Feng Shui Home Analysis

The positive house Feng Shui is of vital importance to your health and luck. The two diagrams show a home floorplan and the feng shui bagua, an octagon stretched to fit into the basic rectangle of a home. According to feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”), we begin analysis by superimposing the bagua on top of your floorplan, aligning your front door in one of three places: knowledge, career or benefactors.

The home pictured would have its door in the “career” section. We include the garage as part of the house in this instance because it is under the same roof. This places the door in the approximate center front position, just like “career” on the bagua.

From there, we can tell that the two front bedrooms fall into the “knowledge” section. The closet and a small portion of the two lefthand bedrooms would occupy the “family” section. The “wealth” section is in the master bedroom and includes the bathrooms.

The “fame” section is in the living room and dining area. “Marriage” is in the storage and garage area. The “children” section is in the garage along with “benefactors.”

Whenever sections of the bagua end up in a garage, it is often helpful to give the house occupants the inside garage wall, in other words, the wall of the dining, kitchen and utility rooms to perform any feng shui adjustments that are not appropriate for a garage.

With this basic format in mind, let us walk through the house looking for feng shui problems and coming up with “cures” or adjustments that change the energy in that area. The purpose of our walk is to notice what is happening with the “chi” or lifeforce energy as it flows through the house and, therefore, through each particular area of your life.

Entering the front door, we see that the chi can zoom right through the house and out the back door to the patio. This would result in lost opportunities, particularly career opportunities, as the door is in the career section. To counteract this tendency, you might hang a large, many-faceted crystal from the ceiling of the entryway.

The crystal would disperse the energy, sending it down the hall and all around. This would also give career opportunities a chance to do a little dance with you before leaving.

The center of the house relates to your health, so it would be wise to pay attention to any obstacles that might end up blocking the hall and streetside portion of the living room. In the bedroom nearest the front porch, we have a benefit.

The extra foot that it juts out toward the street is just the right size to bring an extra blessing in the area of knowledge and perhaps a little to the career. On the other hand, the garage being set back from the front line of the house is missing a piece of the benefactors section.

This might mean that, in this house, you would not have very many people volunteering to help you in your life situations. This could be remedied by placing an outdoor light at right angles to the corner of the garage and front line of the house alongside the driveway, in other words, “squaring up” the house rectangle.

The corner bedroom, being in the knowledge section, would be a perfect place for study and meditation. The master bedroom, being in back, is, indeed, the bedroom of the master, for whoever has the back bedroom rules the house.

Now because the family section is in the closet between bedrooms, the two bedroom walls bordering the closet would be a good place to put up family photographs or to make an altar to your ancestors. You might also make sure that there are no family “skeletons” in the closet by keeping the closet clean.

As the wealth section is in the master bedroom, the master has control of the wealth. But the bathrooms are going to try to take the wealth away and send it down the drain. It is best if bathroom doors are kept closed or a curtain is hung to hide the multiple “drains” on your income.

Live plants and good lighting in the bathrooms can also keep the chi up and lively in rooms that could stagnate. Other areas to assist wealth accumulation include the kitchen stove, where a mirror on the wall over the stove reflecting the burners can tend to double your income potential.

There are many other wealth adjustments that can be shared through the exchange of red envelopes filled with blessings for the feng shui practitioner.

In the living room, you would have the possibility of burning out, burning your candle at both ends, or burning just brightly enough as your fame is fanned by the fires in your fireplace. You could adjust this area according to how you feel.

In this house, you may find your marriage not very exciting as it is in storage in the garage. You may not even have a partner or your partner may be yet to come, stored for now in your imagination for safe-keeping. If you are happily married and just moved into this house, quickly symbolize your beautiful relationship on the dining room wall and light up that storage area.

The children section, also in the garage, may be filled with your kids’ toys or might become the place for creative endeavors. It could be where play and sports equipment is kept. In any case, keep it playful here. And on your garage door, whether through a “welcome” sign or cheerful paint colors, entice those benefactors to visit you.

Back in the utility room, we find another possibility of stagnant energy. This could affect your career. So get some plants in there and make this room cheerful and light too. It might be a good place to put up a secret collage of the goals you have around your life work.

And whenever you are doing the laundry, remember that you are washing away anything you do not like about your work. The water will keep good flowing to you if you set your mind to it when you are in this room.

The kitchen extends into several areas: career, health, a little fame, and perhaps children. So, here you can really cook. Whenever you are preparing meals or cleaning up, imagine that you are preparing the way for a healthy life, feeding your career goals, fanning the flames of fame, and creating the life you really want. Remind yourself to be playful and let your creativity expand.

Do whatever it takes in your decorating scheme to help you feel lively in this area.

Throughout your house, the bagua sections – marriage, wealth, etc. – can be activated with colors , with altars, with art, and with types of furniture. The important thing is to realize that every inch of your house has a vibrational relationship to the everyday life endeavors you are involved in.

Feng shui can help you to make each simple daily task a true prayer to the spirit, an expression of your life chi and a call for universal blessings. Have fun with your house; a foolish gesture is the sign of a living soul.