Feng Shui for 2017, Year of the Fire Rooster.

In Feng Shui, temporal dimension is very important. Just like people, houses have a horoscope too, because they undergo annual changes which must be taken into account.

Flying Stars

The term star in Feng Shui does not refer to a celestial body or to a star-shaped object, but to a certain kind of energy, of vibration. Stars are invisible energies, but their effects are very specific. To know the position of star in your house, we recommend you use a compass or a phone app that can help you find the direction of each cardinal point.

North in 2017 will be the sector for leadership, favorable for relationships with bosses, authorities or superiors, but it will also be beneficial for students preparing for their exams.

Northeast in 2017 will be the sector of romance and creativity.

The thriving sector of the year 2017 will be located in the East. In the East quadrant, however, major house renovations should not take place during the year 2017.
feng shui 2017
Southeast is the happy events sector in 2017, while South turns out to be the most dangerous sector of the year. It will affect houses that have their entrance pointing towards the South, or whether the bedroom or the kitchen is located in the South. This will generate unforeseen problems, loss of money, diseases and accidents. Major remodeling should not be made in this quadrant during the year 2017.

The Southwest will be the sector of dispute and litigation. If the house has its entrance pointing towards the Southwest, it increases the likelihood of theft. If the bedroom is to the Southwest, debates, disputes and quarrels are foreseen.

The West is the sector of discord. It will affect houses with entrances pointing towards the West, or with bedrooms located in the West. It will generate discussions, disagreements, loss of money, excessive competition. Major remodeling should not take place in this quadrant during the year 2017.

Northwest will be the sector of disease. If the bedroom, the kitchen or the entrance of the house is pointing towards the Northwest, it increases the likelihood of disease, indigestion, poisoning and problems during pregnancy.