Flying Stars Feng Shui Explained

The nine different energies which are different according to direction and time are called flying stars. Usually bad stars can under certain circumstances be good or useful. The earth and mankind are in a constant change. This has to be taken into consideration for an Fengshui audit.
The behaviour of the stars is constantly changing and repeated in specific intervals.

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Three sixty year cycles

In 2637 BC it has been noted that the sun, the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and our moon are aligned in a straight line. A constellation repeated every 60 years, 2637 BC has been taken as the first year of the first sixty year cycle. Three sixty year cycles together are forming one great cycle. They are divided into upper cycle, middle cycle and lower cycle.

Nine periods of twenty years

The great cycles are again divided into nine cycles of twenty years. This cycle stands in relation to one cycle of the great dipper. It is believed that the stars influence the earth luck.

The 26th great cycle has started on the 4th of February 2004. We are now in the last quarter of the 8th period which will end on the 4th of February 2023. This great cycle will reach its end on the 3rd of February 2044.

Nine stars

The nine different stars (ki) have following basic characteristics.

Depending on the time a harmful star can also be good. For example in this period seven (Period 8 = 2004 – 2023) #8 White is the prominent star and for that it is fortunate.

You recognise already that the numbers are corresponding with the numbers of the Luo Shu. The elements have been taken from the I Ching. Also it is possible to see the flying path of the stars. Follow the stars in sequence of the numbers. (5-6-7-8-9-1-2-3-4).

The example shown here would be a house from the 8th period.
From the direction of the house the facing and the sitting star are determined.

Here the house is shown facing South.
The Mountain star (sitting star) is responsible for the health of the occupants.
The facing star is responsible for prosperity.

Black = Time Star (bottom)
Brown = Mountain Star (left top)
Blue = Facing Star (right top)

Most important for an Fengshui audit are the Mountain star and the Facing Star. Good stars are enhanced and bad stars are weakened. Also the annual stars that are flying in are considered. The Ming Gua (life energies of every person) of the occupants need to be checked to.

Special attention is given to certain star combinations. A combination of #2 and #3 could indicate Quarrels and lawsuits. #8 and #9 could mean some happy events like a wedding are coming. But it also must be seen how the different areas of a house are used and how the stars are supported by outer forms. All energies will be analysed and optimised according to the form school and the principles of the five elements.