Feng shui tips for money , luck and more

Feng shui tips for money , luck and more

For More Money & Luck:

Hang three I-Ching coins tied with a red ribbon on the inside front doorknob.

To avoid your livelihood being “swept away”, keep your brooms & mops out of sight.

Keep your toilet lid down so your money won’t be “flushed away.”

A three-legged frog figure, made of brass, wood or jade, brings more prosperity & personal luck into your home.

To improve your financial situation, install a mirror in the kitchen behind the stove so that the burners are reflected in it.

Better Mental Clarity

Hang a bronze wind chime exactly nine units (inches, cm, etc) from the ceiling inside the front door.

Placing a book in view of the front door enhances intellectual energy.

For better mental and physical health, position both your bed and your desk so that you have a view of the door.

For stress reduction, hang two mirrors facing each other so that when you enter your home or office, you have to pass between them.

Increasing Love Energy

Keep the bathroom door closed, especially if it is within the master bedroom.

Don’t sleep with aggressive corners pointed at you.

Position your bed so that your feet do not point toward the door. If you can’t move the bed, place a folding screen between door and bed.

Place flowers in the marriage section of your house.

Hang artwork or photos of loving couples, especially in the marriage section of house.

Protection & Luck

A pair of foo (or fu) dogs flanking your entranceway or outer front door is said to chase away negative energy and provide protection for the home or room.

Dragons are symbolic of strength, goodness and the spirit of change or transformation. The direction associated with the dragon is the east, so placing a dragon in the east side of your home or office can bring lots of good fortune. (Don’t put dragons in your bedroom…the energy is too “yang” and can interfere with sleep)

To reinforce personal evolution, move 27 objects that have not been moved in the past year.

To increase luck, use a windchime with 6 or 8 rods; to suppress bad luck, use a windchime with 5 rods. Also, use windchimes of appropriate element in the sections of your home. i.e., wood chimes are best for the east, southeast and south. Metal are good for north, northwest and west. Ceramic are good for southwest, northeast and center.