Flying Stars & Feng Shui Forecast 2022

Starting February 1, the Chinese New Year of the Tiger 2022 will bring hope in the lives of Chinese zodiac signs, but also the fulfillment of many wishes. The feng shui objects and talismans used this year will help us to overcome all the obstacles that stand in our way.

Feng Shui Protection In The Year of the Water Tiger

In order to be able to counteract the possible negative energies of 2022, we can use metal objects, as well as jade, coral, and emerald.

Feng shui in the Yeart of the Tiger 2022

In the Year of the Tiger, green is a lucky color. Black and red are also lucky colors in 2022 and you need to use them whenever you can because they can help you obtain growth and prosperity.

One of the best Feng Shui tricks is to bring something new and green to your house. Ideally, this new green Feng Shui object should be in place living room, hallway or kitchen.

Best Feng Shui Objects For Your Home And Office

Feng shui objects placed in your home or office will bring good luck and will keep you away from financial and health problems, bringing back positive energy into your life.

The water element can be present in the house by placing an aquarium or a fountain, water images, mirrors, as well as feng shui decorative elements in blue or black colors in fluid shapes.

This year it is also recommended to introduce the water element in the workspace.

So, an aquarium, a vase, or a bowl with cane or bamboo is welcome on the desk. In addition, decorative metal objects (zinc, copper, nickel) multiply the energy conferred by water.

2022 Flying Stars Forecast

The Kua number in 2022 is number 5 Brown. In 2022, the 5-Brown Star is placed in the center of the Flying Star diagram.

Inauspicious Stars in 2022

Star number 2 ( black sickness Star) in Southwest – represents Earth, Poor Health, Disease, Money Loss, Accident, Loneliness. The effects of this star can be diminished with the help of metal objects, placed all over the house.

Star number 3( Disputes/Quarrel) in East Sector- represents Wood, Quarrell, Dispute, lawsuit, judge, Robbery, Money Loss. Metal cards are ideal for those who want Feng Shui remedies against this star. On the back, they have strong mantras that amplify their effects.

Star Number 5 in the Center – represents Earth, Dispute, Debt, Bad Luck, Accident, Sick, Surgery. Use golden coins tied with red threads to destroy bad luck and to attract wealth and happiness.

Auspicious Stars in 2022

Star Number 8 in  Northeast represents Earth, Wealth, Love, Career, Newborn Baby. This star brings money and success, together with a lot of power. Use Feng Shui activators to enjoy its enhanced effects.

Star Number 1 in North – represents Water, Love, Marriage, Wealth, Business, Career.

The best activators for star 1:

  • Happy golden Buddha, increase self-confidence
  • amulet with dragon and water drop, to increase the energy of success
  • the money frog, to activate the energy of prosperity
  • the vessel of Prosperity, for good luck

Star Number 4 in Southeast – represents Wood, Talent, Arts, Wisdom, Academic, Love, Study, Career, Money. Amplify your sentimental plan or academic success by using an appropriate remedy, such as :

  • gold bars or gold coins, attract unexpected help
  • tree with the eye of Horus, for protection against envy, gossip, loss
  • pair of mandarin ducks, a symbol of eternal love
  • double happiness, a symbol of a successful marriage

Recommended Remedies and Activators for Each Sign


Rats will attract harmony and understanding if they engage in activities designed to enhance romance.

To lessen the negative effects of star number 5, place feng shui remedies in the center of the living room and office:

  • Foo Dogs
  • Five Element Pagoda
  • A small plant


Luck will smile on you in 2022. You will not lack creativity, you will have new business ideas. The chances of dreams coming true increase.

Place in the Northwest sector of the living room and office:

  • Quartz Pink Crystal Money Tree Bonsai
  • Money Frog


The tiger will have good vitality, so the health will be generally stable. Problems with the limbs and wrists can occur, but nothing very serious.

  • Wear a Pi Yao bracelet
  • Hang a Tree of Life Chakra Stones Healing Crystals Ornament in your living room center


Luck will stabilize and financial gains will come as a result of your efforts. However, pay attention to your wallet, as there may be an urge to spend too much.

Use a Brass Wu Lou with Coins Keychain to boost good luck in 2022.


If you are in a relationship, it can sometimes be tense, tense, especially if it is a new relationship and you have not lived together for a long time.

Place a Mandarin Yuan Yang Love Birds Statue in your bedroom.


The relationship between the Snake and the Tiger is a contradictory one, one of struggle, but also of support in some cases. However, the natives of the first sign must approach the year 2022 with caution, in order not to arouse the ferocity of the Tiger.

Place a Tiger Statue in your living room or in your office.


The year 2022 will bring you more self-confidence, more money, and more opportunities. You will be excellent in terms of love.

Wear a Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet.


A lot can happen, there can be upheavals in many ways. It will be a glorious year only if you know how to leave it to yourself.

Decorate your living room with a Feng Shui Fish Statue.


The monkey is the dreaded enemy of the Tiger. Try to harness the negative energies of 2022 using Feng Shui objects representing the Tiger.


You will have to completely change your lifestyle, pay more attention to what friends you make and what kind of projects you get involved in. It will be a year in which you will get everything or nothing.

Use for protection a Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros Statue.


You will have great chances to meet your soul mate, to have beautiful relationships, to get married, or to give birth to a child.

Place a Natural Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf Statue in your bedroom.


The Career Sector will go smoothly. The year 2022 favors promotion at work. If you want to change your job, there are real chances to get a better job.

Use a Brass Feng Shui Dragon Turtles Mother and Child to decorate your office.