turn, the success and well-being of those who inhabit the space.

The Year of the Rabbit is the fourth of the 12-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Rabbit is associated with metal and water elements and is thought to be a time of good fortune and prosperity. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011) are considered intelligent, gentle, and kind.

According to Feng Shui practitioners, the Year of the Rabbit 2023 is a good time to build and strengthen personal and professional relationships. It is also a time to pay attention to one’s health and well-being.

In terms of lucky colors, the colors associated with the Year of the Rabbit are green, red, and purple. Lucky numbers for the Year of the Rabbit include 3, 4, and 9.

Flying Stars is a system within Feng Shui that is used to predict the luck and energy of a space in a given year. The flying stars change every year, and the stars for the year 2023 are said to bring good fortune to the southeast, southwest, and northwest sectors of space.

Feng Shui is practiced in many countries worldwide, including the Philippines and Singapore. It is often used to create harmonious and successful living and working spaces and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to those who follow its principles.

To evaluate and enhance the energy in a particular location or space, we will use the Flying Start Chart, also referred to as Lo Shu Square, after the ancient Chinese divination tool on which it is based. The Lo Shu Square is a grid of nine squares, each containing a number from one to nine, and it is believed to represent the patterns and flow of energy in the universe. In feng shui, Lo Shu Square is used as a map to understand and manipulate the energy in a particular location or space. It is used in conjunction with other feng shui techniques, such as the five elements, to create balance and harmony in the environment.

To use the Flying Stars Chart, you first need to determine the auspicious and inauspicious energies in a particular location. This is done by calculating the “flying stars” based on the year, month, and day of the location’s grand opening or the current year.

Once you have determined the flying stars, you can use various cures or remedies to enhance the auspicious energies and neutralize the inauspicious energies. These cures can include placing specific objects, using certain colors, or activating certain elements.

According to the Feng Shui 2023 predictions, the ruling star is #4, strongly influencing every home’s energy.

Auspicious Stars 2023

Star Number 1 in the Southwest – is associated with the element of water and is believed to bring creativity, intuition, and flow. In terms of its symbolism, the #1 star is associated with winter, a season of rest and contemplation. It is also associated with the color black and life’s career and life path aspects. The #1 star can help to bring clarity and direction to one’s career and personal goals.

Star #4 in the Center – is associated with the element of wood and is believed to bring growth, stability, and prosperity.In terms of its symbolism, the #4 star is associated with spring, a period of growth and renewal. It is also associated with the color green and the family and community aspects of life. The #4 flying star can help to improve relationships and bring harmony to the home.

Star #6 in the West is associated with the element of metal and is believed to bring clarity, focus, and organization. Regarding its symbolism, the #6 star is associated with autumn, a time of balance and introspection. It is also associated with the color white, helpful people, and travel aspects. The #6 star can help bring assistance and support in achieving goals and facilitating travel and new experiences.

Star #8 in the South is associated with the element of earth and is believed to bring abundance, prosperity, and abundance. Regarding its symbolism, the #8 star is associated with the late summer season, a time of abundance and nourishment. It is also associated with yellow and life’s wealth and prosperity.

Star #9 in the North – In feng shui, the flying star #9 is associated with the element of fire and is believed to bring energy, passion, and success. In terms of its symbolism, the #9 star is associated with summer, a time of warmth and activity. It is also associated with the color red and the fame and reputation aspects of life. The #9 star can help to bring recognition and success in career and other endeavors.

Boost your success in 2023 with these potent Feng Shui activators for auspicious stars:

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Affliction Stars in 2023 – Bring Negative Energies and Challenges

Star #2 (black sickness Star) in the East – is associated with the element of earth and is believed to bring accidents, injuries, and health issues.

Star #3 (Disputes/Quarrel) in Southeast – represents Wood, Quarrell, Dispute, lawsuit, judge, Robbery, and Money Loss. Metal cards are ideal for those who want Feng Shui remedies against this star. On the back, they have potent mantras that amplify their effects.

Star #5 in the Northwest – represents Earth, Dispute, Debt, Bad Luck, Accident, Sick, and Surgery.

Star #7 in Northeast – is associated with the element of metal and is believed to bring loss, theft, and financial difficulties.

Enhance your home’s energy in 2023 by utilizing powerful remedies to combat negative stars and promote success and prosperity. With the right strategies in place, you can overcome any challenges and pave the way for a bright and successful year ahead:

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Top Feng Shui Remedies for Enhancing Your Home and Workplace in 2023

Incorporating feng shui objects into your home or workplace can bring good fortune, protect against financial and health issues, and restore positive energy to your life. Here are some top feng shui remedies for enhancing your home and workplace in 2023:

Feng Shui Water Fountainenhance the energy of your space, creating a sense of calm and relaxationSee It
Sitting Buddha Fountainenhance the energy of your space, creating a sense of calm and relaxationSee It
  1. Incorporate the water element: Water is associated with wealth and prosperity, so introducing items representing the water element can be beneficial. Consider adding an aquarium, a fountain, water-themed decorations, mirrors, or feng shui elements in shades of blue or black with fluid shapes to your home or office. You can also introduce the water element into your workspace by placing an aquarium, a vase, or a bowl of lucky bamboo or cane on your desk.
  2. Use metal decorations: Metal decorations in zinc, copper, or nickel can also enhance the water energy in your space.
  3. Incorporate the wood element: The wood element is associated with growth, new beginnings, and nourishment. You can incorporate wood element feng shui cures such as plants, wood furniture, and decorations in shades of green and brown to enhance the wood energy in your home or office.
  4. Use the colors red and purple: Red and purple are associated with the fire element, which can bring energy and passion to your space. Consider incorporating these colors into your decor through artwork, accents, or lighting.

Feng Shui Tips for the Year 2023

To counteract the potential negative energies of 2023, we can use metal objects and jade, coral, and emerald.

Feng shui remedies for 2023 - Year of the rabbit

In the Year of the Rabbit, green is a lucky color. Blue, Pink, and Red are also auspicious in 2023; you need to use them whenever possible because they can help you grow and prosper. One of the best Feng Shui tricks is to bring something new and green to your house. Ideally, this new green Feng Shui object should be in place living room, hallway or kitchen.

In 2023, the annual Flying Stars Chart can help you understand the positive and negative energies in your home or workplace and provide practical feng shui remedies to improve your overall life, health, material situation, and human relationships. The chart is divided into nine equal sectors, each associated with a specific number or “star” representing a particular element and energy.

The Kua number for 2023 is 4, and this star is located in the southeast sector of the chart. To fully benefit from the positive energies and mitigate the negative energies, you can use specific feng shui cures in the areas of your home or office corresponding to the favorable elements and minimize the effects of negative stars with appropriate remedies. Keep in mind that your birth sign can also influence the energies present in your space.

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