Feng Shui animals

Feng Shui animals

The Feng Shui Schools for Shape and Landscape assigns a place to each of the five sacred animals to study the environment of the home, as well as it’s architecture and design.

There are five sacred animals representing protection.

The yellow snake:
The Snake is used as protection in Chinese culture, a good example of this is found in the Great Wall of China, which stretches and meanders on like a serpent. along mountainous terrain. It should be located in the center and it should be yellow.

The black turtle:
This animal that carries its home on its back symbolizes in the landscape a chain of mountains that blankets us from the cold winds from the North during the winter. Its carapace has every symbol of the universe engraved in it. It should be located in the North, its color should be black and it represents growth, longevity, protection and strength. Is it the back part of the field.

The Red Phoenix:
The Phoenix represents the summer heat and the light of yang, is should be located to the front towards the South. It is magical and it never dies, but it is reborn from its ashes. It symbolizes the amplitude of the horizon, giving the possibility of completion to infinity and receiving the necessary energy. It represents joy, fame, fortune, happiness and hope.

The Green Dragon:
It is a protective dragon that represents the masculine yang element and controls the bad energies. There are three types of dragons: the celestial (the one with the most power), the oceanic (without a tail) and the wetland dragon. They are the energies of the spring and they represent development, blossoming, protection, culture and wisdom. It should be located towards the East and its color should be green. Dragons are used for the description energy drafts, since the Chinese considered that the ‘Chi’ or energy flows following a route or path called “the cosmic breath of the dragon”.

The White Tiger:
It symbolizes the soft and wavy mountain system of the West side, providing protection, strength and impetus of the yin. Is should be located towards the West and its color should be white. It is closely related to the Green Dragon. It is the energy of the autumn, representing internal focus, producing passivity and contemplation.